Live : Anti-Lockdown protest now at Rome

This protest was orchestrated by a group of the extreme Left, known as Rifondazione Partito Communista. They are known to congregate at the Piazza Sanniti, in the section of Rome, knows as San Lorenzo. They are extreme anti-clericals, atheits and Marxists. They are not part of the ruling government coalition in Italy. They attempted to march down the streets after this, but were blocked by the Police. However the government was so afraid that for nearly 2 hours, they had patrol helicopters circling in the air to monitor the situation.
The chant that they can be heard to be reciting, “Pagherete caro pagherete tutto”, (You will pay dearly, you will all pay) is the 40 year old chant of the Communist party against Confindustria, the Italian Corporate Employers Federation.
Their protest had been announced by GoNews.It two days ago. Read more in Italian here.

St. Peter’s Chaldean Church, California, vandalized by Soros funded BLM

The reports are out there, but it’s the video which show how vile this attack was:

Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization which has received millions of dollars from George Soros as part of the Rockefeller Bilderberger plan to spark social unrest. The cause is not Black on White Racism, the cause is the Masonic Lodges attempt to crush Christianity by weaponizing every dissent group they can.

Palestrina: Missa Assumpta est Maria in Caelum


Behold,  Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, the greatest Italian composer of the 16th century, who sanctified this Feast with his Missa Assumpta est Maria in caelum, the Mass for the Assumption of Our Lady unto Heaven.

This performance is  by Peter Phillips, conductor and the Tallis sholars.

Corona Madness: Respect for the rules of society has ended in denying the very social nature of humanity

by Br.  Alexis Bugnolo

Diego Fusaro, an atheist, can even see it. But our Bishops cannot see it.

The medical mask wore out of fear of violating the political ideology of the government which is not founded in any manner in reality or science or medicine, the observance of social distancing to the point of denying all meetings of person with person, groups, etc., is the very denial the social character of human nature.

The assertion that there can be a virus so lethal that everyone needs to be quarantined is simply the absurd thesis of a science-fiction TV series, such as those about the undead. Which is evidently what the politicians of the west know about medicine, that and nothing more.

Fusaro errs greatly, however, is that in quoting Plato in his Dialogue, the Critone, that laws should be observed, but unjust laws should be criticized, he fails to recognize an objective norm of justice, which is not defined by human society but which exists as self evident in the order of nature and morals and as the logical conclusions of unquestionable principles.

For that reason, the true Christian approach is that unjust laws should never be observed, and that the people should resist with even force and violence, when their government goes insane and uses force and violence against their natural and civil rights.

Fusaro closes by calling the Italian Government a Sanitary Regime, which has committed worse violations of human rights than even the Italian Fascist government of Mussolini.

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