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A List of Catholic Clergy working as Nazi Spies, 1932-1945

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Here is a history which you were never taught about in Catholic Schools of any kind. The extensive collaboration of Catholic Clergy with the Nazi regime and the Waffen SS before and during World War II. And not only in Germany, throughout Europe, and in the Vatican!

The information came to light when the U.S. Army captured Albert Hartl, a former Catholic priest from Bavaria, who became a close collaborator with Himmler after leaving the Catholic priesthood and joining the Gestapo and working closely with the SS in Russia!

You can see his photo above, taken at Nuremburg. Here is the Wikipedia caption on that photo:

Albert Hartl (1904-1982) at the Nuremberg Trials. Hartl was RSHA-Fuhrer and SS-Member. This photograph of Hartl (probably as a witness) was taken by US Army photographers on behalf of the Office of the U.S. Chief of Counsel for the Prosecution of Axis Criminality (OUSCCPAC, May 1945 – Oct. 1946) or its successor organization, the Office of Chief of Counsel for War Crimes (OCCWC, Oct. 1946 – June 1949).

Here is what Wikipedia has to say about the life of Hartl (note SD = Gestapo):

Hartl studied for the priesthood from 1916 to 1929 at a seminary in Freising and the University of Munich. He was ordained in 1929 by the Archbishop of Munich Cardinal Michael von Faulhaber and began teaching, including at the Freising seminary.[2]

Career with SD

While teaching at Friesing, Hartl became involved with a group of priests who had joined the Nazi Party, and in 1933 he signed up as a paid SD informant. He reported Father Josef Rossberger, apparently his best friend, for anti-Nazi activity, which led to a trial, Rossberger’s imprisonment, and Hartl being taken into protective custody by Richard Heydrich, head of the SD. Following this, Hartl left the priesthood and joined the SD himself.[2] In 1935, according to Gitta Sereny, he became the SD’s Chief of Church Information.[3] In March 1941, when the Reich Security Head Office was reorganized, he was placed in charge of a Gestapo office known as IV B (“Sects”). Department IV B4, led by Adolf Eichmann, was the office responsible for the deportation of Jews outside Poland.[4]

I reprint here pages from a OSS interrogation report on Albert Hartl, an ex-Catholic priest who joined the Waffen SS and received information from a network of spies throughout Europe during the Nazi era. The OSS was the Military Intelligence Service of the U.S. Military, which was charged in rounding up Nazi Spies, and potential war criminals during and after World War II.  Albert Hartl, at the end of the war, fled to Yugoslavia, but was arrested on a trip back to Austria. The information he gave up was crucial to mapping out the Nazi spy network within the Catholic Church from 1932-1945.

The report was declassified as per the Nazi War Crimes Act of 2007, and released by the CIA. You can download the entire report, which is 65 pages long, in PDF format here:


St. Gallen Mafia connection

I publish this as an Appendix to my reports on the affiliations of Catholic Clergy with the Nazi Party and movement, which I covered in the following articles, previously published here at FromRome.Info:

  1. The Nazi Forefathers of the St. Gallen Mafia
  2. The Nazi Refugees and the origins of the St. Gallen Mafia

I do so, because Albert Hartl, was ordained a priest by Cardinal Michael von Faulhaber, Archbishop of Munich from 1917 to 1952, was a member of the House of Rampolla di Tindaro, to which the St. Gallen Mafia belongs according to its episcopal lineage.

I think this OSS document detailing the activities of Albert Hartl make it quite clear that Catholics cannot ignore the question of the interference of intelligence agencies and foreign spies at the Vatican, nor exclude the possibility that a political party among the clergy might control the Church so as to serve the most vile and godless interests.

What all need to really pay attention to, is how this Nazi agent, a Rampolla circle member, PROPOSED TO THE OSS — the future CIA — how to infiltrate the Catholic Church using controlled well-known personalities in Catholic education and media (p. 26, below).

Now for the pages which concern us. I reprint them as they are contained in the report from pages, 16-26, with a few exceptions.

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CNN in 2013: Italian press says Benedict’s act was one of desperation

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

A lot of historical facts have been erased or forgotten or altered, to keep the narrative going that Bergoglo is the Pope. But some of them still remain. Here is a video report from CNN, dated seven years ago, Feb. 25, 2013, which says that Benedict despaired at all the corruption in the Vatican and that this was a prime motive for his act of Feb. 11, 2013.

Seven years later, the swift denials of the Vatican back then are seen for what they are. But the then unnoticed, and now noticeable, detail among them is that the Vatican spokesman characterized them as attempts to discredit the future pope.

Why would that be?

Unless of course the menace of the corruption had something to do with the invalidity of the Renunciation? And that Jorge Mario Bergoglio was involved somehow in both.

For more on this, see the articles on How Benedict has defeated “Francis”, Benedict’s End Game is to defend the Church from Freemasonry, and The Imprisonment of Pope Benedict XVI.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a screen shot of the Video embedded in this article, both of which are used in accord with fair use standards for editorial commentary.

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Will the Mafia of St. Gallen triumph?



A CASE STUDY by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Mafia of St. Gallen rules by lies. Their entire project is built upon a lie, which they were successful in passing off to the world and defending during nearly seven years.

I speak of the false notion that Pope Benedict XVI resigned the papacy, when in truth all he did was resign from active ministry.

The Mafia of St. Gallen should really have a second name, the Mafia of Holy Gall, because if they are anything, they are bold liars. Nevertheless, they are bold because being composed of those practiced in sexual abuse of others, they know how to gaslight the faithful.

These tactics they have used on the Bishops and clergy, and through them, by getting them to spread false ideas of virtue and prudence, they have succeeded in gaining control of nearly all Catholic Media.


For those Catholics, like myself, who have been trying to get the world see their lies, the most effective weapon this Mafia has against us is not to directly attack us, but to ignore us in public. Then to get other Catholic news agencies to ignore us in public. Then to get Catholic social media sites to ignore us.

The present sites have decided to ignore totally all which is published at The From Rome Blog: Church Militant, The Remnant, Rorate Caeli, Catholic Family News, Gloria.TV (since Nov. 19), Chiesa e Post Concilio, UnaVox, LifeSite News, National Catholic Register, etc. etc. etc., and nearly all sites for the Traditional Latin Mass. — There is no need to mention sites run by the clergy, as they ALL ignore The From Rome Blog. None of these groups do this by chance, its by a predetermined deliberate decision. In many cases they have been asked by members of the clergy or Cardinals to do this. In other cases its because of who funds them or their fear of losing funding or advertisement if they buck the Great Narrative.

This is important, and not merely a personal lament. Because, you see, all the work that investigators like myself do, is pointless if no one ever knows about it.

But there is something you can do, and that means you have to recognize that it is not enough that you visit sites which expose the Mafia for what they are, YOU NEED TO SHARE THAT NEWS ON SOCIAL MEDIA with others.

I have repeatedly seen that when I specifically ask 1 friend to share 1 of my blog posts, that The From Rome Blog will receive about 750 hits in the next 36 hours on account of that 1 friend sharing one post, on, let’s say, FaceBook.

At present, there is only one of the 20,000 sometime readers of my blog who share my posts on Facebook. I won’t name the other sites which regularly feature a link to one or more of my posts, lest they be attacked by the Mafia. (THOUGH I THANK THEM PROFUSELY).

But I think you can see, that YOU my readers need to step up and do your part.

Because, we must ask ourselves: Will the Mafia of St. Gallen succeed?

And, we must respond: YES, IF YOU LET THEM.


CREDITS: Many thanks to ComplicitClergy.com for the use of their graphic. They do excellent work exposing the Lavender Mafia, and you should be reading their site regularly to know how to avoid the tentacles of the ecclesiastical Mafia.

Swiss bishops confirm existence of St. Gallen ‘mafia’

Cardinal Bergoglio takes the oath of conclave, March 11, 2015, with Cardinal Daneels standing behind him.
Cardinal Bergoglio takes the oath of conclave, March 11, 2015, with Cardinal Daneels standing behind him.

The From Rome blog has covered the “Team Bergoglio” voting scandal during the 2013 Conclave from the beginning.  In this, one of our last and culminating reports which verifies all the facti species, the Swiss Bishop’s Conference confirms the existence of the 20 yr conspiracy, not only operative in the Conclave of 2005, but also in 2013. For the entire timeline of reports, see here.

Reblogged in part from Litesite news (original here)

September 29, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) — While correcting local media reports, the Swiss bishops today confirmed the existence of the so-called “mafia” of bishops that aimed to counter the influence of Cardinal Ratzinger during the pontificate of John Paul II.

The confirmation came amid intense discussion in Switzerland about the question of the now well-known group of cardinals, called the “St. Gallen Group,” about which Cardinal Godfried Danneels recently made some disturbing, even embarrassing revelations.

This morning, the local radio station FM1 Today in Sankt Gallen, Switerland, reported on the alleged secret meetings of this “St. Gallen Group” that supposedly worked both on making Pope Benedict XVI resign and on getting Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio then elected for the Papal office. As sources for their claims, the radio station cited a new biography about Bishop Danneels, as well as a candid public statement that the cardinal himself made.  Summing up their claims about this seeming conspiracy, the radio station said:

(See original for full text)

The culminating substance of this final report from Life Site News, is that all the evidence points to this, that a homosexual-heretical cabal violated the Papal law against vote-promising and put into power Jorge Mario Bergoglio with express purpose of overthrowing the Catholic Faith on sexual morals and establishing a new false religion, posing as the Catholic Church.

What should you do about this? — Demand that the Catholic Cardinals act and denounce this cabal, for the sake of their own immortal souls and the good of the whole Church, and investigate and determine the validity of the election of 2013.