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Frank Walker: Whose fault is it?

Daily, we bring you the newest Video Report from Frank Walker of Canon212.com, the leading Catholic News Commentary in the English speaking world for unmasking the Bergoglian heretics.

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FromRome.Info is honored to be able to publish in a few days, its interview with Mr. Walker about Catholic Media in the era of Apostasy.

Frank Walker: Bergoglians punish to make us keep quiet about their revolution

Don’t waste your time with any media outlets which tell you to shut up and accept Bergoglio. Here is the truth about the daily news, in all its grizzly detail.

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Frank Walker: Trad Media flipped in 2013, Why? Follow the Money

Frank Walker asks some hard questions, for which Trad Inc. needs to respond. He shows how the Munich protest was done not out of Faith but on the basis of secular concepts, emptied of the supernatural.

This is the same media which systematically ignores Bishop Gracida’s call for investigation and canonical responses to patent corruption and lawless behavior. Why?

This magnificent and timely commentary comes only from Canon212.com. Remember to make a donation on Mr. Walker’s YouTube Page to thank him for speaking the truth.

Frank Walker: Big Groups hunting Bergoglio are better than little groups hunting Germans

Take the red-pill to escape of the fake narrative of the Bergoglian apostates. Frank Walker in his finest, correcting false consciences.

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Frank Walker: Spat between Cardinal Sarah & Gänswein raises doubts about Benedict’s Liberty

In this video, Frank Walker says what everyone is thinking, but few have the honesty to say out loud. This is the must see video for 2020. Would that the Bishops have such a Catholic conscience.