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Brindisi! — FromRome.Info marks 1 year of cutting News & Commentary


by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Praised be to God Almighty and to His Providence, which through the many readers of this electronic journal, have granted it to see its First Anniversary: January 16, 2021.

For it was on that day, one year ago, in the year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Twenty, that the blog From Rome was transformed into its present form to provide Catholics with a news source which was independent from the Masonic networks of news and control which dominated both “Catholic” and secular media.

And it has been a historic year, for in less than two months of publishing, the Great Reset was launched upon the world with lockdowns, and a continuous stream of propaganda 24/7 about a Pandemic which never existed. Lies upon Lies, in waves of propaganda aimed to cause complete submittion and compliance with the Scamdemic.

Through it all — not without a lot of help from the readers throughout the world — FromRome.Info brought you the news and commentary to bust the propaganda cycles and assist you to resist control, compliance and submission to the New World Order and the Dominant Dominating Narrative of Mind Control which it had unleashed upon humanity.

In the course of the past year, FromRome.Info racked up an amazing statistic, having published 2907 articles, videos, reports, editorials, notices, at a rate of nearly 8 daily.

FromRome.Info did all this in service of Pope Benedict XVI, the true vicar of Jesus Christ, knowing that the forces of globalism and fraud were strong both here at Rome and in Catholic Media.

During this year, FromRome.Info let the charge in exposing the fake Catholic Media, their lies, networks, collaboration, intentional omissions and simply disingenuous output, agents, frauds etc.. FromRome.Info has closely monitored the true news about Pope Benedict and debunked the false, to enable Catholics world wide to understand what really happened in 2013 and what kind of forces are really in control of the Vatican and the world.

FromRome.Info had also the honor of assisting in the launching of Ordo Militaris Radio TV, which from Kansas, in the U.S.A. has taking up the torch in the media of video and radio production, giving Catholics another solid information source for commentary and investigative documentaries.

Whether FromRome.Info continues in the year ahead, God alone knows, but if you wish to help FromRome.Into become an institution, please consider making a generous donation to the non profit which support Br. Bugnolo’s work, as Catholic apostolate. While all opinions and views expressed here at FromRome.Info are those of the authors alone, nevertheless, the expenses of this website and the costs to maintain an office in Rome, Italy, are the needs which, without your support, could not be met.

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Sia lodato Dio Onnipotente e la Sua Provvidenza, che attraverso i numerosi lettori di questa rivista elettronica, le hanno concesso di vedere il suo Primo Anniversario: 16 gennaio 2021.

Perché è stato in quel giorno, un anno fa, nell’anno di Nostro Signore duemila e venti, che il blog From Rome si è trasformato nella sua forma attuale per fornire ai cattolici una fonte di notizie indipendente dalle reti massoniche di informazione e controllo che dominavano sia i media “cattolici” che quelli laici.

Ed è stato un anno storico, perché in meno di due mesi di pubblicazione, il Grande Reset è stato lanciato sul mondo con blocchi, e un flusso continuo di propaganda 24 ore su 24, 7 giorni su 7, su una pandemia mai esistita. Menzogne su menzogne, in ondate di propaganda volte a provocare una completa sottomissione e il rispetto della Scamdemica.

Attraverso tutto questo – non senza un grande aiuto da parte dei lettori di tutto il mondo – FromRome.Info vi ha portato le notizie e i commenti per rompere i cicli propagandistici e aiutarvi a resistere al controllo, al rispetto e alla sottomissione al Nuovo Ordine Mondiale e alla Narrativa Dominante del Controllo Mentale che aveva scatenato sull’umanità.

Nel corso dell’ultimo anno, FromRome.Info ha raccolto una statistica sorprendente, avendo pubblicato 2907 articoli, video, rapporti, redazionali, editoriali, avvisi, ad un ritmo di quasi 8 al giorno.

FromRome.Info ha fatto tutto questo al servizio di Papa Benedetto XVI, il vero vicario di Gesù Cristo, sapendo che le forze del globalismo e della frode erano forti sia qui a Roma che nei media cattolici.

Durante quest’anno, FromRome.Info ha lasciato che l’accusa di aver smascherato i falsi media cattolici, le loro bugie, le reti, la collaborazione, le omissioni intenzionali e la produzione semplicemente falsa, gli agenti, le frodi, ecc. FromRome.Info ha monitorato da vicino le notizie vere su Papa Benedetto e ha svilito il falso, per permettere ai cattolici di tutto il mondo di capire cosa è realmente accaduto nel 2013 e che tipo di forze sono realmente in controllo del Vaticano e del mondo.

FromRome.Info ha avuto anche l’onore di assistere al lancio di Ordo Militaris Radio TV, che dal Kansas, negli Stati Uniti, ha preso la fiaccola dei media di produzione video e radiofonica, dando ai cattolici un’altra solida fonte di informazione per commenti e documentari investigativi.

Se FromRome.Info continuerà nell’anno a venire, Dio solo lo sa, ma se volete aiutare FromRome a diventare un’istituzione, considerate la possibilità di fare una generosa donazione al non profit che sostiene l’opera di Fr. Bugnolo, come apostolato cattolico. Se tutte le opinioni e i punti di vista espressi qui a FromRome.Info sono solo degli autori, tuttavia, le spese di questo sito web e i costi per mantenere un ufficio a Roma, in Italia, sono le esigenze che, senza il vostro sostegno, non potrebbero essere soddisfatte.

The infiltration of the Occult in pro-Bergoglian TLM Groups

Observations on the Influence of the Occult in Traditional Catholic Discourse

by Alistair McFadden

Part I: Valentin Tomberg and His Progeny

I read a very peculiar book recently: Cor Jesu Sacratissimum: From Secularism and the New Age to Christendom Renewed, a semi-autobiographical work in which the author, Roger Buck, chronicles his conversion to Catholicism from the New Age spiritual movement and issues a stirring cri de coeur for a return to Catholic Tradition. Like his earlier book, The Gentle Traditionalist, which Buck describes retrospectively as “the ‘comic-book’ version of this much bigger, more in-depth work,” Cor Jesu Sacratissimum was received to considerable acclaim amongst traditional Catholics upon its release in December 2016.

“Roger Buck has done a great service to the Church,” wrote Dr Joseph Shaw on the popular blog Rorate Caeli, a website generally regarded as the authoritative voice of Tradition in the Catholic blogosphere. “Buck is one of the very few authors writing today who grasps the intimate connection between Catholic faith and Catholic culture,” added Thomas Storck, arguably the Anglophone world’s foremost exponent of traditional Catholic Social Teaching, who commended Cor Jesu Sacratissimum for offering American readers “the possibility of an escape from the prison of the dreary intellectual and spiritual world of Protestant culture.” Traditionalist Catholic author Charles A. Coulombe also joined the chorus of praise, calling it an “elegant feast of a book” that “expertly skewers the modern world, with its twin horrors of arrogant materialism and non-specific ‘spirituality’.”

Rave reviews for The Gentle Traditionalist and its sequel, The Gentle Traditionalist Returns, likewise flowed from the pen of Dr Peter Kwasniewski, who even went so far as to include Cor Jesu Sacratissumum alongside Ludwig Ott’s Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma and the Catechism of the Council of Trent on his list of eight “recommended books for study” published at LifeSiteNews, another site widely read by Catholics of a traditionalist bent. Buck’s popularity with traditional Catholics is further evidenced by the fact that his corpus, including Cor Jesu Sacratissimum, is available for purchase from the online bookshops of the UK’s Latin Mass Society (LMS) and the traditional Benedictine community of Silverstream Priory in Ireland.

I call this book “very peculiar” for two reasons. The first is to be found in its Acknowledgements, which conclude in this way:

“And there remain two deceased authors, Valentin Tomberg and Hilaire Belloc, to whom this book is, above all, indebted… Both Belloc’s and Tomberg’s writings guide and inspire me like no other. This is so much the case that, although I never met them in this world, I can scarcely think to omit them from this list of my dearest friends, family, and supporters.”[1]

Belloc, of course, needs no introduction, but readers are unlikely to be familiar with Tomberg, whom Buck credits with having “guided me, not only to the Church, but, with every passing year, ever more deeply to traditional Catholicism.”[2] Buck is so enamoured of Tomberg, in fact, that he even had a passage from his magnum opus read at his wedding.[3]

What is this magnum opus of Tomberg’s? It is Meditations on the Tarot: A Journey into Christian Hermeticism, first published (anonymously) in 1980. This is the book that Buck hails as “a work of moral genius — the lifetime’s fruit of an elderly man who demonstrably achieved the most lucid thinking combined with the warmest of hearts. A 600-page tour de force, it features an astonishing synthesis of theology, philosophy, history, politics, psychology, science — and indeed matters of a more esoteric nature.”[4] Indeed.

Valentin Tomberg, who died in 1973 (his Meditations were published posthumously), was a Russian occultist and magician who, in his later years, was received into the Catholic Church. It was during this latter period of his life that he authored Meditations on the Tarot. The late Hamilton Reed Armstrong, writing in the Catholic journal Christian Order, offers the following summary of this bizarre tome:

Continue Reading: here

CNN Reporter was in on the Capital Break-in

CNN admits in this article, that Jade Saker is a film maker who provides film for them, in particular, about the Capitol break in.

Her comments in this film are inexplicable if she was there as a mere reporter.  “Yeah, we did it!” implies active participation in forced entry and/or plot to make Trump supporters seem violent.

1984 Begins: WHO alters definition of Herd Immunity

WHO Changes Definition of Herd Immunity

by Dr. Joseph Mercola


  • Herd immunity occurs when enough people acquire immunity to an infectious disease such that it can no longer spread widely in the community
  • WHO’s definition of herd immunity long reflected this, but in October 2020 it quietly revised this concept in an Orwellian move that totally removes natural infection from the equation
  • Immunity developed through previous infection is the way it has worked since humans have been alive: Your immune system isn’t designed to get vaccines; it’s designed to work in response to exposure to an infectious agent
  • This perversion of science implies that the only way to achieve herd immunity is via vaccination, which is blatantly untrue
  • It’s all part of the Great Reset: The rollout of widespread COVID-19 vaccination coupled with tracking and tracing of COVID-19 test results and vaccination status are setting the stage for biometric surveillance and additional tracking and tracing

Continue reading here (Warning: that link takes you to Dr. Mercola’s site which only allows you to read the full article if you register by email, a practice which FromRome.Info regards as dangerous to your personal safety and highly unethical.)

World War 3 has begin, and its goal is to establish the 4th Reich

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

There has been talk since the beginning of the Cold War of the next World War. There have been many speculations about this, and they usually regarded armed nuclear war between the East and West.

But it increasingly looks like Adolf Hitler was better informed. As Anthony Sutton demonstrated and expounded in his many books, Adolf Hitler was a creature of the American Billionaires and banksters.

Hitler’s Mein Kampf, was a rehash of Henry Ford’s antisemitic writings. Hitler was recruited by Thyssen, who was in turn financed by the principal banks of New York City, to take over the coal and steal industries of post World War I Germany. IG Farben and other major industries in Germany were also bought or controlled from the U.S.A..  Involved at all key points of this process were the members of the Skull and Bones Lodge of Yale University, Connecticut, a lodge which itself was a filial of the Prussian Lodge of Berlin, Germany.

These close ties remain today, with Brown Brothers Harriman Bank being headquartered in lower Manhattan in a building owned by the former Postal Cooperative Bank of Nazi Germany.

I recite this history, which was exposed in 17 documentary videos on the Deep State at Ordo Militaris Radio TV, last fall, to help understand what Adolf Hitler said:  when asked in the final weeks of the Third Reich, if the Nazi party would ever return or recover. He affirmed that it would return in 100 years, but not as a political party, rather as a religion.

Hitler, you see, admired Islam as a religious system which was able to psychologically control and weaponize the masses for the political purposes of the State. It was that which is Waffen SS attempted to create, basing their concepts of exaggerated obedience upon Jesuit manuals written by Nazi collaborators of the Society of Jesus and with the encouragement of Nazi sympathizers in the Catholic Church.

Now, I am Catholic, and it is painful for me to think of such horrid treachery. But the lines of Freemasony in the Catholic Church, trace through Rampolla del Tindaro to the St. Gallen Mafia, and Nazi collaborators, to Argentina and those who supported the rise of Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

But the Second World War, which was planned and financed in the Unite States by the Skull and Bones Lodge, was not intended as a war, but as a social experiment to see how to control the masses and to what extend that control could achieve absolute manipulation of a people, to the end of their own self destruction. To conceal this purpose, the USA recruited the Nazi spy and scientific networks after the war and allowed Hitler and many others to escape to Argentina and South America, while others hid in Belgium and Spain.

So you see, in a sense, the Nazi state was not conquered, and that those who controlled the US government were in fact not liberating Europe from the Nazi State at all. Once you understand that, you will under stand the purpose of the CIA and Gladio, as I have reported extensively here at FromRome.Info.

So now we have come to the consummation of days. The plot to take over the world for the elites, the Great Reset,  is but an extension of this Skull and Bones century long project to manipulate nations and histories and peoples to achieve absolute global and satanic domination of humanity.

To achieve this their chief arm is psychological warfare and we are presently being bombarded on all sides by psyops, in my opinion, which are designed to confuse and disrupt.

In this war, it is the those in the governments of the nations — especially in the secret services — which are orchestrating the attacks, while leaders intentionally and irrationally make decisions to terrorize or deprive citizens of their liberty, intel agencies are intentionally and deliberately releasing wave upon wave of fake news to make people believe the most absurd things — such as imminent military coups to deliver them from oppression or imminent military operations to hall them off to gulags.

However, it is clear that the one constant in all of this is to deprive us of liberty, force us to be vaccinated, demand of us to place more and more of our financial activity and daily life under the control and surveillance of the State or State actors, such as Big Tech which is financed and protected by the State, even while it persecutes politicians who speak against them.

There are a lot of actors and narratives being offered for our attention, and there is little evidence that most of them is true.  What is true is that we are being progressively enslaved on the excuse of a pandemic, and deprived of our constitutional rights, all the while the Main Stream Media presents an alternate reality of what is going on.

The one constant demanded of us is compliance, non action, isolation. — It is now time we realized what the tactics of our enemy are, and begin to do the opposite.

How to Pray — Part III

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In this series on “How to pray”, I reviewed briefly how to prepare to have your prayers be heard in Part I, and how to begin praying in Part II.

In this third part, I want to talk about the most important foundation of Christian prayer: Smiling upon God, and His Angels and Saints.

True prayer is true communication, true relationship.

Not communication in the sense of chit-chatting or dialog. And not relationship in the sense of mundane every day affairs.

True prayer is founded upon our Baptismal dignity as adopted sons of God. We can pray better than all the Saints of the Old Tesament, better than all unbelievers, and better than even the Angels!  — Because we are the adopted sons of God.

Prayer is NOT about getting something from God, however.

In fact, if God is solely someone you use to get something, you are actually committing mortal sin by such a prayer and merit Hell. God is not to be used. That is abusive.

God rather, as all the Saints teach, is to be enjoyed. In fact, He is the only thing and one that one should enjoy. (Enjoyment is not meant here as pleasure, but as spiritual fulfillment).

Here, to understand these heavenly things, we need to use a parable.

Remember the parable of the prodigal son. He demanded his inheritance and went to squander it in a land of sin. But having spent it all and found himself miserable, he began to think of how good his father was and how his father would receive him back IF HE ASKED TO BE TAKEN BACK.

What was going on in the soul of that son, when he made the decision to return home?

He was remembering his good father with hope and joy.

And it is thus, that true prayer begins.

Because God the Father is a good father to us, indeed, the best of fathers.  If we neglect to consider Him in our souls and smile upon what we see, then we have not begun prayer with the right spirit or on the right foot!

Yes, your true prayers begin with a smile. Not the smile which is made with the facial muscles, but the smile which comes from the heart which loves a loving God, loves a loving Mother of God, loves a kind friend Angel or Saint.

Smile upon God. Smile upon Jesus Christ. Smile upon Our Lady standing at His right hand. Smile upon your favorite Saints, upon your favorite Angels.


Consider how good they are. How much they love you. How much good they have done for you. How much they want to help you. How glad they are to see you in prayer with them again.

And smile upon them, and upon all these things.

And already, you have begun and completed a most perfect prayer.

Because God knows better than we what we need. And indeed, what we need most of all is the grace to be realigned with His Will and do that upon this Earth.  And that is given, when we smile upon and rejoice in God.

Saint John of the Cross says that this act alone, of rejoicing in God, is the greatest and most meritorious spiritual act, for in it consists a foretaste of the joy of Heaven, our eternal Fatherland.

So if you think prayer is a bore, a tedious practice, a waste of time, you have not yet opened the window of your soul, and looked south, upon the rising Sun, and smiled upon those elisean fields where God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, live and reign in the company of all the Angels and Saints, for ever and ever.

But if you, when you look South, do not see the face of a loving God, but of an angry God, then you have some mortal sin or many sins on your soul and need to confess your sin and repent of it. Because what you are capable of spiritually is based on what you are spiritually. And when you are in sin and darkness, you can imagine but not feel the gladsome days of the Light.