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Catholic Principles for Catholic Resistance to the Scamdemic

Listen to Dr. Thaddeus Kozinski, Ph. D.,
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I invite you to join me on a Crusade

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

When Catholics do nothing, wicked men are spurred to action.

We live in the most shameful of times, when the combined errors of Freemasonry, Marxism, Modernism, with the close collaboration of an Apostate Hierarchy (which has embraced Peking, Globalism and Sodomy has chosen to becomes preachers of deceit so as to lead the faithful away from Christ and charity for one another) are all marshaled against us and Jesus.

To remedy this, we must mobilize ourselves in the true army of Jesus Christ and come to the aid of one another.

And that is why I ask you to join me on a Crusade.

A Crusade of Charity for one of the most Catholic cities of the world: Beirut, Lebanon.

I say, one of the most Catholic cities of the world, because in it you can find the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass celebrated in the 7 liturigical rites of the Catholic Church.

Beirut is also one of the most Ancient Catholic cities, having kept the Faith from the time of Jesus Christ until today, in communion with the Catholic Church (hat tip to the Maronites for this!)

But now the Masons and Islamists and Globalists are all vying to carve up Beirut for themselves.

I do not like to talk about such problems, and surely there are much higher motives to help our brothers and sisters in Christ. But it is nevertheless true that evil people abound, and we cannot ignore it.

You have Macron, the Rothschild puppet on the throne of France, you have the Globalist agents of UNICEF etc., you have the Islamic “Charities”, you have the Freemasonic Nations promising to rebuild that which they never built! — Not to mention the Marxists, Perverts, and other wackos who are rushing to remake Beirut and all Lebanon a creature of their own ungodliness.

When good men do nothing, wicked men prevail.

That is true.

And thus when Catholics do not come to the aide of Catholics, then evil men will come to their aid to exploit them.

For us Catholics who reject globalism and freemasonry and all the false caricatures of our Holy Religion, we have an obligation TO FIGHT BACK.

And this obligation does not only regard the use of military force, but also the use of social media.

And this is my point for today’s article.

I am NOT talking about a military crusade

I am talking about the problem on social media right now of the silence of Catholics about the catastrophe of Catholics of Beirut.

I THANK YOU who have helped by giving to the BEIRUT HUMANITARIAN FUND, already.

But now I ASK ALL OF YOU, whether you have given or not, to join in a Crusade of social media action on behalf of the Catholics of Beirut, by sharing news of the tragedy, and sharing links to the Catholic organizations which are responding.

And if you think the Beirut Humanitarian Relief Fund qualifies as one of those, share its link, here, with all you know! — Thank you!

I have recently updated that page with more information about the Fund, its goals and duration and ethical principles. I think you will see that it takes the moral high ground TO ALL OTHER RELIEF EFFORTS.

Faith in the Most Blessed Sacrament leads to recognition of Benedict XVI as the Pope

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

If you have the Catholic Faith, then you have the key to solving many of the most obscure controversies.

And if you have faith in the real, true, and substantial presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ, body, soul and Divinity in the Most Blessed Sacrament, then you have the key to know who is the true pope and who is a fraud an imposter.

And here is the key:

Just as the Host would not be consecrated if the priest said,

This is My athletic activity…

Rather than

This is My Body…

So, Pope Benedict XVI does not give up the papacy if he says,

I renounce my doing of the papacy,

Rather than,

I renounce the office of the papacy.

For on February 11, 2013, Pope Bendict in Latin said,

declaro me ministerio … renuntiare (I declare that I renounce the work of serving)

Instead of what Canon Law in canon 332 §2 says he has to signify,

muneri meo renuntio (I declare that I renounce the charge to serve which Christ gave me)

Now, some persons who think they are so bright that they can ignore this simply and irrefutable argument want you to fundamentally alter your religion, by denying that words have proper meanings. After 7 years you can see with your own eyes at Mass, if you still have the Mass, where that has led to.

Therefore, I exhort you: return to the rule contained in your faith in the Eucharist. Words do have meaning. And nothing happens if the wrong ones are used.

Click to help our brother Catholics in Lebanon!


The god of the Club


With Addendum, added today, at end.

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As Catholics round the world write their Bishops and priests in regard to the failed renunciation of Pope Benedict XVI, it is becoming increasingly obvious that there is a crisis much more grave than pedophilia or homosexuality in the Catholic Clergy.

Time after time, Catholics are sharing with me the bizarre and even incoherent responses they are receiving from members of the clergy: arguments which range from sheer infantile petulance at loosing one’s rattle to absolutely diabolic attacks on God.

Underlying them all is a constant theme.  The ecclesiastical club is the arbiter of truth, not God, not Christ, nor Canon Law, not the philosophy of Aquinas or Aristotle, not reason, not facts, not history, and especially not words.

As an Anthropologist, I would sum up the responses as evidences of faith in the god of the club: the concept that one should do everything to keep the club of the clergy afloat (in whatever decisions it makes for itself), no matter what you have to deny or what you have to affirm.

Not being a youngster, I have personal experience with members of the club over 40 years. This mentality is not accidental, it did not infiltrate into the Church. It was cultivated, invited and required. If young men believed in absolute, eternal unchanging divine truth, they simply were either not accepted into the club, or they were progressively harassed and attacked and destroyed or driven out. The club works this way, whether they worship in Latin or the vernacular.

I know priests who were kicked out of their diocese simply because they preached that abortion was evil. I know priests who were kicked out of their Traditional Latin Mass society simply because they hung a curtain in the confessional. I could go on and on about cases of absurdity. To punish priests for absurdly unjust reasons became a hallmark of the post Vatican II era.

Hundreds of new communities and societies were founded. But a vast majority had a single unifying principle: abnormality. I mean ab-norm-ality: that is, a society not founded around the observance of God’s Law (nomos in Greek) but around some other human law: whether the will of the superior, the will of the bishop, the will of the founders: whether or not that will conformed itself to God or to Church teaching or not. Violate the “will” and you are out. Defend the Will of God against the “will” and you are out. It did not matter whether you were expelled for stealing or for kneeling at communion, both were equally grave.

The end result is that well over 60% of the clergy today simply do not worship Jesus Christ in practice. They worship the god of the club.

The problem with this moral error, over and above that it is explicitly demonic and idolatrous, is that when you accept as Head of your club a freemason or satanist, then your club has no problems at all with that.

The silence of the rest of the clergy, is thus, perhaps not so much a sign of disagreement, as many of us hope.

A priest who is silent must be questioned. I think you have the right to eternal salvation, and that you have the right to know which god your local priest worships.

And a discussion about the invalid resignation of Pope Benedict XVI is proving to be the best revealer of which god your priest worships. It is absolutely stunning to see the responses of clergy on this topic. The truth frightens them. Literally.

I myself saw that yesterday, when, after asking to meeting with the Head of an important section of the Roman Curia, I saw the head run down the stairs to avoid being seen by me. I guess having read my scholastic question on the Renunciation, a copy of which I mailed to him a few weeks ago, he chose flight over dialogue.

CREDITS: The Palazzo Roffia is a Masonic Lodge, the image is from wikipedia: Notice how much it looks like a “Catholic chapel”


The events since December 4, 2019, have proven my observation 10,000%. The club really does have another god. They abolished the Sacraments to protect themselves from a winter flu and now insist you blaspheme God to His Face by wearing a mask in Church while celebrating the Resurrection of Christ, our God, from the Dead.

And less than 1% of 1% of all priests have refused to worship the god of the Club.

Nothing can be more clear. This is the religion of the Antichrist. And it required, as a presupposition, that you say that Benedict is not the pope, that renouncing ministry means you lose office.

Yet, they themselves, the members of the club, have renounced their sacred ministries, and nevertheless they still demand FROM YOU an obedience greater than any creature owes to God Himself, because God is owed rational obedience, but they want you to obey them in a GOD-less political make-believe.

+ + +

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The unexpected profundity of the First Fatima Prayer

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

If you know anything about the approved apparitions of Our Lady and Saint Michael the Archangel at Fatima, Portugal, in the years 1916-1917, then you probably have heard of this prayer, which Saint Michael — the Angel of Peace — taught the three children, on his first Mission to meet them.

O My God, I believe in Thee, I adore Thee, I hope in Thee and I love Thee!  And I ask pardon for those who do not believe in Thee, adore Thee, hope in Thee and love Thee!

However, that is NOT, what the Angel of Peace said. The original Portuguese, in fact, reads thus:

Meu Deus! Eu creio, adoro, espero e amo-Vos. Peço-Vos perdão para os que não crêem, não adoram, não esperam e Vos não amam.

Which in English is this:

My God! I believe, adore, await and love Thee. I ask Thee pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not await and do not love Thee.


Like many Catholics, I have always thought the Angel of Peace was instructing in the 3 theological virtues, Faith, Hope, and Charity, along with the virtue of religion. Under that assumption, the English translation which is commonly used has been published and propagated. Thus, there are the acts of believing, hoping, loving and adoring.

But what the Angel of Peace says differs on 2 points.

First, he does not say I believe in You, but rather I believe You.  The difference here regards the sense of the verb, to believe, in both Portuguese and English.  To say I believe in You is an act of faith, which regards dogma or the acceptance of the existence and trust one has in a person.  But to say, I believe you, is the simple act of putting complete trust in the other.  The first is the kind of faith we have on Earth, where we cannot see God face to face.  The second is the kind of trust all in Heaven have in God, Whom they do see face to face and fully.

The first act is remote, and intellectual. It regards the supernatural virtue of faith. The second act is immediate and volitional, that is, regards the will and the supernatural virtue of hope.

Second, he does not say, I hope in You, but rather, I await you.

At first this is a bit difficult for us English speakers to understand, since it is an archaic concept.  When a person awaits another, he is waiting for the arrival or visit of the other.

But what does this mean in regard to God?

This has 3 senses.  First, that we are waiting for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, at the end of Time, when He shall come to judge all and everyone.

Second, this regards how we must prepare ourselves for a holy death, and to meet Jesus Christ, Who in the moment after death will judge us personally and for all our deeds.

Third, this regards how we should wait for God’s visitations in prayer, by praying more to receive and listen to God, than rambling on speaking to him about what we want.

As regards Angels, it is quite clear that the second sense does not apply to them, but that the first and last are the essence of their expectation of God’s Justice and desire to serve.


This first prayer taught at Fatima by the Angel of Peace teaches us profound truths about how our Catholic Faith must be real, living, and engage us totally in a relationship which is directed directly at God, the Most Holy Trinity. As His faithful servants and adorers, we should fill our life with love and trust in Him.  Faith is presupposed, but our life of Faith goes way  beyond believing only in doctrines and dogmas. It requires that we make these the foundation of our whole relationship with God.

Let us pray this prayer frequently during the day, and learn from it to make our way back to God and to God. Let us sanctify ourselves in the true adoration of God Who has done everything for us, and who is, as the Angel of Peace declared, “attentive to our prayers and supplications.”

+ + +

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A Short Catechism on the Most Holy Trinity (English & Italiano)

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo


Here are the 5 truths which every Catholic should know about the Most Holy Trinity’s interior life.

1. In the Most Holy Trinity there is only One God, one Nature, one Being, one Existence, one Substance, one Lord, one Creator, etc.

2. In the Most Holy Trinity there are only TWO processions: generation and spiration.  Generation is the act where by the Father produces the Son. Spiration is the act where by the Father and Son produce the Holy Spirit.  Generation refers to giving life through a brith. Spiration refers to giving life through a breathing forth.

3. In the Most Holy Trinity, there are only THREE Persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. In English, their proper names are, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. It is heretical to say, God Father, Son and Holy Spirit, because God is not an adjective and the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are divine persons not manifestations of the divinity. Each Divine Person is equal and distinct from each other.  Equal in nature, authority, power, divinity, wisdom, knowledge, will, etc.. Distinct in Person and origin.  But each Divine Person is NOT different nor separate from the other.  Because that which is different bears off into another direction, whereas the Persons of the Trinity live in perfect Unity and Communion. Nor are They separate, because that which is separate has been cut off from the other, whereas the Persons of the Trinity live together in the One Divinity of the God Head.

4. In the Most Holy Trinity, there are only FOUR relations:  The relation of the Father to the Son, which is called active generation. The relation of the Son to the Father which is called passive generation, or the relation of being generated. The relation of the Father and the Son to the Holy Spirit, which is called active spiration. And the relation of the Holy Spirit to the Father and to the Son, which is called passive spiration, or the relation of being spirated or breathed forth.

5. In the Most Holy Trinity, there are only FIVE notions or personal properties:  being unbegotten, which is the personal property of the Father; paternity, or being a generator, which is a personal property of the Father; filiation, or being born a son, which is the personal property of the Son; spiration, or being a spirator, that is, one who breaths forth, which is a personal property of the Father and of the Son, and passive spiration, or being spirated forth, which is a personal property of the Holy Spirit.  Note, that the Father has 3 personal properties (being unbegotten, Paternity, active Spiration), the Son has 2 (Filiation, active Spiration), and the Holy Spirit has 1 (passive Spiration).

Note that the name for some of the Relations and Notions are the same, because as Relations they name what connects persons, but as Notions they name distinctive characteristics of individual Persons.


Ecco le 5 verità che ogni cattolico dovrebbe conoscere sulla vita interiore della Santissima Trinità.

1. Nella Santissima Trinità c’è UN solo Dio, una sola Natura, un solo Essere, una sola Esistenza, una sola Sostanza, un solo Signore, un solo Creatore, ecc.

2. Nella Santissima Trinità ci sono solo DUE processioni: la generazione e la spirazione.  La generazione è l’atto in cui il Padre produce il Figlio. La spirazione è l’atto in cui il Padre e il Figlio producono lo Spirito Santo.  Generazione si riferisce al dare la vita tramite una nascita. Spirazione si riferisce al dare la vita attraverso un respiro.

3. Nella Santissima Trinità ci sono solo TRE persone: il Padre, il Figlio e lo Spirito Santo. In Italiano, i loro nomi propri sono: Dio Padre, Dio Figlio e Dio Spirito Santo. È eretico dire: Dio Padre, Figlio e Spirito Santo, perché Dio non è un aggettivo e il Padre, il Figlio e lo Spirito Santo sono persone divine, non manifestazioni della divinità. Ogni Persona divina è uguale e distinta l’una dall’altra.  Uguale per natura, autorità, potere, divinità, saggezza, conoscenza, volontà, ecc. Distinto nella Persona e nell’origine.  Ma ogni Persona Divina NON è diversa né separata dall’altra.  Perché ciò che è diverso va in un’altra direzione, mentre le Persone della Trinità vivono in perfetta Unità e Comunione. Né sono separate, perché ciò che è separato è stato tagliato fuori dall’altro, mentre le Persone della Trinità vivono insieme nell’Unica Divinità di Dio.

4. Nella Santissima Trinità ci sono solo QUATTRO relazioni:  La relazione del Padre al Figlio, che si chiama generazione attiva. La relazione del Figlio al Padre, che si chiama generazione passiva, o relazione dell’essere generato. La relazione del Padre e del Figlio allo Spirito Santo, che si chiama spirazione attiva. E la relazione dello Spirito Santo al Padre e al Figlio, che si chiama spirazione passiva, o la relazione dell’essere spirato o del respirare.

5. Nella Santissima Trinità ci sono solo CINQUE nozioni o proprietà personali: l’essere non nato, che è proprietà personale del Padre; la paternità, o essere generatore, che è proprietà personale del Padre; la filiazione, o essere nato figlio, che è proprietà personale del Figlio; la spirazione, o essere spiratore, cioè chi respira, che è proprietà personale del Padre e del Figlio, e la spirazione passiva, o essere spirato, che è proprietà personale dello Spirito Santo.  Si noti che il Padre ha 3 proprietà personali (essere non generato, Paternità, Spirazione attiva), il Figlio ne ha 2 (Filiazione, Spirazione attiva) e lo Spirito Santo ne ha 1 (Spirazione passiva).

Si noti che il nome di alcune delle Relazioni e delle Nozioni è lo stesso, perché come Relazioni chiamano ciò che collega le persone, ma come Nozioni chiamano le caratteristiche distintive delle singole Persone.

That it is heresy to say that the Papal Primacy can be separated from the Bishopric of Rome

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Heresy is a denial of revealed truth.

So, the title of this article, since it runs contrary to opinions cited by Dr. Mazza in his recent discussions with Dr. Taylor Marshall and Anne Barnhardt/Mark Docherty, I will lay it out in simple form, without a discussion, to allow you to look directly at the argument in strict logical form.

  1. Heresy is a denial of revealed truth.
  2. Revealed truth contains Scripture and Tradition. (Cf. Vatican I, Session 3, held on April 24, 1870, Dei Filius, in chapter 2, cited here below)
  3. Tradition contains Divine and Apostolic Tradition. (cf. Vatican I, profession of Faith, n. 2, cited here below)
  4. Apostolic Tradition contains both the teaching and the judgements of the Apostles, written and unwritten (Cf. Vatican I, Session 3, held on April 24, 1870, Dei Filius, in chapter 2, cited here below. Cf. also Mt. 19:28, where the judgements of the Apostles are declared by God Himself to be authoritative over the whole Church. This declaration is a divine ordinance.)
  5. The Roman Pontiff is servant of the Deposit of the Faith, not its lord. (Cf. Vatican I, Session 4, chapter 4, n. 6, here below)
    1. Therefore, the Roman Pontiff cannot legitimately act or teach contrary to the Deposit of the Faith.
    2. Therefore, the Roman Pontiff cannot legitimately act or teach contrary to Divine or Apostolic Tradition.
    3. Therefore, the Roman Pontiff cannot legitimately act or teach contrary to Apostolic Tradition.
  6. Therefore, the Roman Pontiff cannot legitimately act or teach contrary to the judgements of the Apostles.
  7. It was a judgement of Saint Peter to die at Rome and entrust his office to the Church of Rome. (Cf. here below, Vatican I, Session 4, in chapter 3, n. 2, where the unity of the Primacy and the Church of Rome is called by divine ordinance, which is a technical term for the Divine Approval of the judgements of the Apostles, who were chosen by the Lord and appointed to their offices and empowered to found the Church)
  8. Therefore, the Successors of Saint Peter cannot legitimately separate the Papal Primacy from the Roman See.
  9. Therefore, those who say that the Successor of Saint Peter can legitimately separate the Papal Primacy from the Roman See speak heresy.

Quod Erat Demonstrandum.

See my responses to questions posed, in the comment section here below.

+ + +


I cite Vatican I, from this source:

Vatican I, Profession of Faith, sworn by all the Council Fathers:

Apostolic and ecclesiastical traditions and all other observances and constitutions of that same church I most firmly accept and embrace.

This true catholic faith, outside of which none can be saved, which I now freely profess and truly hold, is what I shall steadfastly maintain and confess, by the help of God, in all its completeness and purity until my dying breath, and I shall do my best to ensure [2] that all others do the same. This is what I, the same Pius, promise, vow and swear. So help me God and these holy gospels of God.

Vatican I, Session 3, held on April 24, 1870, Dei Filius, in chapter 2:

n. 5 Now this supernatural revelation, according to the belief of the universal church, as declared by the sacred council of Trent, is contained in written books and unwritten traditions, which were received by the Apostles from the lips of Christ himself, or came to the Apostles by the dictation of the holy Spirit, and were passed on as it were from hand to hand until they reached us [16].

Vatican I, Session 4, held on July 18, 1870, in Chapter 2 teaches infallibly:

n. 5 Therefore, if anyone says that it is not by the institution of Christ the Lord Himself (that is to say, by divine law) that blessed Peter should have perpetual successors in the primacy over the whole church; or that the Roman pontiff is not the successor of blessed Peter in this primacy: let him be anathema.

Session 4, chapter 3,

n. 2 Wherefore we teach and declare that, by divine ordinance, the Roman church possesses a pre-eminence of ordinary power over every other church, and that this jurisdictional power of the Roman pontiff is both episcopal and immediate. Both clergy and faithful, of whatever rite and dignity, both singly and collectively, are bound to submit to this power by the duty of hierarchical subordination and true obedience, and this not only in matters concerning faith and morals, but also in those which regard the discipline and government of the church throughout the world.

n. 3 In this way, by unity with the Roman pontiff in communion and in profession of the same faith, the Church of Christ becomes one flock under one supreme shepherd [50] .

n. 4 This is the teaching of the catholic truth, and no one can depart from it without endangering his faith and salvation.

Session 4, chapter 4,

n. 6 For the holy Spirit was promised to the successors of Peter not so that they might, by his revelation, make known some new doctrine, but that, by his assistance, they might religiously guard and faithfully expound the revelation or deposit of faith transmitted by the apostles.

Indeed, their apostolic teaching was embraced by all the venerable fathers and reverenced and followed by all the holy orthodox doctors, for they knew very well that this see of St. Peter always remains unblemished by any error, in accordance with the divine promise of our Lord and Saviour to the prince of his disciples: I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail; and when you have turned again, strengthen your brethren [60]

+ + +

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Archbishop Viganò omits faith in Jesus Christ and the Church in letter to Rabbi

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In response to the Open Letter on the Covid-Crisis which Archbishop Viganò published with the names of 13 bishops and several Cardinals, and which was subsequently signed by some 40,000 faithful, a Jewish Rabbi in Germany, by the name of Ahrens, objected in an editorial for a German Catholic publication, discounting the statement as an appeal to conspiracy theories.

In response, the Archbishop wrote a public letter to the Rabbi. In it he defends the truth of the problem with the Covid-19 response. And that is good. But in the process he betrays the Gospel and his Apostolic Mission, by writing:

Liquidare queste preoccupazioni – peraltro espresse anche da autorevoli personalità – come «teorie del complotto» non mi sembra un atteggiamento costruttivo: soprattutto se non si entra nel merito, confutando ciò che si ritiene non vero. Le chiedo quindi: in che cosa, in particolare, Lei non concorda con il testo dell’Appello? Cosa, dell’Appello, rappresenta per Lei uno «shock»?

Mi creda: non avrei mai pensato che l’Appello potesse offenderLa; d’altra parte, per quale motivo un Rabbino dovrebbe sentirsi chiamato in causa, quando si parla di Nuovo Ordine Mondiale? Il Messia che Israele attende è Rex pacificus, Princeps pacis, Pater futuri saeculi: non un tiranno senza morale che domina il mondo sottomettendo gli uomini come schiavi. Questo è piuttosto l’Anticristo.

Which in English is:

To dismiss these concerns — expressed, moreover, also by authorative personalities — as “conspiracy theories” does not seem to be a constructive attitude: above all if one does not address the merit of the issue, by confusing it with what one regards as true.  I ask you therefore: in what, in particular, do you disagree with the text of the Appeal? What in the Appeal represents for you a “shock”?

Believe me: I would never have thought that the Appeal could be offensive to you; on the other hand, for what reason might a Rabbi feel called into the debate, when one is speaking of the New World Order?  The Messiah which Israel is awaiting is the Rex pacificus, the Princeps pacis, the Pater futuri saeculi: not a tyrant without morals who dominates the world by making men submit like slaves. This is rather the Antichrist.

There the Archbishop leaves it. In the rest of the Letter he says nothing more of Jesus Christ or the Church. He has conceded that unbelieving Jews are Israel and that their Messiah is yet to come.

Together such affirmations represent a least a decision to be silent about Jesus, and worse a tacit consent in a theory of Two Messiahs, one for Jews and one for Christians, which a godless heresy.

Because while it is true that the Jews of old are Israel — named on account of their descent from Jacob whose  name God changed after he wrestled with an Angel — Saint Paul speaks of their conversion only in regard to faith in Jesus Christ. Such a nation is Israel.

But Christ came, so that nation no longer is awaiting Him. They have either accepted Him or rejected him. There is no other Messiah to come.

But for the people of Israel which awaits another, Christ Himself said those were the sons of the Devil, not of Abraham. Nor can anyone, without playing games with words, theology and doctrine, claim that the Jews today are still waiting the Messiah. If they do not believe in Jesus and reject Him, then they are not awaiting him in any sense or stretch of the imagination!

Nay, rather, the real and true Israel is the Catholic Church and the Jews throughout the ages who have converted to the Faith. And Moses confirms this in Deuteronomy, where he says that those who reject the prophet to come after him, the Messiah, shall be cut off from the People of God by God Himself.

What the Archbishop has done might seem to him fine diplomacy, but Our Lord did not commission the Apostles as diplomats — as anyone who reads the Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles can see.

+ + +


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INTRO: A Catholic Political Catechism — Multilingual

di Frà Alexis Bugnolo

The English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Polish, Chinese, Russian and Japanese versions follow the Italian, here below. These are translations.


Non possiamo essere salvati se non facciamo la volontà di Dio. La volontà di Dio si distingue dalla volontà di Dio, in questo, che la volontà di Dio è in Dio, ma la volontà di Dio è la sua volontà per noi in questo mondo. La Volontà di Dio è Dio, la Natura Divina, il Potere Divino della Libertà Razionale. Ma la volontà di Dio per noi è la Sua decisione per noi, ciò che Egli vuole che facciamo e che vuole che realizziamo e realizziamo.

La volontà di Dio per tutte le creature razionali riguardo a ciò che Egli vuole che siamo e che realizziamo in ultima analisi è che veniamo a conoscere e ad amare se stessi e viviamo nella beatitudine eterna con Lui come suoi amici per tutta l’eternità.

Ma la volontà di Dio per tutte le creature razionali riguardo a come raggiungere questo obiettivo, riguarda tutto ciò che porta a questo obiettivo e aiuta a raggiungerlo.

Così, è la volontà di Dio che i figli nascano, affinché possano conoscerlo e amarlo. E per questo motivo, è la volontà di Dio per la maggior parte degli uomini e delle donne che si sposano e hanno figli.

Quindi, è anche la volontà di Dio che tutti i bambini ricevano una buona educazione nella vera Fede e in tutte le altre cose necessarie per realizzare la volontà di Dio per loro, come trovare lavoro, sposarsi e vivere secondo le verità che Dio ha rivelato, che sono la migliore guida per arrivare in Cielo.

Tutto questo avviene in questo mondo, e quindi la volontà di Dio per tutti noi tocca ciò che facciamo nella società umana e nei nostri rapporti con gli altri.

E poiché la volontà di Dio per noi presuppone l’esistenza di altri esseri umani e che in una certa misura in una parte della nostra vita viviamo in mezzo a loro – lo dico da eremita, perché non tutti sono chiamati a vivere in ogni momento in mezzo agli uomini – la volontà di Dio per ognuno di noi riguarda anche i nostri doveri verso l’intera società, la nostra nazione e il nostro governo.

Questo è il quadro generale. Per questo la volontà di Dio per noi comprende che noi facciamo il nostro dovere per quanto riguarda la nostra partecipazione alla vita politica. È sia la Sua volontà che lo Stato non sia idolatrato come un dio, sia quella di non frapporre ostacoli alla salvezza delle anime. È anche Sua volontà che lo Stato promuova la virtù e si opponga al vizio, perché ciò favorisce la salvezza di tutti.

Per questo è un grave errore ed eresia contro la volontà rivelata di Dio per gli uomini, che i cristiani si astengano dalla vita politica e permettano ai miscredenti di dominarli. San Tommaso d’Aquino è arrivato a dire che il fatto che i non cristiani governino i cristiani è una sorta di sacrilegio. Cioè una violazione del sacro diritto.

Ma è solo una violazione del sacro diritto, poiché è la volontà di Dio che ci assumiamo il dovere di far sì che i cristiani siano governati dai cristiani e dalle leggi cristiane.

Per questo il cristiano, in qualsiasi società si trovi, deve essere militante. Per alcuni questo significa diventare sacerdoti e religiosi, ma per la maggior parte di noi significa santificare l’ordine temporale con la partecipazione alla vita politica. E non in una qualsiasi vita politica, ma nella vita politica cattolica.

Cosa ne dite? Oggi non esiste una cosa del genere?

E sì, ha ragione, nella maggior parte dei Paesi non esiste un partito cattolico che sia veramente tale.

E quindi, lei ha il problema.

E questo è colpa di tutti nella Chiesa.

È colpa dei pastori e dei laici che hanno preferito soccombere o sottomettersi ad essere governati da non cristiani. E questo è un certo tipo di tradimento, così come è una sorta di sacrilegio certificato, come dice san Tommaso.


We cannot be saved if we do not do the will of God. The will of God is distinguished from the Will of God, in this, that The Will of God is in God, but the will of God is His will for us in this world. The Will of God is God, the Divine Nature, the Divine Power of Rational Liberty. But the will of God for us is His decision for us, what He wants us to do and accomplish and achieve.

The will of God for all rational creatures regarding what He wants us to be and achieve ultimately is that we come to know and love Himself and live in eternal blessedness with Him as His friends for all  eternity.

But the will of God for all rational creatures regarding how to achieve that, regards all that leads to that goal and helps to achieve it.

Thus, it is the will of God that children be born, so that they might come to know Him and love Him. And for that reason, it is the will of God for most men and women that they marry and have children.

Hence, it is also the will of God that all children get a good education in the true Faith and in all other things necessary to achieve God’s will for them, such as finding work, marrying, and living according to the truths God has revealed, which are the best guide for arriving in Heaven.

All of this takes place in this world, and thus the will of God for all of us touches upon what we do in human society and in our relations with others.

And since God will for us presupposes the existence of other humans and that to some extent in some part of our lives we live among them — I say this as a hermit, for not all are called at all times to live among men — God’s will for each and everyone of us regards also our duties to the whole society, our nation, and our government.

This is the big picture. This is why God’s will for us includes that we do our duties in regards to our participation in political life. It is both His will that the State not be idolized as a god, and that it no throw up obstacles to the salvation of souls. It is likewise His will that the State promote virtue and oppose vice, for this is conducive to the salvation of all.

This is why it is a grave error and heresy against God’s revealed will for men, that Christians abstain from political life and allow unbelievers to rule over them. Saint Thomas Aquinas went so far as to say that that non-Christians govern Christians is a certain sort of sacrilege. That is, a violation of sacred right.

But it is only a violation of sacred right, since it is God’s will that we take up the duty of seeing that Christians are governed by Christians and by Christian laws.

This is why the Christian in whatever society he finds himself must be militant. For some this means becomes priests and religious, but for most of us it means sanctifying the temporal order by participation in political life. And not in just any kind of political life, but in Catholic political life.

What say you? There is no such thing today?

And yes, you are correct, in most countries there is no Catholic party which is truly such.

And thus, you have the problem.

And this is the fault of everyone in the Church.

It is the fault of shepherds and laymen who have preferred to succumb or submit to being ruled by non-Christians. And this is a certain sort of treachery, just as it is a certian sort of sacrilege, as Saint Thomas says.


No podemos ser salvados si no hacemos la voluntad de Dios. La voluntad de Dios se distingue de la voluntad de Dios, en que la voluntad de Dios está en Dios, pero la voluntad de Dios es su voluntad para nosotros en este mundo. La Voluntad de Dios es Dios, la Naturaleza Divina, el Poder Divino de la Liberdad Racional. Pero la voluntad de Dios para nosotros es Su decisión para nosotros, lo que Él quiere que hagamos y cumplamos y logremos.

La voluntad de Dios para todas las criaturas racionales con respecto a lo que Él quiere que seamos y lograr en última instancia es que lleguemos a conocer y a amarse a sí mismo y vivir en la bendición eterna con Él como sus amigos por toda la eternidad.

Pero la voluntad de Dios para todas las criaturas racionales con respecto a cómo lograrlo, considera todo lo que conduce a ese objetivo y ayuda a lograrlo.

Por lo tanto, es la voluntad de Dios que los niños nazcan, para que puedan llegar a conocerlo y amarlo. Y por esa razón, es la voluntad de Dios que la mayoría de los hombres y mujeres se casen y tengan hijos.

Por lo tanto, también es la voluntad de Dios que todos los niños reciban una buena educación en la verdadera Fe y en todas las demás cosas necesarias para lograr la voluntad de Dios para ellos, tales como encontrar trabajo, casarse y vivir de acuerdo a las verdades que Dios ha revelado, que son la mejor guía para llegar al Cielo.

Todo esto ocurre en este mundo, y así la voluntad de Dios para todos nosotros afecta a lo que hacemos en la sociedad humana y en nuestras relaciones con los demás.

Y como la voluntad de Dios para nosotros presupone la existencia de otros humanos y que en cierta medida en alguna parte de nuestra vida vivimos entre ellos -digo esto como un ermitaño, ya que no todos están llamados en todo momento a vivir entre los hombres- la voluntad de Dios para todos y cada uno de nosotros considera también nuestros deberes para con toda la sociedad, nuestra nación y nuestro gobierno.

Este es el panorama general. Por eso la voluntad de Dios para nosotros incluye que cumplamos con nuestros deberes en cuanto a nuestra participación en la vida política. Es su voluntad que el Estado no sea idolatrado como un dios, y que no ponga obstáculos a la salvación de las almas. También es su voluntad que el Estado promueva la virtud y se oponga al vicio, ya que esto conduce a la salvación de todos.

Por eso es un grave error y una herejía contra la voluntad revelada de Dios para los hombres, que los cristianos se abstengan de la vida política y permitan que los incrédulos gobiernen sobre ellos. Santo Tomás de Aquino llegó a decir que el hecho de que los no cristianos gobiernen a los cristianos es una especie de sacrilegio. Es decir, una violación del derecho sagrado.

Pero es sólo una violación del derecho sagrado, ya que es la voluntad de Dios que asumamos el deber de ver que los cristianos son gobernados por los cristianos y por las leyes cristianas.

Por eso el cristiano, en cualquier sociedad en la que se encuentre, debe ser militante. Para algunos esto significa convertirse en sacerdotes y religiosos, pero para la mayoría de nosotros significa santificar el orden temporal mediante la participación en la vida política. Y no en cualquier tipo de vida política, sino en la vida política católica.

¿Qué dice usted? ¿No existe tal cosa hoy en día?

Y sí, tiene usted razón, en la mayoría de los países no hay un partido católico que sea verdaderamente tal.

Y por lo tanto, usted tiene el problema.

Y esto es culpa de todos en la Iglesia.

Es culpa de los pastores y laicos que han preferido sucumbir o someterse a ser gobernados por no cristianos. Y esto es una cierta clase de traición, así como es una cierta clase de sacrilegio, como dice Santo Tomás.


Nous ne pouvons pas être sauvés si nous ne faisons pas la volonté de Dieu. La volonté de Dieu se distingue de la volonté de Dieu, en ceci que la volonté de Dieu est en Dieu, mais la volonté de Dieu est sa volonté pour nous dans ce monde. La Volonté de Dieu est Dieu, la Nature Divine, le Pouvoir Divin de la Liberté Rationnelle. Mais la volonté de Dieu pour nous est Sa décision pour nous, ce qu’Il veut que nous fassions, que nous accomplissions et que nous réalisions.

La volonté de Dieu pour toutes les créatures rationnelles concernant ce qu’Il veut que nous soyons et que nous accomplissions en fin de compte est que nous en venions à Le connaître et à L’aimer et que nous vivions dans la bénédiction éternelle avec Lui comme amis pour toute l’éternité.

Mais la volonté de Dieu pour toutes les créatures rationnelles quant à la manière d’y parvenir, concerne tout ce qui conduit à ce but et aide à l’atteindre.

Ainsi, c’est la volonté de Dieu que les enfants naissent, afin qu’ils puissent apprendre à Le connaître et à L’aimer. Et c’est pour cette raison que la volonté de Dieu est que la plupart des hommes et des femmes se marient et aient des enfants.

Par conséquent, c’est aussi la volonté de Dieu que tous les enfants reçoivent une bonne éducation dans la vraie Foi et dans toutes les autres choses nécessaires pour accomplir la volonté de Dieu pour eux, comme trouver du travail, se marier et vivre selon les vérités que Dieu a révélées, qui sont le meilleur guide pour arriver au Ciel.

Tout cela se passe dans ce monde, et donc la volonté de Dieu pour nous tous touche à ce que nous faisons dans la société humaine et dans nos relations avec les autres.

Et puisque la volonté de Dieu pour nous présuppose l’existence d’autres humains et que, dans une certaine mesure, nous vivons parmi eux pendant une partie de notre vie – je dis cela en ermite, car tous ne sont pas appelés à tout moment à vivre parmi les hommes – la volonté de Dieu pour chacun d’entre nous concerne également nos devoirs envers l’ensemble de la société, notre nation et notre gouvernement.

C’est là que se situe la situation dans son ensemble. C’est pourquoi la volonté de Dieu pour nous inclut que nous fassions nos devoirs en ce qui concerne notre participation à la vie politique. C’est à la fois Sa volonté que l’État ne soit pas idolâtré comme un dieu et qu’il ne fasse pas obstacle au salut des âmes. Il veut également que l’État promeuve la vertu et s’oppose au vice, car cela est propice au salut de tous.

C’est pourquoi c’est une grave erreur et une hérésie contre la volonté révélée de Dieu pour les hommes, que les chrétiens s’abstiennent de la vie politique et permettent aux incroyants de les dominer. Saint Thomas d’Aquin est allé jusqu’à dire que le fait que des non-chrétiens gouvernent les chrétiens est une certaine forme de sacrilège. C’est-à-dire une violation du droit sacré.

Mais ce n’est qu’une violation du droit sacré, puisque c’est la volonté de Dieu que nous assumions le devoir de veiller à ce que les chrétiens soient gouvernés par des chrétiens et par des lois chrétiennes.

C’est pourquoi le chrétien, quelle que soit la société dans laquelle il se trouve, doit être militant. Pour certains, cela signifie devenir prêtres et religieux, mais pour la plupart d’entre nous, cela signifie sanctifier l’ordre temporel par la participation à la vie politique. Et pas dans n’importe quel type de vie politique, mais dans la vie politique catholique.

Qu’en dites-vous ? Cela n’existe pas aujourd’hui ?

Et oui, vous avez raison, dans la plupart des pays, il n’y a pas de parti catholique qui soit vraiment tel.

Et donc, vous avez le problème.

Et c’est la faute de tout le monde dans l’Église.

C’est la faute des bergers et des laïcs qui ont préféré succomber ou se soumettre à la domination des non-chrétiens. Et c’est une certaine forme de trahison, tout comme c’est une sorte de sacrilège, comme le dit saint Thomas.


Wir können nicht gerettet werden, wenn wir nicht den Willen Gottes tun. Der Wille Gottes unterscheidet sich vom Willen Gottes darin, dass der Wille Gottes in Gott ist, aber der Wille Gottes sein Wille für uns in dieser Welt ist. Der Wille Gottes ist Gott, die göttliche Natur, die göttliche Kraft der rationalen Freiheit. Aber der Wille Gottes für uns ist Seine Entscheidung für uns, was Er will, dass wir tun und vollbringen und erreichen.

Der Wille Gottes für alle vernunftbegabten Geschöpfe hinsichtlich dessen, was Er will, dass wir sein und erreichen sollen, besteht letztlich darin, dass wir Ihn kennen und lieben lernen und in ewiger Seligkeit mit Ihm als seinen Freunden in alle Ewigkeit leben.

Aber der Wille Gottes für alle vernunftbegabten Geschöpfe in Bezug auf die Art und Weise, wie dies zu erreichen ist, betrifft alles, was zu diesem Ziel führt und hilft, es zu erreichen.

So ist es der Wille Gottes, dass Kinder geboren werden, damit sie Ihn kennen und lieben lernen. Und aus diesem Grund ist es der Wille Gottes für die meisten Männer und Frauen, dass sie heiraten und Kinder bekommen.

Daher ist es auch Gottes Wille, dass alle Kinder eine gute Ausbildung im wahren Glauben und in allen anderen Dingen erhalten, die notwendig sind, um Gottes Willen für sie zu erreichen, wie z.B. Arbeit zu finden, zu heiraten und nach den Wahrheiten zu leben, die Gott offenbart hat und die der beste Wegweiser sind, um in den Himmel zu kommen.

All dies findet in dieser Welt statt, und so berührt der Wille Gottes für uns alle das, was wir in der menschlichen Gesellschaft und in unseren Beziehungen zu anderen Menschen tun.

Und da Gottes Wille für uns die Existenz anderer Menschen voraussetzt und dass wir in gewissem Maße in einem Teil unseres Lebens unter ihnen leben – ich sage das als Einsiedler, denn nicht alle sind zu jeder Zeit berufen, unter den Menschen zu leben -, betrifft Gottes Wille für jeden von uns auch unsere Pflichten gegenüber der gesamten Gesellschaft, unserer Nation und unserer Regierung.

Das ist das große Ganze. Deshalb schließt Gottes Wille für uns ein, dass wir unsere Pflichten im Hinblick auf unsere Teilnahme am politischen Leben erfüllen. Es ist sowohl Sein Wille, dass der Staat nicht als Gott vergöttert wird, als auch, dass er der Rettung der Seelen keine Hindernisse in den Weg legt. Ebenso ist es Sein Wille, dass der Staat die Tugend fördert und sich dem Laster entgegenstellt, denn dies ist dem Heil aller förderlich.

Deshalb ist es ein schwerer Irrtum und eine Häresie gegen Gottes geoffenbarten Willen für die Menschen, dass Christen sich des politischen Lebens enthalten und Ungläubigen erlauben, über sie zu herrschen. Der heilige Thomas von Aquin ging so weit zu sagen, dass es eine Art Sakrileg sei, dass Nichtchristen Christen regieren. Das heißt, eine Verletzung des heiligen Rechts.

Aber es ist nur eine Verletzung des heiligen Rechts, denn es ist Gottes Wille, dass wir die Pflicht übernehmen, dafür zu sorgen, dass Christen von Christen und von christlichen Gesetzen regiert werden.

Deshalb muss der Christ, in welcher Gesellschaft auch immer er sich befindet, kämpferisch sein. Für einige bedeutet dies, Priester und Ordensleute zu werden, aber für die meisten von uns bedeutet es, die zeitliche Ordnung durch Teilnahme am politischen Leben zu heiligen. Und zwar nicht in irgendeiner Art von politischem Leben, sondern im katholischen politischen Leben.

Was sagen Sie dazu? Gibt es so etwas heute nicht mehr?

Und ja, Sie haben Recht, in den meisten Ländern gibt es keine katholische Partei, die wirklich eine solche ist.

Und damit haben Sie das Problem.

Und das ist die Schuld aller in der Kirche.

Es ist die Schuld der Hirten und Laien, die es vorgezogen haben, zu erliegen oder sich der Herrschaft von Nichtchristen zu unterwerfen. Und das ist eine gewisse Art von Verrat, genauso wie es eine sichere Art von Sakrileg ist, wie der heilige Thomas sagt.


Nie możemy być zbawieni, jeśli nie wykonujemy woli Bożej. Wola Boża różni się od woli Bożej, w tym, że wola Boża jest w Bogu, ale wola Boża jest Jego wolą dla nas na tym świecie. Wolą Bożą jest Bóg, Boska natura, Boska moc racjonalnej wolności. Ale wolą Bożą jest dla nas Jego decyzja, co chce, abyśmy robili, osiągali i osiągali.

Wolą Bożą dla wszystkich racjonalnych stworzeń w odniesieniu do tego, czym chce, abyśmy byli i osiągnęli ostatecznie, jest to, abyśmy poznali i pokochali samego siebie i żyli w wiecznym błogosławieństwie z Nim jako Jego przyjaciele na całą wieczność.

Ale wola Boża dla wszystkich rozumnych stworzeń co do tego, jak to osiągnąć, dotyczy wszystkiego, co prowadzi do tego celu i pomaga go osiągnąć.

Tak więc, jest to wola Boża, aby dzieci narodzić się, aby mogli Go poznać i kochać. Z tego powodu, wolą Bożą większości mężczyzn i kobiet jest, aby poślubili i mieli dzieci.

Stąd też wolą Bożą jest, aby wszystkie dzieci otrzymywały dobre wykształcenie w prawdziwej wierze i we wszystkich innych rzeczach niezbędnych do osiągnięcia woli Bożej dla nich, takich jak znalezienie pracy, zawarcie małżeństwa i życie według prawd objawionych przez Boga, które są najlepszym przewodnikiem dla przybycia do nieba.

Wszystko to dzieje się na tym świecie, a zatem wola Boża dla nas wszystkich dotyczy tego, co robimy w społeczeństwie ludzkim i w naszych relacjach z innymi.

A ponieważ wola Boża dla nas zakłada istnienie innych ludzi i do pewnego stopnia w jakiejś części naszego życia żyjemy wśród nich – mówię to jako pustelnik, ponieważ nie wszyscy są powołani do życia wśród ludzi – wola Boża dla każdego z nas dotyczy także naszych obowiązków wobec całego społeczeństwa, naszego narodu i naszego rządu.

To jest wielki obraz sytuacji. Dlatego wola Boża dla nas obejmuje również to, że wykonujemy nasze obowiązki w odniesieniu do naszego udziału w życiu politycznym. Jest to zarówno Jego wola, aby państwo nie było zbezczeszczone jako bóg, jak i aby nie rzucało przeszkód dla zbawienia dusz. Podobnie Jego wolą jest, aby Państwo promowało cnoty i sprzeciwiało się wadom, gdyż sprzyja to zbawieniu wszystkich.

Dlatego też jest poważnym błędem i herezją przeciwko objawionej woli Bożej dla ludzi, aby chrześcijanie wstrzymywali się od życia politycznego i pozwalali, aby rządzili nimi niewierni. Tomasz z Akwinu posunął się aż do stwierdzenia, że to, że chrześcijanie nie-chrześcijanie rządzą, jest pewnym rodzajem świętokradztwa. To znaczy, naruszenie świętego prawa.

Jest to jednak tylko pogwałcenie świętego prawa, ponieważ wolą Bożą jest, byśmy podjęli obowiązek dopilnowania, by chrześcijanie rządzili się chrześcijanami i chrześcijańskimi prawami.

Dlatego właśnie chrześcijanin w każdym społeczeństwie, w którym się znajdzie, musi być bojownikiem. Dla niektórych oznacza to, że stają się kapłanami i zakonnikami, ale dla większości z nas oznacza to uświęcenie doczesnego porządku poprzez uczestnictwo w życiu politycznym. I to nie tylko w każdym rodzaju życia politycznego, ale w katolickim życiu politycznym.

Co ty na to? Nie ma czegoś takiego dzisiaj?

I tak, ma pan rację, w większości krajów nie ma partii katolickiej, która jest naprawdę taka.

I tak, ma pan problem.

I to jest wina wszystkich w Kościele.

Jest to wina pasterzy i świeckich, którzy woleli poddać się lub poddać się władzy niechrześcijan. I jest to pewien rodzaj zdrady, tak jak jest to pewny rodzaj świętokradztwa, jak mówi święty Tomasz.


Não podemos ser salvos se não fizermos a vontade de Deus. A vontade de Deus distingue-se da vontade de Deus, nisto, que a vontade de Deus está em Deus, mas a vontade de Deus é a Sua vontade para nós neste mundo. A vontade de Deus é Deus, a Natureza Divina, o Poder Divino da Liberdade Racional. Mas a vontade de Deus para nós é a Sua decisão para nós, o que Ele quer que façamos e realizemos e alcancemos.

A vontade de Deus para todas as criaturas racionais em relação ao que Ele quer que sejamos e alcancemos, em última análise, é que nos conheçamos e nos amemos a Ele mesmo e vivamos em eterna bem-aventurança com Ele como Seus amigos por toda a eternidade.

Mas a vontade de Deus para todas as criaturas racionais sobre como alcançar isso, diz respeito a tudo o que leva a esse objetivo e ajuda a alcançá-lo.

Assim, é a vontade de Deus que nasçam crianças, para que elas possam vir a conhecê-lo e amá-lo. E por essa razão, é a vontade de Deus para a maioria dos homens e mulheres que eles se casem e tenham filhos.

Portanto, é também a vontade de Deus que todas as crianças recebam uma boa educação na verdadeira Fé e em todas as outras coisas necessárias para alcançar a vontade de Deus para elas, como encontrar trabalho, casar e viver de acordo com as verdades que Deus revelou, que são o melhor guia para chegar ao Céu.

Tudo isto tem lugar neste mundo e, portanto, a vontade de Deus para todos nós toca no que fazemos na sociedade humana e nas nossas relações com os outros.

E como a vontade de Deus para nós pressupõe a existência de outros seres humanos e que, em certa medida, em alguma parte da nossa vida vivemos entre eles – digo isto como um eremita, pois nem todos são chamados a viver em todos os momentos entre os homens – a vontade de Deus para cada um de nós considera também os nossos deveres para com toda a sociedade, a nossa nação e o nosso governo.

Este é o quadro geral. É por isso que a vontade de Deus para nós inclui que cumpramos os nossos deveres no que diz respeito à nossa participação na vida política. É Sua vontade que o Estado não seja idolatrado como um deus e que não levante obstáculos à salvação das almas. É também a Sua vontade que o Estado promova a virtude e se oponha ao vício, pois isso é propício à salvação de todos.

É por isso que é um grave erro e heresia contra a vontade revelada de Deus para os homens, que os cristãos se abstenham da vida política e permitam que os incrédulos governem sobre eles. São Tomás de Aquino chegou ao ponto de dizer que os não-cristãos governam os cristãos é um certo tipo de sacrilégio. Isto é, uma violação do direito sagrado.

Mas é apenas uma violação do direito sagrado, uma vez que é a vontade de Deus que assumamos o dever de ver os cristãos serem governados por cristãos e pelas leis cristãs.

É por isso que o cristão, em qualquer sociedade em que se encontre, deve ser militante. Para alguns isto significa tornar-se sacerdote e religioso, mas para a maioria de nós significa santificar a ordem temporal através da participação na vida política. E não em qualquer tipo de vida política, mas na vida política católica.

O que dizem? Não existe tal coisa hoje em dia?

E sim, tem razão, na maioria dos países não existe um partido católico que seja verdadeiramente assim.

E, por conseguinte, o problema é vosso.

E isto é culpa de todos os membros da Igreja.

É culpa de pastores e leigos que preferiram sucumbir ou submeter-se a ser governados por não-cristãos. E isto é uma certa traição, tal como é uma espécie de sacrilégio certão, como diz São Tomás de Aquino.








既然上帝对我们的旨意是以其他人类的存在为前提,而且在我们生活的某一阶段,我们生活在他们中间 — — 我是以一个隐士的身份说的,因为并不是所有的人都是被呼召来生活在人与人之间的 — — 上帝对我们每一个人的旨意也是对我们对整个社会、国家和政府的责任。




这就是为什么基督徒无论在什么社会中,都必须激进的原因。对有些人来说,这意味着成为牧师和宗教人士,但对我们大多数人来说,这意味着通过参与政治生活,使世俗的秩序成圣。而且不只是参与任何一种政治生活, 而是参与天主教的政治生活。





这是牧羊人和信徒的错,他们宁愿屈服或服从于非基督徒的统治。而这是一种背叛, 就像圣托马斯说的那样,这是一种亵渎。


Мы не можем спастись, если не будем исполнять волю Божью. Воля Божья отличается от воли Божьей тем, что воля Божья есть в Боге, но воля Божья есть воля Его для нас в этом мире. Воля Божья – это Бог, Божественная Природа, Божественная Сила Рациональной Свободы. Но воля Божья для нас – это Его решение, то, что Он хочет, чтобы мы делали, делали и достигали.

Воля Божья для всех разумных созданий относительно того, кем Он хочет, чтобы мы были и в конечном итоге достигли, заключается в том, чтобы мы познали и полюбили Его и жили с Ним в вечном блаженстве, как с Его друзьями на всю вечность.

Но воля Божья для всех рациональных созданий относительно того, как этого достичь, касается всего, что ведет к этой цели и помогает в ее достижении.

Таким образом, это воля Божья, чтобы дети родились, чтобы они познали Его и полюбили Его. И поэтому воля Божья для большинства мужчин и женщин – это воля Божья, чтобы они вышли замуж и имели детей.

Следовательно, это также и воля Божья, чтобы все дети получили хорошее образование в истинной Вере и во всех других вещах, необходимых для достижения воли Божией для них, таких как поиск работы, женитьба и жизнь по истинам, которые Бог открыл, и которые являются лучшим проводником для прихода на Небеса.

Все это происходит в этом мире, и, таким образом, воля Бога для всех нас затрагивает то, что мы делаем в человеческом обществе и в наших отношениях с другими людьми.

И поскольку воля Божья для нас предполагает существование других людей и то, что мы в какой-то мере в какой-то части своей жизни живем среди них – я говорю это как отшельник, ибо не все в любое время призваны жить среди людей – воля Божья для каждого из нас касается и наших обязанностей перед всем обществом, нашим народом, нашим правительством.

Такова общая картина. Поэтому воля Божья для нас включает в себя то, что мы выполняем свои обязанности в отношении нашего участия в политической жизни. Это и Его воля, чтобы государство не было идолопоклонено как бог, и чтобы оно не бросало препятствий на пути спасения душ. Его воля также заключается в том, чтобы государство поощряло добродетель и выступало против порока, ибо это способствует всеобщему спасению.

Вот почему для людей большая ошибка и ересь против явленной воли Божьей, чтобы христиане воздерживались от политической жизни и позволяли неверующим господствовать над ними. Святой Фома Аквинский зашел настолько далеко, что сказал, что нехристиане управляют христианами – это своего рода кощунство. То есть, нарушение священного права.

Но это только нарушение священного права, потому что по воле Божьей мы берем на себя обязанность видеть, что христиане управляются христианами и христианскими законами.

Вот почему христианин, в каком бы обществе он ни находился, должен быть воинственным. Для некоторых это означает стать священниками и религиозными, но для большинства из нас это означает освящение мирского порядка посредством участия в политической жизни. И не только в любой политической жизни, но и в католической политической жизни.

Что скажете? Сегодня такого нет?

И да, вы правы, в большинстве стран нет ни одной католической партии, которая бы действительно была такой.

И таким образом, у вас есть проблема.

И в этом виноваты все в Церкви.

Это вина пастухов и мирян, которые предпочли поддаться или подчиниться нехристианам. И это определенное предательство, так же, как это определенное кощунство, как говорит святой Фома.












これが、どのような社会にあっても、クリスチャンが過激にならなければならない理由です。ある人にとっては、これは司祭や宗教者になることを意味しますが、ほとんどの人にとっては、政治生活に参加することによって、現世の秩序を聖化することを意味します。政治的生活に参加するのではなく カトリックの政治的生活に参加することを意味します






The purpose of Social Media is to isolate you from human society

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It is one thing for a hermit in a remote monastery to use the internet to do research and publish books of videos. But it is quite another thing for a Catholic in a city to shut himself up in his apartment, forsaking all human interaction with those in the city, because of his constant use of social media.

The difference between the two is that one has forsaken human company for God, and the other has forsake human company for himself.

The first is an act of religion, the second is anti-social behavior.

Much has been written on the destructive nature of the internet on the grounds of pornography, but little on the grounds that its use frequently leads to dehumanization.

You cannot control humanity and enslave the masses easily without the internet. With social media it has become easier, and with cellphones very easy. So many persons have such poor habits of self reflection — because they do not pray nor do they examine their own consciences before God — that the allure of the latest app or method of electronic social communication is enough to remove them from all human society.

Over my nearly 40 years of vocation I have seen so many Catholics who are devout become inactive and neglect the works of mercy in their own neighborhoods and cities. They have bought the lie that sharing information is all that God requires of us. And the result of this slide into the virtual world is the dissolution of the Church.

The Corona Plandemic targeted the remnants of parish communities by banning the mass and sacraments. The TV or VIDEO mass in live streaming was presented as an equivalent substitute.  This is completely and in every respect contrary to the Faith.

The Virus Mass — that is the mass with rubrics changed to suit the paranoia desired by the Plandemic — will be the next horror. It violates the authority of the Church, who alone governs what goes on in the Church. It violates the authority of Christ Who by His resurrection assured us that He was the Source of all Life and Health, and Who in ascending into Heaven assured us that He has receive authority and power over everything, even infections. But Who yet gave us the sacraments in the form which requires human contact and personal testimony without hiding who we are.

The virus mass would never have been considered acceptable without the advent of the TV Mass, the Internet Mass and the addiction to social media. The masquerade mass is like Social Media, where you can hide who you are and pretend.

None of this is Catholic, human, humane or rational.

God is Truth and we must worship Him in spirit and in truth. And as Saint Paul teaches, to worship God spiritually, we must worship Him rationally.

This also means we must live among human beings in person and in the real world. It is an obligation of Christian faith, because Our God is the God of the real world, not the gods of social media, such as Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Jack Dorsey, Adam Mosseri, or Sundar Pichai. None of whom is even a Catholic.

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Christ warned us against splitting the Papacy

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Christ Jesus, the Eternal Son of God and the Most Perfect and Holiest of men enjoyed the Beatific Vision of God, in His human soul, from the instant of his conception.

For that reason, He knew the entire actual future of the world until the end of time. And He reflected this knowledge in His teachings, even if often it was hidden in such a way as to become visible only when those times would come to pass.

It has ever been the faith of the Church that the words of Christ in the Gospels need to be understood: in reference to our own days.  For example, Saint Alphonsus dei Liguori says that Our Lord spent so much time condemning the scribes and pharasees of His own day, because He also knew that theologians and clergy of future ages would need to hear His corrections and reproofs.

The same is the case with the strange and uncatholic situation into which the Church has been cast by the Cardinals in February and Mary of 2013, in their wantonly indiscrete response to the Declaratio of Pope Benedict XVI.

Whatever they thought it meant and whatever Pope Benedict XVI told them in private it meant, the text which he read allowed, and which was published in Latin subsequently in a corrected version, does not fulfill the norm of canon 332 §2.

All the Cardinals at that time, but most especially those with doctorates in Canon Law like Brandmueller and Burke, chose to disrespect the Lord Jesus Christ by acting as they did. They chose to disrespect Him, because He declared and promised to Saint Peter in regard to Canon Law: Whatsoever you bind upon Earth, shall be bound also in Heaven.

They acted instead that what they wanted it to mean or what they thought Benedict wanted it to mean made it mean what is should be regarded by all to mean.  But that is not Catholicism. That is the Dictatorship of Relevatism. That is Nominalism. That is Subjectivism. That is Positivism. That is sheer insanity.

So by this great sin against Jesus Christ they cast the Church into schism from Christ through schism from Pope Benedict XVI, by electing an Antipope, whose name deserves not to be mentioned.

Now that Peter Seewald by quoting Benedict XVI himself, has confirmed that Benedict INTENDED TO RETAIN the spiritual mandate of the papal office, it is undeniable that the Cardinals erred in how they acted, even if one can dispute still whether Benedict understood that even he could not intend to split the Papal office such that two persons can hold parts of it.

Our Lord warned us, however, even of this. Because after His great promise to Saint Peter, BUT BEFORE CONFERING THE OFFICE UPON HIM, He foretold His Passion and Death. And Simon, the man, who out of presumption began to exercise the Petrine Ministry, even though he had not received yet the Petrine Munus and Office, presumed to correct Jesus Christ, the Eternal Son of God, saying: God forbid such and such befall you, Lord!

To this presumption, Our Lord acted with the most severe rebuke recorded in the entire New Testament (Mark 8:33): a rebuke so cutting that it is used in the Rituals of Exorcisms:

Get back, Satan! because thou savorest not the things that are of God, but that are of men.

Seeing that Our Lord knew the whole future, I think we can know explain why Our Lord was so severe in His rebuke of Simon bar Jonahs, and to what His anger may have been principally directed.


CREDITS: The Featured Image above is a detail from Christ Rebuking Simon Peter, which is held in the National Trust, of unknown provenance, but attributed to the Flemish School, c. 1600 A. D..

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Jesus is our Savior, let us go to Him!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

One of the criticisms of evangelicals against Catholics is that Jesus is not in the forefront of our religious thought and motivation.  While this is patently false as regards the Church as an institution, it however can come about in individual souls of all Christians, not just Catholics.

Jesus is our Savior!

Yes, we believe this. But we must avoid the errors which would reduce faith to a sentiment of trust or to an intellectual act of mere assent to an ideal or doctrine.

Saint Bonaventure’s exposition of the theological virtue of faith avoided the error that can result from  Saint Thomas Aquinas’ definition. For Aquinas, faith was a virtue of the intellect, not the will. But for Saint Bonaventure, faith was a virtue which governed both intellect and will.

It is no surprise, then, that when Martin Luther attacked the Catholic Religion on the question of the virtue of faith, he was responding to the preaching of a Dominican, not a Franciscan!

Putting the differences of Saint Bonaveture and Saint Thomas aside, since they are both Doctors of the Church in Scholastic and Dogmatic Theology, we need to recognize that when we assent in our minds to the truth that Jesus is our Savior, we also need to consent in our wills to regard Jesus our our Savior.

And for this we need to understand that as all Scripture and Tradition hand down, the salvation of which we speak, when we call Jesus our “Savior” does not merely take place at the moment of death, or regard the world to come. Rather, it regards the present moment and all the moments, places, and decision which we will pass through, come to be in and make, respectively, on the way to the hour of our own death and beyond.

Jesus is Our Savior, then, because, by His Passion and Death

  1. He redeemed all Creation, including myself.
  2. He atoned for all sin, including my sins, past, present and future.
  3. He merited all grace for all creatures capable of receiving it, of which I am the most unworthy.
  4. He did that which no one could do, including myself.
  5. He did that which had to be done, else the world and myself go necessarily to damnation.
  6. He did that which alone is capable from saving me from the power of Satan before and after death.
  7. And finally, He did that which He did not have to do, and at great price to Himself, such that all creation, including myself, owe Him a profound and eternal and infinite gratitude, of the kind which is religious and sacred and continual and habitual.

But the wonderful truth that Jesus is our Savior, is that in every moment of our lives and in every problem we can turn to Him for salvation.  And the kind of prayer and request which He is most pleased to receive is that of the sinner seeking salvation. This is so, because that is the prayer for which He descended from Heaven and died upon the Cross by such a bloody and painful and shameful execution.

This truth that Jesus is our Savior then, should be more than a truth, it should be a rule of live and daily existence.

Let us therefore go to Jesus, physically, by visiting Him in the Most Blessed Sacrament and attending Mass, when we can.

Let us go to Jesus by turning to Him in prayer at the beginning and end and throughout the day.

Let us go to Jesus by trusting in His infinite power to save us and rescue us from every danger.

Let us go to Jesus to save us from the habits of our sins, from the tragedy of our lives of sin, from the evil effects of turning away from Him in sin, and to obtain the grace to repent and repair the effects of our sins, in ourselves and in others.

And let us go to Jesus especially to ask for the light to see what we truly are and how much we truly need Him and His help, so that begging with humility, we might obtain as He is wont to grant, generous and efficacious graces for our own salvation and that of all.

But Jesus is our Savior, also, in the sense that the “our” refers to the whole Church, and not just to each of us individually.

And now more than every, we need to run to Jesus as OUR Savior! — As can plainly be seen everywhere.

+ + +

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