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Christ warned us against splitting the Papacy

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Christ Jesus, the Eternal Son of God and the Most Perfect and Holiest of men enjoyed the Beatific Vision of God, in His human soul, from the instant of his conception.

For that reason, He knew the entire actual future of the world until the end of time. And He reflected this knowledge in His teachings, even if often it was hidden in such a way as to become visible only when those times would come to pass.

It has ever been the faith of the Church that the words of Christ in the Gospels need to be understood: in reference to our own days.  For example, Saint Alphonsus dei Liguori says that Our Lord spent so much time condemning the scribes and pharasees of His own day, because He also knew that theologians and clergy of future ages would need to hear His corrections and reproofs.

The same is the case with the strange and uncatholic situation into which the Church has been cast by the Cardinals in February and Mary of 2013, in their wantonly indiscrete response to the Declaratio of Pope Benedict XVI.

Whatever they thought it meant and whatever Pope Benedict XVI told them in private it meant, the text which he read allowed, and which was published in Latin subsequently in a corrected version, does not fulfill the norm of canon 332 §2.

All the Cardinals at that time, but most especially those with doctorates in Canon Law like Brandmueller and Burke, chose to disrespect the Lord Jesus Christ by acting as they did. They chose to disrespect Him, because He declared and promised to Saint Peter in regard to Canon Law: Whatsoever you bind upon Earth, shall be bound also in Heaven.

They acted instead that what they wanted it to mean or what they thought Benedict wanted it to mean made it mean what is should be regarded by all to mean.  But that is not Catholicism. That is the Dictatorship of Relevatism. That is Nominalism. That is Subjectivism. That is Positivism. That is sheer insanity.

So by this great sin against Jesus Christ they cast the Church into schism from Christ through schism from Pope Benedict XVI, by electing an Antipope, whose name deserves not to be mentioned.

Now that Peter Seewald by quoting Benedict XVI himself, has confirmed that Benedict INTENDED TO RETAIN the spiritual mandate of the papal office, it is undeniable that the Cardinals erred in how they acted, even if one can dispute still whether Benedict understood that even he could not intend to split the Papal office such that two persons can hold parts of it.

Our Lord warned us, however, even of this. Because after His great promise to Saint Peter, BUT BEFORE CONFERING THE OFFICE UPON HIM, He foretold His Passion and Death. And Simon, the man, who out of presumption began to exercise the Petrine Ministry, even though he had not received yet the Petrine Munus and Office, presumed to correct Jesus Christ, the Eternal Son of God, saying: God forbid such and such befall you, Lord!

To this presumption, Our Lord acted with the most severe rebuke recorded in the entire New Testament (Mark 8:33): a rebuke so cutting that it is used in the Rituals of Exorcisms:

Get back, Satan! because thou savorest not the things that are of God, but that are of men.

Seeing that Our Lord knew the whole future, I think we can know explain why Our Lord was so severe in His rebuke of Simon bar Jonahs, and to what His anger may have been principally directed.


CREDITS: The Featured Image above is a detail from Christ Rebuking Simon Peter, which is held in the National Trust, of unknown provenance, but attributed to the Flemish School, c. 1600 A. D..

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One of the lasting effects of the Plandemic will be widespread chronic paranoia

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The plandemic was and is the greatest crime against humanity ever perpetrated. Not only because it attacked the entire population of the human race, but because it strove to damage them in their work, their savings, in their liberty, and no less in their mental health.

Millions will never recover from the paranoia which was inculcated daily by national leaders, the mass media and even by the clergy.

We are talking about the crime of terrorizing the entire human race, and in particular in spreading the disease of hypochondria in a way beyond the wildest imaginations of dystopian authors.

The resulting isolation and depression of those who will not come out of their homes as often as they did, will be the great untold story. Because national leaders will ignore it, so as to hide their liability. The mass media will deny it to support their habit of lying. And the clergy will pretend that they are saints for instilling it.

All these leaders need to repent or be removed. But since they are an imminent threat to humanity, they need to be removed first.

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Jesus is our Savior, let us go to Him!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

One of the criticisms of evangelicals against Catholics is that Jesus is not in the forefront of our religious thought and motivation.  While this is patently false as regards the Church as an institution, it however can come about in individual souls of all Christians, not just Catholics.

Jesus is our Savior!

Yes, we believe this. But we must avoid the errors which would reduce faith to a sentiment of trust or to an intellectual act of mere assent to an ideal or doctrine.

Saint Bonaventure’s exposition of the theological virtue of faith avoided the error that can result from  Saint Thomas Aquinas’ definition. For Aquinas, faith was a virtue of the intellect, not the will. But for Saint Bonaventure, faith was a virtue which governed both intellect and will.

It is no surprise, then, that when Martin Luther attacked the Catholic Religion on the question of the virtue of faith, he was responding to the preaching of a Dominican, not a Franciscan!

Putting the differences of Saint Bonaveture and Saint Thomas aside, since they are both Doctors of the Church in Scholastic and Dogmatic Theology, we need to recognize that when we assent in our minds to the truth that Jesus is our Savior, we also need to consent in our wills to regard Jesus our our Savior.

And for this we need to understand that as all Scripture and Tradition hand down, the salvation of which we speak, when we call Jesus our “Savior” does not merely take place at the moment of death, or regard the world to come. Rather, it regards the present moment and all the moments, places, and decision which we will pass through, come to be in and make, respectively, on the way to the hour of our own death and beyond.

Jesus is Our Savior, then, because, by His Passion and Death

  1. He redeemed all Creation, including myself.
  2. He atoned for all sin, including my sins, past, present and future.
  3. He merited all grace for all creatures capable of receiving it, of which I am the most unworthy.
  4. He did that which no one could do, including myself.
  5. He did that which had to be done, else the world and myself go necessarily to damnation.
  6. He did that which alone is capable from saving me from the power of Satan before and after death.
  7. And finally, He did that which He did not have to do, and at great price to Himself, such that all creation, including myself, owe Him a profound and eternal and infinite gratitude, of the kind which is religious and sacred and continual and habitual.

But the wonderful truth that Jesus is our Savior, is that in every moment of our lives and in every problem we can turn to Him for salvation.  And the kind of prayer and request which He is most pleased to receive is that of the sinner seeking salvation. This is so, because that is the prayer for which He descended from Heaven and died upon the Cross by such a bloody and painful and shameful execution.

This truth that Jesus is our Savior then, should be more than a truth, it should be a rule of live and daily existence.

Let us therefore go to Jesus, physically, by visiting Him in the Most Blessed Sacrament and attending Mass, when we can.

Let us go to Jesus by turning to Him in prayer at the beginning and end and throughout the day.

Let us go to Jesus by trusting in His infinite power to save us and rescue us from every danger.

Let us go to Jesus to save us from the habits of our sins, from the tragedy of our lives of sin, from the evil effects of turning away from Him in sin, and to obtain the grace to repent and repair the effects of our sins, in ourselves and in others.

And let us go to Jesus especially to ask for the light to see what we truly are and how much we truly need Him and His help, so that begging with humility, we might obtain as He is wont to grant, generous and efficacious graces for our own salvation and that of all.

But Jesus is our Savior, also, in the sense that the “our” refers to the whole Church, and not just to each of us individually.

And now more than every, we need to run to Jesus as OUR Savior! — As can plainly be seen everywhere.

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IF you love Jesus Christ, REPAIR the Church

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

One of the things I admire most in my Seraphic Father, Saint Francis of Assisi, is his true love for Jesus Christ, Our God and Savior. He showed this most of all in his desire to repair the Church.

Not restore the Church, but repair the Church.

Only God can restore the Church, because only God has the power to found the Church and sustain the Church and touch Her at the level of existence and grace and being.

But we can collaborate in this work of the Holy Ghost by working to repair the Church.

A work of repair is arduous and it must be daily. It requires knocking down what is corrupt and dissolute and replacing it just as it in ages past, copying all the art and design and engineering of her past perfection.

But it requires, not just work, but work on the right Church. The Church is one, only one. The Church is not a private Chapel, nor a club. The Church is each and every Diocese of the Catholic Church in the world.

This means that repairing the Church is a great work, and an arduous task, but that each of us has the ability to do our part where we are, in our own diocese.

And if all who profess to love Jesus Christ, and who profess the observance of the 10 Commandments and the unchanging doctrines and dogmas of the Catholic Faith, did this, the Church would be restored, because Christ gives great graces for this.

This means that we need to distinguish between the sins of men and the offices and Sacraments which Christ gave us. The former can fail, the latter can never fail.

The work of reparation does mean, in part, seeing that crooks go to jail and heretics are denounced. Indeed, if heretics are not denounced, how can Catholics obtain Catholic pastors?

The denunciation of perverts or heretics requires solid evidence. With that had the public denunciation should be made to proper authorities. And if there is no proper authority, then to the general public. The faithful of every diocese, during an impeded Apostolic See (whether by usurpation by an anti-pope or by vacancy) have the right to replace their heretical ordinary with a Catholic ordinary. This right is vindicated on this, that a heretic is no longer a member of the Church, and when a superior in jurisdiction is impeded in his authority, his authority to act in just matters and in times of great necessity can be legitimately employed in a vicarious manner by the whole local Church which remains Catholic. This is how Catholics replaced Arian Bishops with Catholic Bishops in the Arian crisis of the 4th century.

Let us not dissipate our forces by trying to have our own little private island while letting the whole Church go to ruin. That negligence is also a sin that merits damnation, because it is not only directly against the charity we should have for our fellow Catholics, it is an act of hateful crucifixion of Christ’s Mystical Body.

And the first step in this work of repair is our own humility, penitence and self reform. That is why all of us who are not married have a grave duty to consider forsaking all to become holy priests and holy religious or holy hermits. There is no greater need now in the Church, than that Christ’s Army be repopulated with such faithful servants.

This is also why it IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to keep the laws of the Church, which are inscribed in Heaven, as Christ said to Peter: whatsoever you bind on earth, shall be bound in Heaven. Any Catholic, priest or layman, who tells you that you should follow common opinion and not the laws of the Church is a WOLF IN SHEEPS’ CLOTHING. Hear him no more than you would listen to the Devil.

And for that reason, the Church can only be repaired IN UNION WITH THE TRUE POPE, Pope Benedict XVI, who according to the norm OF ALL CHURCH LAWS never valid resigned the papacy and therefore remains the Vicar of Jesus Christ.

The present crisis in the Church is merely the end result of not following the laws of the Church and following the opinions of errant Cardinals and Shepherds, not the will of Jesus Christ, who said: whatsoever you bind on earth, shall be bound in Heaven, which is a direct reference to Canon Law.

Return to Pope Benedict and work to convince others to this.

To do anything else, apart from that, is to build your house on sand. So do not be surprised if it falls and is swept away in the torrent of sins.

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It’s a trick to say you have to wait for Corona Control to be declared over

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Alas, a lot of public figures and talking heads do not know anything about psyops or narrative control.

I say this, because they are asking, demanding and petitioning for their governments to end the regulations which have shut down their nations, churches, work places, etc., and which require them to practice social distancing or stay at home.

As I explained in my recent video (see below), that is simply NOT true.

An unjust, unfounded decree from any government to shut down a nation or to lock up everyone in their homes is illegitimate in itself. That means it does not exist in law or right. And that means you do not have to beg for it to be removed!  Begging implies that you accept that it is just.

Those who are encouraging you to do this, are still under the pysop. Those who are doing this, have not thought through what they are doing. Your slave masters are laughing at you from their offices! Your protests declare that you accept the legitimacy of their tyranny!


I am not a positivist, who thinks the only laws which exist are those which men have made. But your leaders are. And so, why not ask them in what law were they given the authority to IMPRISON THE ENTIRE NATION and treat everyone like a criminal?

If there is no law, that means they have neither the authority nor the right to do what they are doing, lawfully. As the noted lawyer, Tom Fitton explained, indiscriminate use of police power is always illegitimate and is unlawful in any free society.

Their claim to have this authority, however, also means THEY ARE THE CRIMINALS, and that THEY ALONE NEED TO BE LOCKED UP.

It also means they have lost their offices by treachery to the nation.

So do not wait for them to declare you are free. Before the law all are presumed free.

It is rather you who have the right to put them in jail as criminally insane psychotic psychopaths. And the longer you tolerate it, the longer resistance to them will be seen as unjust.

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COVID-19 has unmasked the Italian government as Anti-Italian & Anti-Catholic

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It is often said by Catholic intellectuals in Italy that the real truth about what happened in the 19th Century, was not il Risorgimento (the Re-rise) of Italy but the Detenzione (Imprisonment) of Italy: the imposition by foreign interests (France and the Great Britain) of a form of government which guarantees from hence forth the Italian cuture and the Catholic religion will both be attacked and destroyed and obstructed as much as possible, to make of Italy a new test ground for Freemasonry.

And COVID-19 has shown that that analysis is 100% accurate.

In a single day, all the civil and human rights guaranteed by the Italian Constitution were cancelled:  the freedom of assembly, the freedom of expression, the freedom of religion, the right to work, etc.. I could go on.

The health decrees of the government went to far as to explicitly name the Catholic Mass  and all other Sacraments as forbidden.  It was outrageous.

The only thing more outrageous is that Bergoglio ordered the Bishops to comply without so much as a peep of protest.

Now everyone is literally under house arrest!  Everyone except the illegal alien, who can roam around as he pleases or enter the country at will.

And not just the illegal alien. Any foreigner I think.

I get the sense of this when I interact with the police during the quarentine. As soon as they hear my American accent they are more deferential with me. And that is plain wrong. Italy belongs to Italians!

Italy needs a new government. Not only in the Italian sense of the word, “government”, which in a parliamentary system refers to the ruling party or coalition controlling parliament — but in the Latin sense, of a new form of government. The modern liberal democracy has show that it is neither modern, nor liberal, nor democratic. It is totalitarian, autocratic and tyrannical.

And what is worse is that all the apparatus of the State does not even bat an eye-lash. When I encounter State Police or the Carabinieri, I ask them, if their consciences can support what they are doing to the people. And they respond, “We are not allowed to talk about that”!

Oh Joseph Stalin! You are probably turning over in your pit of despair and damnation with envy at Giuseppe Conte!

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Father Lombardi is shaking in his boots

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Father Lombardi, who was the spokesman for Pope Benedict XVI in February of 2013, is shaking in his boots. You can see this in the fact that, after 7 years he is still trying to control the narrative about what happened in that fateful month.

He did so in an interview with La Stampa, a leading daily newspaper, yesterday on the 93rd Birthday of His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI.

Here is a brief list of the lies, Father Lombardi repeatedly uttered during the interview:

  • He calls the renunciation, a renunciation of the papacy, when the whole world knows that it was a renunciation of the ministry committed to Pope Benedict XVI by the Cardinals!
  • He claims that on Feb. 11, 2013, Pope Benedict said he did not have the strength to make decisions, when Pope Benedict said nothing of the kind!
  • He contradicts himself, saying on the one hand that Pope Benedict XVI does not have the strength to make decisions, and on the other, that he has a brilliant mind which has not weakened with age!

And you can see what Pope Benedict XVI thinks of La Stampa by refusing an interview on the occasion of his birthday. — Perhaps that has something to do with the fact that the newspaper has Batman, the gay icon, flying all over their pages? — When a newspaper has to dig up someone from 7 years ago to pretend to say something informed today about what is going on in the Vatican, you know that they have found a lot of doors shut in their face. And that is significant, but not surprising, on account of the questions that remain and are being asked.

But here is the really juicy part of the interview (my English translation), in the sense of the narrative that Lombardi is urgent to propose for credence, but which has lost all credibility:

From what was born this clamorous renunciation of the papacy?

From a responsible liberty which knows how to look at one’s own duties and to one’s own responsibility before God and the Church. That of the renunciation was an act characteristic of his own conscience.  He always showed himself to be fully aware of a vocation received from God and exercised in the call to serve others. It was a gesture totally alien to constrictions.

There is talk of external conditioning…

I have always held as unfounded and unjustified the attempts to interpret the renunciation of Benedict XVI as the consequence of pressures, discomfort or disappointment.  Significantly, the renunciation of the Pope to be valid must have one characteristic: it must be free.  And the decision of Joseph Ratzinger is attributed exclusively to his capacity to see with great clarity and a profound sense of responsibility the growing disproportion between his own strength and the duties implied by the task of the Pontiff.  A choice for liberty and responsibility of which he has never repented

As they say in Italian, you can only be sure something is true, when it is denied in public, especially when it is denied repeatedly for 7 years in public.

If rather what Lombardi said were true, why would he feel the need to constantly repeat himself? Especially, why are you so insistent to repeat the word “responsible” or “responsibility” so many times?

It sounds as if, psychologically, Lombardi is shouting: IT’S NOT MY FAULT! I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!

Perhaps he is being repetitious, because, since it is not true, Father Lombardi, is destined to go to a very dark, dark place, for having been instrumental in robbing the loyalty of 1 Billion Catholics from the true Pope, by giving Giovanna Chirri the go-ahead to tell the world a big, fat lie.

As I have demonstrated in my recent documentary, where I speak expressly about Father Lombardi’s key role in deceiving the world on Feb. 11, 2013 (see Episode 5).

And you can see what La Stampa and Father Lombardi are really worried about in the title of the article: I 93 anni di Benedetto XVI. Padre Lombardi: “Troppo debole fisicamente per fare il Papa”.  Which in English means:  The 93 years of Benedict XVI. Father Lombardi: “Too weak physically to act as the Pope”.

Notice they still call him by his Papal name? So they recognize that he still holds the papal dignity, which is impossible if he renounced the petrine munus, as Lombardi is attempting to say. Also, the phrase attributed to Father Lombardi (“Too weak physically to act as the Pope”) is not in the past tense, it is in an infinitive construction, applicable to past and present. But why attempt to deny he is took weak to be “the Pope” today, unless you fear his return as the one true Pope?

That says it all. This interview is an excellent piece of misinformation, disinformation and narrative control. It’s sole purpose is to deceive.

But it also reveals great fear on the part of La Stampa, Lombardi and the Vatican authorities which permitted it. A fear directed entirely against the truth of what really happened and the growing awareness of that truth by the faithful.

And some news agencies are aware of that, like the Premium Times and the Daily Post of Nigeria, which have Gänswein say in English, that Pope Benedict is under “house arrest”, as if to tease their readership.


CREDITS: The Featured Image above is a screen shot of the page of La Stampa, online, from whence the citation of the interview was taken, and is used here in accord with fair use standards for editorial commentary.

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Tears today, but tomorrow Rejoicing!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Coronavirus panic has proven once again that without the Catholic Faith, mankind has not stability or fortitude of mind or heart. Without Faith in the Risen One, there is no expectation that this world will not be or become anything but a vortex of despair, panic, terrors, disasters and death.

But for Christians, we know that tears are only for today, but joy is eternal. That is, for we who believe.

Because the Faith teaches us that for those who are being saved by fidelity to God, all suffering is passing, but all true rejoicing is forever.

This is our meditation for Holy Saturday.

The tragedy that Our Lord Jesus Christ would be put to death by a complete conspiracy of both civil and religious leaders is something most of the Catholic world can personally taste this Holy Week.

The High Priests and Pontius Pilates have taken Jesus away from us, and we do not know where to find Him.

Let us stand with Our Lady, who as our best of mothers is terribly saddened at our plight. Let us offer Her tears before the Throne of God, so that with Her, as on Easter Sunday, they can pass away and be turned into rejoicing.

Let us resolve that we next we can go to Mass, to do so with the greatest joy and thanksgiving to God.

Wishing one and all,
a Blessed and Holy
Resurrection of Our Lord!

Invest to defend Christendom


A Letter to the Readers from the Editor

Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Brother Alexis BugnoloSince September 11, 2001, Catholics have had many occasions to be shocked back into the reality of life. As Christians there are those who want to persecute us, kill us and exterminate our religion.

This is especially easy to understand if you speak Arabic, because then you can actually hear the words of terrorists themselves and see against whom they direct their greatest hatred.

Unfortunately, the Main Stream Media has hidden those words from you, because they fear Catholics more than Islamic terrorists. And that is because the Main Stream Media, as the supporters of Globalism and international socialism are conducting their own war against us.

The actual object of hatred of Islamic terrorists are not white men, not Americans, nor Westerners. They are rather, in their own words: Crusaders.

And as every knows, Crusaders were Catholics. They were not protestants, secularists, atheists, Jews, Hindus or Buddhists. I do not doubt that Islamic terrorists also target these groups, but its the word, “Crusader”, which gets them most riled up.

In this, the Catholic world needs to take note. If Islamic Terrorists, who are truly lead by a most evil ideology, hate Crusaders so much, it must be that Crusaders are really something great and wonderful. You won’t hear this stated on other websites, however, because as I said the secularists hate us Catholics just as much, though in a more passive aggressive way.

However, if you have not paid attention in the last 19 years, you may not know that a lot of groups of Islamic Terrorists are armed and funded and sometimes even trained by western intelligence agencies. Osama bin Lade, the founder of Al-Quaeda? Yes, a CIA trained guerilla. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the founder of ISIS? Yes, a captured, released, trained and funded CIA operative. This is not conspiracy theory, there are reams of documents showing Obama knowingly and willingly funded and supported ISIS before it went rogue and conquered Mosul. And that is why many nations welcome back with open arms, their own citizens who fought with ISIS, rewarding them with housing and benefits.

It should not surprise us, therefore, that organizations which viscerally hate Catholics were supported by organizations which viscerally hate Catholics.

And this is the point of my editorial. If Catholics want to be defended in their persons, their families, their Churches, they need to organize themselves to do it. And thankfully, in modern times, there is a legal way to do this. It is called a private military or security company.

So, when the Lord asked me to do something about this, I founded such a company in the USA. It is called Ordo Militaris Inc.. I named it with a Latin title to recall the first 2 words in the names of every Catholic Military Order in history. I did this because I wanted to revive and return to the authentic Catholic notion of organized self-defense. And I founded a company not a religious order of knights, because the race of nobility is pretty much spent, and there are a lot more non-nobles who are Catholics than Catholic nobility. Also, because in modern law, corporations exist, but religious orders of knights are a category which has no possible legal existence as such.

preview-221x300I invite you then to radically rethink your role in the world, in the Church, and in the economy. You are fed from TV, Radio and Newspapers to presume that the only place for your Catholic money is in a non-Catholic secularist investment which will use your Catholic money for non-Catholic purposes. Other than that, you are told that you can donate your Catholic money to a Catholic charity which by law can do nothing to defend Catholics or Catholic Churches from persecution.

Do you see how you are being played? to lie down and surrender? This is the Masonic long game in subduing Catholics. And they are pledged to it.

But there is a third option, and it only exists, so far, with Ordo Militaris Inc.. In this company you can invest your Catholic money in a corporation which is controlled by Catholics which has the capacity in law to train Catholic men in the military arts and organize them to defend Catholics from persecution, from whatever quarter that comes. While for the most part this means security and defense work in the West, it also can lawfully include helping Catholics defend themselves militarily from terrorists in other parts of the world.

But the important first step is founding a Catholic Military Academy to give Catholic men a Catholic military formation: in the form of a Basic Combat Training program for regular and special forces. With that, the Church will have a pool of manpower to defend Herself.

I speak more about this in a recent interview I gave about this, which you can watch here:

But for those who do not have high speed access, and to put in shorter format, I will recapitulate the argument here:

I can already draw upon 8 military trainer veterans of the French Foreign Legion, and I could raise another 300 veterans of special forces. I have all the manpower. command and technical expertise that they learned in the US Military, NATO forces etc., to do the job.

What I lack is investors. Catholics who are red-pilled enough to see that investing in the Down Jones Industrials, Coca-cola, Apple etc., does not lead to the defense of Christendom, and that perhaps Ordo Militaris Inc. is a worthy consideration for their investment.

By incorporating in the U.S.A., I have created an investment opportunity for Catholics round the world, where they can invest in US dollars and in a way which protects their privacy. I have organized two stock offerings for our investors which offers what I believe are special benefits not found in other investment opportunities: such as, that your investments go to capital acquisitions and improvements, and not to salaries (For US Development, Foreign Development). That your investments to to a company which follows Catholic teaching on what constitutes the right of self defense, just war, and the proper and necessary role of Faith in Jesus Christ in all of this. And importantly, that your investments go to solving a problem which no other corporation or religious order, at present, in the entire world, is organized to solve: namely offering security and defense services to persecuted Catholics and addressing the woeful lack Catholics have in knowing how to defend themselves as Catholics and in groups.

You can find more information about investing, at the website of Ordo Militars Inc., through their homepage and the top bar menu of it.

Just click the image below, to pass over to that website:

Screenshot_2020-04-06 About


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a photograph, by an unknown bystander, of a Christian who was crucified by ISIS in 2015.

The Old Testament ended when the High Priests omitted Passover

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

One of the curious facts of history, which was lost to time but rediscovered in recent decades with the advances in the sciences of chronology, astronomy and chronometry has to do with the events surrounding the Passion of Jesus Christ.

We know from these that Christ was crucified on Friday, April 3, 33 A.D., the day before the Passover as the High Priests of Jerusalem calculated it, that year.

But if you notice, Christ Jesus did not celebrate the Passover on April, 4, but on Thursday, April 2, after sundown, which sundown according to Jewish custom began the day of April 3.

Scholars and many Saints have scratched their heads to explain that, for nearly 2 millennia. But the truth was revealed by a precise calculation of the rising of the full Moon, on April 2, 33 A.D..

You see, when the full Moon is seen to rise, after sundown, after the equinox is how the rabbis of old determined when Passover began.

The problem for the High Priests, however, was that they were interested more in commercializing religion than observing the Torah of God. So in A.D. 33, they had a problem. Because most Jews followed the astronomers of Alexandria in Egypt, which is further to the west than Jerusalem, and which is situated in a vast plain, where the rising of the Moon can be seen more clearly than in Jerusalem.

But that year of 33 A.D., the Moon was seen to rise within the first minute after sundown, at Jerusalem, on the evening of April 2, whereas at Alexandria it would not be seen to rise after sundown until April 3.

According to the Torah, the High Priests of Jerusalem could not omit or transfer the celebration of the Passover, it has to be on the 14th Day of Nissan, which was to be determined by the sighting of the full moon from Jerusalem, not Alexandria.

So, in the year of 33 A.D., the High Priests committed a horrible sacrilege. They ordered Passover to be celebrated on the 15th!

This is why Christ did not follow them in their sin and celebrated the Passover in the evening of April 2, and offered Himself as the Lamb of Sacrifice on Friday afternoon, before sundown.

As the Apostle records, with the Death of Christ the curtain in the Temple was torn by God in two and there was a great earthquake. The Fathers of the Church say, from that moment on, the Old Testament was abrogated, the New had begun.

Why? Because the High Priests has apostatized from their religious duty to celebrate the Passover. And Christ, as the True High Priest was therefore obligated to inaugurate a New Testament. One in which the Sacrifice of the Lamb would be celebrated until the end of time.

Only, this year, the High Priests of the Catholic Church have decided to follow the High Priests of old, and decide not to celebrate Easter with the Church (because the Faithful, who are not clergy are just as essentially member of the Church as they are, and to refuse them Easter is like crucifying the Lord).

For this reason, I have a holy fear that the New Covenant might in a certain sense come to and end this Easter, and that the terrible wrath of God Almighty, which the Blood of Christ has held back for 2000 years, is about to be unleashed upon this world. And those priests who refuse the faithful this Easter will bear personally the responsibility for it.

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How is it, that You can handle Mammon, but not receive the Eucharist?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The real reason behind the Corona Stunt is something much more than simple control. It has a purpose. Here in Italy, most every activity is prohibited other than those who work in necessary sectors of the economy (Politicians and journalists are, obviously, considered necessary), buying groceries and walking your dog!

Walking your dog?

Did you know that the dog is considered sacred to Freemasons?

They get their dog, and we are denied our God?

At the supermarket, no one is afraid that in exchanging coins or bills, that they will catch Coronavirus. But we are told that the Catholic Mass is a possible source of contagion, so distribution of the Eucharist must be suspended?

Mammon is O.K. to handle? But the Eucharist is dangerous and unhealthy?

Something does not add up.

I can understand if the Bishops or some priests have AIDS, but surely they do not all have AIDS? There are also many young priests who are in good health, what are they afraid of?

“But I have to obey my Bishop!” they are saying. Really? What could your Bishop do to you which is worse than not being able to act as a priest?

Suspend you a divinis?  You are already suspended, you cannot act as priest!

Reduce you to the state of a layman?  What do you think you have become?

Excommunicate you?

Oh, Lord, forbid that! You would not want to be excommunicated for acting like a priest, for then you would be denied all the Sacraments of the Church, like the rest of us!

God forbid!

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Baron Tschuggül & Dr. Marshall better stay clear of Italy

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In October, the Catholic world was witness two 2 extraordinary events: one revolting and one inspiring.  The one revolting was Bergoglio’s adoration of pagan idols in the Vatican Gardens, on October 4, 2019 and the reverence he and many others showed them in Saint Peter’s Basilica, the Sunday following. The one inspiring, was the clandestine snatching of 5 idols of Pachamama from the Church in the Transtevere, on Monday Morning, October 22, by unknown Catholic men.

The scene was video taped and edited.

Here is the video.

The video was a multimedia sensation, being viewed by more than 200,000 individuals world wide.

Subsequently, the Baron Alexander von Tschuggül admitted to be one of the key perpetrators. He was universally praised for the heroism and faith displayed in this historic act of Catholic counter-apostasy. Here is the video of his confession:

On March 27, Dr. Taylor Marshall admitted he participated in the planning and funding of the deed. He now admits to be the editor of the Part II narration of the event, which editing was done very well, in my opinion. Here is that video.

Some are praising Dr. Marshall for being a protagonist. Others are condemning him for orchestrating a media event. Some because he financed it, but mostly because of his mental reservation or deception — depending on what point of view you take — in publicizing the Pachamama snatching after the fact.

While, from my training an anthropology and archeology, I see value in preserving ancient artifacts, even if they be idols, because their conservation in a museum, where they are no longer worshiped, helps understand human history, I agree with the Saints and Scripture, that an idol used in a house of God for the worship of a demon, should be removed and can licitly be destroyed or disposed of.

However, while that is the teaching of the Saints, it is not the law in Italy, which has a secular constitution and is a masonic state.

In Italy, the theft or destruction of private property is a crime. And worse, the collaboration or conspiracy to engage in the theft or destruction of private property is a special kind of crime, called associazione a delinquere. We would call it organized crime, in English.

And it is punished in the Italian penal code, Article 416, with imprisonment for 3 to 7 years. Solely for participating in the conspiracy, but not in the crime of theft or destruction of property, the punishment is 1 to 5 years imprisonment. If committed in violation of immigration laws by foreigners, the punishment is 5 to 15 years.

So, my humble advice to the Baron and Doctor, is this: lawyer up and plan on taking your vacations to some other country, than Italy, for quite some time, as, if you should enter Italy, you might be arrested on the spot for criminal conspiracy, now that you have publicly admitted to the crime in all its particulars.

Also, if the Italian government wants to be nasty, they can ask your native countries to extradite you to Italy, so be prepared to fight extradition requests.

But, for my part, I say, God bless you for your good work.

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COVID-19 & the Poverty and Neglect of the Elderly

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

One of the saddest realities of the Coronavirus is that it afflicts the elderly most of all.

In modern times, the elderly have pretty much been seen as a group to attack and exploit: attack, inasmuch as their ability to be a collective memory of an age before modern errors were as viciously predatory as they are, and exploited for their votes to propose a slower down spiral to the brave new world of socialist tyranny.

But for the most part the elderly are neglected. Part of the reason is the continual Marxist propaganda though mass media (TV and Movies) which focuses on a youth culture and ignores the elderly as if they do not exist or as persons who are only worthy of interest when they are ridiculously portrayed. Part of the reason is the excessive hands off policies of modern nations which have allowed work to be divorced from family live, and thus have deprived elderly parents of the company and care of their children, who are forced to work, increasingly, far from home.

But no sooner as the Corona Stunt began, all of a sudden the whole world should stop for the elderly to prevent their death by coronavirus. As soon as I began to hear this propaganda, I realized it was totally dishonest, because no one in the State nor Church nor Media has given one bit of concern to the elderly for 70 years.

The real reasons why so many elderly die of the influenza is because they live in poverty and neglect. This is especially true in Italy, where the majority of elderly live alone in their ancestral villages, without any support or assistance of children and grand children, who had to seek work and careers abroad or in distant cities.

This is further exacerbated by the abysmal discrimination of the Italian welfare system against the aged. In Italy only those receive pensions who have worked at a salaried job for all their lives. But most of today’s elderly never had that kind of economic opportunity. For the last two decades, in fact, there have been complaints from the elderly across Italy, that they have to forgo eating to afford their medicine or to pay their rent. They are even made to pay income taxes on the little income they have if it is less than 10 thousand euros!

Indeed, there are some entire cities, such as Caltabellota, in Sicily, which are more than 65% populated by the elderly and where the average citizen lives on less than 12,000 dollars a year!

It is not surprising then, that the elderly are the predominate victims of Coronavirus, because they lack proper nutrition and have no one to look out for them. Many of them are obviously turning to medical care much too late to be helped through the infectious stages of Coronavirus.

When I look at the long lines outside in the winter cold, in front of each supermarket on a daily basis — because the Decrees for Health Safety for the Corona Pandemic require no more than so many persons in a supermarket at any one time — I cringe at heart, knowing that such exposure to the elderly is the worse thing they need during an epidemic. They are given, moreover, no priority in line.

The ultimate cruelty, is that when they do fall sick to Coronavirus, and go to a hospital, that in the hospital they are denied all human consolation and solace by their loved ones and are forced to die without their family around them, without the Sacraments, and even without a public funeral.

Worse still is that in many western countries, now, there is a move to euthanize corona patients who are very old. It is called Pallative Care, and in the USA they hare setting up such teams at each hospital to ensure death without any oversight or intervention by relatives.

The Corona Control caused many caregivers for the elderly in Italy to abandon their patrons and return to their home countries in Eastern Europe. This resulted in thousands of elderly being left alone, falling into very poor conditions and being rushed to hospital, where they were infected with coronavirus and neglected unto death. Read the stunning report here, under the update for April 1, Italy. If this is true, a large percentage of the 12,000 victims of Coronavirus in Italy will fall squarely on the shoulders of Giuseppe Conte and the ruling government.

So the next time you hear your daily Main Stream Median shout that the elderly will be massacred by this virus, understand it as pure bluster. The Corona Control being imposed is the worse thing for the elderly and will enable them to be killed off in silence.

The deaths of the elderly are a political necessity for Globalists and Marxists, because both want to remove the foundations of morality and destroy the collective knowledge of the past, so that they can establish their dictatorship of the globalist elite.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a screenshot of the image search page under the rubric, Poverty of the Elderly, to show how many images image search engine can access, and used here in accord with fair use standards for editorial commentary.

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Panic, madness and atheism

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

G. K. Chesterton wrote a series of stories, in which the protagonist, a Catholic priest, named Father Brown, solved various and sundry mysteries that were inexplicable to his contemporaries. In his short stories, Chesterton, who was himself a convert to the Catholic Faith, colored the narrative with social commentary and apologetic insights to explain how the Catholic Faith makes one see reality differently and in a better and more rational manner.

The fundamental principle of Chesterton’s Catholic epistemology, you might call it, was expressed in his short story, called, The Oracle of the Dog, which he published in 1923:

It’s the first effect of not believing in God that you lose your common sense.

I think we are seeing this right now in the Corona Panic, because if you survey all the world or Church leaders who are panicking the most they are those with the least Christian faith.

The cause of this lost of common sense, comes from the intervention of the will to prevent a rational examination which leads to the consideration that there must be a God and He must exist, for else, nothing else makes sense.

Chesterton rebuked the mindset which allowed the will to trump right reason in his Father Brown story, entitled, The Miracle of the Moon Crescent, which he published in 1924.

You hard-shelled materialists were all balanced on the very edge of belief — of belief in almost anything.

Emile Cammaerts, in his study of G. K. Chesterton, published in 1937, entitled, The Laughing Prophet, gave birth to the common maxim of Chesterton, which he never wrote, but which succinctly summarized the import of his observations of faux religiosity in the atheistic materialists of his day, thus:

The first effect of not believing in God is to believe in anything.

You can read the curious story of how her summation of Chesterton came to be held as a genuine quote from his writings, at, in their article, When a man ceases to worship God.

While, I do not ascribe to the mythology of Modernism which holds that man has a need for God, rising from his sentiments, which seeks or demands that he put his trust in something greater than himself, I do agree with the observation of the Scholastics that God has so ordered this world and so made man, that it is innate in our very nature to be able to recognize that all things come from God and lead back to God. For this reason, the minds and brains of men are so structured spiritually and physically, as to seek subordination to what is greater, higher, truer, more principle and more powerful.

The result, then, is that a man at reason’s counsel admits that there must be a God and that He should be obeyed and adored, because He is the First Cause and the Last End of all things, and because man of himself is nothing in comparison to Him, in anything, since He is the source of all order, beauty, goodness, perfection, and truth.

But the atheist, especially the materialistic atheist, insists with a malicious will, that such considerations must be rejected and avoided. He has spiritually accepted the mindset of a demon who thinks liberty consists in rebellion and who deceives himself into thinking that he is something even when compared to the Creator of all.

This is madness. It is madness even if at the beginning it does not manifest itself as insanity. But in decision making it will manifest itself as such, because it has divorced thought from its liberty to assent to truth, and that is intellectually the same thing as self-lobotomization or mental suicide.

When such godless and proud men become the leaders of nations and churches, only disaster can result. Because not having any religion, they are disposed and eager to make anything else but God the object of that innate inclination of every man to subordinate himself.

The leaders of the world, gripped by Corona Panic, have established a new world religion. It is a religion of fear mongering, and not the preaching of the Good News. It is the devotion of panic in the unknown, instead of the devotion of confidence in God the Creator. It expresses itself in mindless loyalty to the unproven dictates of persons without any medical or scientific credentials to speak, in place of humble religious submission to those whom Christ Jesus entrusted with the munus to teach, govern and sanctify.

Having participated in, or tacitly consented to, the removal of Pope Benedict XVI, Christ’s only true vicar on Earth, they have thus fallen into a terrible and dark religion of fear and panic. That is both a consequence of their negligence and a punishment for it.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a screensaver by Quote Fancy, which offers a variety of artistic layouts for this saying of G K Chesterton, which is his book, The Man who knew too much, published in 1935, p. 65.

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