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FromRome.Info: An appeal for those who can & My dreams for Jesus

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I want to thank all who have and are supporting FromRome.Info, especially in this time of crisis, which has heavily impacted us all.

For that reason I am very thankful for all those who have continued to support FromRome.Info’s work nevertheless. Even without my asking.

As a Franciscan Brother, I live by begging, I do not have an income, retirement fund, savings account, insurance, or any other coverage. And I live month to month, having no benefactor to bankroll me, which is why I am so free to speak the unvarnished truth.

As a Franciscan consecrated to the Lord, all the support you give me goes to my works wherein I try to serve the cause of Jesus Christ and extend His Blessed Reign over the hearts of men, a work which is truly needed today, and which cannot  be done without exposing lies and injustices, wherever they are found, in Church or State.

This spring, by the Lord’s Providence, FromRome.Info has grown its readership many times over and remains the only electronic newspaper in the English-speaking world which has no fear to say the truth about the violation of Canon Law in regard to Pope Benedict’s Renunciation, not to mention about basic human rights of Catholics and citizens during the COVID-19 Stunt.

And so for those who can still help out, despite the grave economic problems caused by ignorant and careless leaders who have trashed the economies of their nations, I would ask you to remember FromRome.Info, when you can.


I dislike asking anyone to help me personally. I much prefer asking everyone to help advance the cause of Jesus Christ by works of mercy. For that reason, I will include here an appendix, to share with you my dreams for God, which I could accomplish or put into motion, if only I had some benefactors to support them:

  1. Defend persecuted Christians from being persecuted: through an international association of Catholics providing security and defense services to the most vulnerable. I have been working on this since 2016, but the work cannot go forwrds without investors: See Ordo Militaris Inc., for more information about this, especially the video page, if you like to watch some videos about it.
  2. Re-establish the teaching of Scholastic Theology, in the manner which Saint Thomas Aquinas and Saint Bonaventure studied it at the University of Paris, in the 13th century. For this purpose I founded here in Italy a non-profit, called The Scholasticum, and at their website you can read more about it. But since we never found backers for the institute, it has not yet become a reality.
  3. Establish a Catholic Political Party in Italy to take back Italy for Jesus Christ, that is, to liberate Italy from the Masonic nations which have controlled her in since the time of the Risorgimento. I call this party, “Italy for Italians“, and you can read more about it in Italian here.

So, if you think I am a dreamer, I confess that I am. For Jesus everything, even my dreams. And if any of these be His will, I know He will send those persons who can made them a reality.


Note: If you are wondering what is that flag behind my head, see here.

+ + +


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Petition to Trump: Investigate Catholic Relief Services for promoting abortion

SIGN and FORWARD the petition!!!

Join me, Dr. Alan Keyes, Dr. Deal Hudson, Hon. Bob Marshall, and many other prominent Catholics to call upon Congress to investigate Catholic Relief Services (CRS)!

Today, we launched a White House Petition asking Congress to investigate CRS for violating the Mexico City Policy, and we’re asking you to sign and forward this important petition to everyone you know!


As you already know, we’ve been publishing portions of a report detailing what we found through a year-long investigation of CRS projects in Africa.  In Cameroon and Nigeria, we found that CRS created health referral networks that included organizations that were actively advocating for abortion in their respective countries.  If CRS supplied those organizations with US aid funding, this would be a direct violation of the Mexico City Policy, and the only way to prove that is through a congressional inquest.  And if we get 100,000 signatures on the petition within 30 days, we’ll get an official statement from the White House!

So, we’re asking you to please sign the petition and forward it on to as many pro-lifers and Catholics you know!  And if you’d like to do more, we’ve set up a website called with additional ideas on what you can do.

If everyone on this list signed and forwarded this petition to just 10 people, we’d meet the 100,000 signature goal in no time!

So far, prominent Catholics endorsing this initiative are:

  • Alan L. Keyes, Former U.S. Asst. Sec. of State for International Organization Affairs
  • Bob Marshall, Former member of the Virginia State House of DelegatesIf everyone
  • Deal Hudson, President, Morley Institure of Church and Culture
  • Michael Voris, Founder and President of St. Michael’s Media/Church Militant
  • Chris Mangiaracina, Former FBI Money Laundering Investigator and current Principle of CMMC & Associates, LLC.
  • Janet Smith, Ph.d. Moral Theologian
  • John-Henry Westen, Co-Founder of LifeSiteNews
  • Stephen Brady, President, Roman Catholic Faithful
  • Liz Yore, Attorney and International Child Rights Advocate
  • Beverly Stephens, Editor Regina Magazine
  • Steve Skojec, Founder of One Peter Five
  • George Neumayr, Author of The Political Pope
  • M. K. Lambert, BA Div (Hons)
  • Peter A. Kwasniewski, Ph.D.
  • Daniel Rabourdin, Film Director and Producer

Please join us right now and sign the petition.  And then, forward it on!

As always, please pray for the Church, for our bishops and priests, and for Lepanto’s mission as we continue to unearth the truth and “restore all things to Christ.” (Col. 1:20)

Christus Vincit!

Michael Hichborn
Lepanto Insititute

Building a new Crusader spirit


by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

One of the greatest moments in the history of the Catholic Religion, began when Pope Urban II, responding to the request of Our Lord in a mystical vision of Peter the Hermit, to liberate Christians oppressed by the cruel persecution of Muslims, called the Council of Clermont in France, and on Nov. 27, 1095 called the First Crusade.

In that one act he showed the way for all future generations of Catholics that works of true mercy are not just acts of individual piety, but are just works (opera ex iustitia) of the entire Mystical Body, which should envelope every social unit inside the Church, from the Papacy right down to the local fraternity: Clergy, religious and laity, of all professions and walks of life.

Responding to this spirit and inspiration today, the members of the Ordo Militaris Catholicus work together to help Christians who are persecuted for their faith, where that persecution requires security and defense initiatives similar to those of old. The greatest work of mercy is in fact one which no Christian organization today is organized to do.

Of course this takes a lot of planing and is an effort greater than all of us, but each in our own way we try to do what we can. Among those volunteers which the Order is graced to count as a member, Andrew Baalman as a tireless promoter and recruiter. Lately he has been producing simple videos to inspire others to join and support the Order in this spirit and holy work. And this is his latest video production, which I share here for the edification of all.

Our goal with this video is to encourage others to be investors in the private military corporation which our members have founded in Montana. It is my hope that we produce professional videos in the near future, but as we do not have yet the funds, getting the message out and refining how we present it, is our first goal.

For more information see our WEBSITE: Ordo-Militaris.US

If you would like to suggest improvements to this video, please leave a comment below.



CREDITS: The Featured Image above is a detail from Ryan Ashelin’s photo of the Apotheosis of Saint Louis, the statue at Saint Louis, MO, USA, used here in accord with the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 unported License, described here.

FromRome.Info: An appeal for those who can

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I want to thank all who have and are supporting FromRome.Info, especially in this time of crisis, which has heavily impacted us all.

For that reason I have not made any particular request and am very thankful for all those who have continued to support FromRome.Info’s work nevertheless.

But for those who have not and who can, I would ask you to remember FromRome.Info, when you can.

As a Franciscan Brother, I live by begging, I do not have an income, retirement fund, savings account, insurance, or any other coverage.

I came to Rome to do what I could to lobby for Pope Benedict XVI and to investigate his “renunciation”. I did not have anyone to support me in that, and in the space of 3 months, I indebited myself about $12,500. My creditor expressed to me further dissatisfaction and so I begged the Lord for His help.

And in response he gave me the generous readers of FromRome.Info, who have helped me in all the expenses of doing this apostolate since late January. My debts are no less, but I had food and a place to stay and the means to acquire the equipment for it and pay its expenses.

But now, I am in straights again, as I see only $50 or so remaining at the end of the month. So, for the love of God, I publish this little reminder.

Note: None of the support received goes to me as a salary, it only goes to pay merchants and a landlord.

+ + +

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Please pray for the soul of Gerry Manna

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I write to ask prayers for the soul of my first cousin, Gerry Manna, 61, who passed this morning, in the USA, from what appears to be a heart attack. He was one who took care of everyone else but himself. He died without the consolation of the Sacraments. He is survived by his only daughter and by his sister and mom.

Please also say a prayer for these three women, who looked to Jerry for everything. They are very much distraught and have no one nearby to lean upon.

Gerry is one of the only two cousins I have. His sudden loss to me is a great tragedy and sadness which I cannot describe.

Please pray for his soul. Especially to Our Lady of Sorrows.


While you are under house-arrest, start a Catholic counter-revolution

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

They got us just where they want us: locked up at home and forbidden to practice our Catholic Faith in public.

Or so they think.

Because as Catholics we now have 24/7 to speak to one another without anyone hearing what we say and start a Catholic counter-revolution.

First of all, I recommend, that Catholics read the Catechism of the Council of Trent, or that of Saint Pius X, from cover to cover.  You strongest defense in the times ahead will be knowing your faith well.  If you have children, teach them the Catechism. I highly recommend Saint Pius X’s catechism for that (Full text here). Adults should read the Catechism of the Council of Trent, also known as the Roman Catechism (Full text here).

Second, if you still are allowed to travel, and have a home in the countryside which you can use (your own, that of parents, relatives, family etc.), I strongly recommend leaving the cities and going to the countryside. The environment is cleaner and there will be less unrest than in the cities. Take your family and if you have aged parents relatives, take them also, because they are a lot less likely to have troubles in the countryside.

Third, begin to alter the culture of your home and family life. Put up images of Christ and the Saints, take down secular images and burn them as an act of consecration of your family to Christ. Start to say grace at meals and to say the Rosary together once a day.

Fourth, remove all the books and videos which teach or display things contrary to the Gospel. Video games too. Start living like Christians and renounce the pleasures, pastimes and errors of worldly men.

Fifth, Enthrone the Images of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

Sixth, if you are in the countryside, start to raise your own food. Buy some chickens and pigs or a calf and cow, and seek to produce for yourself natural and wholesome food. Bake your own bread and cakes at home. Make homemade pasta or dumplings. etc. Do everything from scratch. Stop eating packaged prepared foods. And ditch the frozen pizza, which as an Italian, I can authoritatively say, is an abomination.

Seventh, if you still have the liberty, find some local veterans in your area and ask them to start courses, in some remote place, in self defense. All the men in your family should attend. This is basic know how everyone should observe.

Eighth, read up all you can find on basic medical preparedness. If you still can buy all the things necessary at home for such things, from a medical kit for urgent response, to the basics. Stock up on cold remedies and aspirin etc..

And Ninth, encourage your fellow Catholics to do the same. Pledging never again to elect the kind of idiots that are ruling the world in the present hour.


CREDITS: The Featured Image above is Constantin Muenier’s The War in the Vendeé, which shows Catholics gathering to resist the French Revolution. The work is in the public domain.

+ + +

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Join the League of Prayer for Pope Benedict XVI

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

This is a reposting of the original article of Dec. 19, 2019

There are a lot of prayer initiatives around, which are merely human in origin. But when we pray, we should do so out of supernatural motivation and especially when requested by Heaven.

One of the most important prayer initiatives in Catholic History, is the Request that we pray much for the Holy Father. This request comes from no less than the saintly Children at Fatima, who urged us not only to pray very much for sinners, but that we should pray very much for the Holy Father.

This prayer request for the Holy Father comes from Sr. Lucia and from Jacinta, who being shown the grave difficulties in the Church spoke of the need to pray for the Holy Father for 2 reasons:  That he might perform the Consecration to Russia requested by Our Lord; and that he might endure the persecution that he would one day suffer from those all around him.

Regarding the first reason, Sr. Lucia makes this statement in her Memoirs, p. 414:

“‘The Holy Father! Pray very much for the Holy Father! He will do it, but it will be late. Nevertheless, the Immaculate Heart of Mary will save Russia, which has been entrusted to it.'”


Jacinta’s Two visions

Regarding the second reason, Jacinta calls for prayers for the Holy Father, after seeing TWO of the events which are now taking place in the Church (Source): which Sr Lucia relates her third Memoir:

Also, in her third memoir, she tells us about two incidents in which Jacinta saw visions of a future Pope, and these also relate to the secret.

One day, while they were near the well at Lucia’s home, Jacinta asked her if she had seen the Holy Father. When Lucia replied, “No,” Jacinta said: “I don’t know how it was, but I saw the Holy Father in a very big house, kneeling by a table, with his head buried in his hands, and he was weeping. Outside the house, there were many people. Some of them were throwing stones; others were cursing him and using bad language. Poor Holy Father, we must pray very much for him.”

Sr Lucia then tells us: “At another time, we went to the cave called Lapa do Cabeço. As soon as we got there, we prostrated on the ground, saying the prayers the Angel had taught us. After some time, Jacinta stood up and called to me: ‘Can’t you see all those highways and roads and fields full of people, who are crying with hunger and have nothing to eat? And the Holy Father in a church praying before the Immaculate Heart of Mary? And so many people praying with him?’ Some days later, she asked me: ‘Can I say that I saw the Holy Father and all those people?’ ‘No. Don’t you see that that’s part of the secret? If you do, they’ll find out right away.’ ”

Let us respond!

Many authors believe that this FIRST vision of Jacinta is a prophetic revelation of what Pope Benedict is suffering since February 2013, because at no time in the history of the modern Papacy has a Pope resided in a small house, and been nearly universally derided by those in the Church. The image of a house being pelted with stones by those around it, also seems to imply that the worst enemies of the Holy Father are those in the Vatican which surrounds where he presently lives: in the Monastery of Our Lady Mother of the Church, at the heart of the Vatican Gardens.

The second vision of Jacinta appears to be Heaven’s indication of how to respond to the First vision: namely by JOINING WITH THE HOLY FATHER in prayer to the Immaculate Heart of Mary!

Let us be that “so many people” praying with the Holy Father “before the Immaculate Heart of Mary”!

Chose whatever prayers you wish, but PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!

THIS IS THE LEAGUE OF PRAYER for the Holy Father. Spread the word and recruit others to offer:

  1. Daily prayers.
  2. Worthy communions and confessions.
  3. Acts of penance and sacrifices.
  4. Fasting and abstinence.
  5. Alms for the poor.
  6. Recitation of THE MOST HOLY ROSARY.
  7. Acts of Consecration to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart, whether personal or in groups, parishes, Dioceses etc.

Versione Italiana: (This version is a translation, if you find errors, leave a comment there)

The Following Blogs or Websites have joined

… in this League of Prayer by promoting it with a re-posting of the call to prayer:

(Listed in order of their adhesion, according to time)

Please let us know of your adhesion to this Effort, via comment or ping-back. Thank you!

We need a Political Crusade against the Corona Madness

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It is good to see that, in the last 2 weeks, more and more voices are speaking up against the Corona Stunt, the Corona Hype, the Corona Panic and the Corona Control.

Jim Hoft, writing for the, lists the deaths and economic destruction resulting from these 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, and sums up the damage succinctly:

The China coronavirus is the worst April Fools joke ever – it is devastating and evil.

(For those unfamiliar, with USA culture: April Fools jokes are pranks or misleading statements given out in jest on the first day of April each year).

His essay is entitled, APRIL FOOLS: China Coronavirus Insanity by the Numbers – Data Makes No Sense as Entire Industries and Millions of Lives Are Destroyed.

He follows up his commentary, with a report, that estimates 831,000 suicides might result, in the U.S.A. alone, due to the economic destruction of shutting down the USA with Corona Control (stay at home measures).

John Hoft adds his voice to eminent doctors of medicine, such as: Dr. Shiva Ayyaduri, Dr. Jayanta Bhattacharya, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr. Claus Koehnlein, and Dr. John P.A. Ioannidis to statisticians like William M. Briggs,to philosophers such as Prof. Francesco Lamendola, commentators such as Aaron Ginn, and top world class researchers such as Kenji Mizumoto, Katsushi Kagaya, and Gerardo Chowell.

Numerous others, before and after March 15, when I did, have called out the lie that the Coronavirus will kill 3.4% of those infected.

Corona Stunt > Corona Hype > Corona Panic > Corona Control

For these reasons, there is more than sufficient evidence for sane persons to oppose the claim that Coronavirus is an existential threat to mankind. This false claim is the Corona Stunt.

And since that is a lie, there is no moral reason to pretend that Coronavirus is such and seek to constantly preach that lie. This pretense and concerted effort to lie, is the Corona Hype.

Thus, too, the fear and dread that has been instilled in the human race on account of the Corona Hype is completely without reason.  This fear and dread is the Corona Panic.

Finally, this panic is causing leaders in the Church and State to take actions which are depriving the masses of their natural and divine rights, and in many cases also their legal and constitutional rights. These measures to make us all stay at home or stop working is the Corona Control.

Humanity must counter with logic, facts and forcefulness

When men fall into a panic, they lose their reason and start harming themselves and others. We are currently in a diabolic world wide panic, and those of us who have kept our reason have to now take strong measures to call our leaders back to sanity.

This means, that we must call our Mayors, Governors, and political representatives in State, Provincial or National Assemblies to speak with them about what these voices of sanity, which I have cited above, and many others, are saying about the reality of what Coronavirus is NOT, how wrong it is for the Main Stream Media to be hyping it up, how evil it is to instill panic and how dangerous panic is to society and government. Finally, how the measures to control the population are the wrong response.

For only if we stop acting like sheep to be herded into a dark age of tyranny, will we be able to recover freedoms which we have just entirely lost, not to mention, prevent grave economic and demographic damage to the entire human race.

Now is the time for courageous action. We need to start a movement with the zeal of Pro-Lifers and the tenacity of the most zealous political organizations. And it must be directed against the the Corona Stunt, the Corona Hype, the Corona Panic and the Corona Control. It must target leaders with information, it must refute the lies, it must expose the perpetrators and it must insist against the control which is damaging all living, for the sake of hypothetical fraction of percentage of the whole.

+ + +

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The Cross Azure Alliance


By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

If you like FromRome.Info, then please take a moment to let me explain to you an idea I have for Catholics to support and defend one another in the coming years ahead.

As you know, there are quite a number of inimical forces which are arrayed against Holy Mother Church, both from without and from within. Alas, the Popes in recent centuries have done little or nothing to organize the faithful against these forces, and so now that they have taken over the Vatican we are leaderless. And now that they have convinced and are convincing our Bishop to shut down the Catholic Church, we are bereft!

Last year, foreseeing the need for Catholic to organize to help one another, as president of Ordo Militaris Inc., a private security and defense corporation in Montana, I formulated a plan for Catholic businessmen and professionals to assist in these goals.

As you are well aware of, there are many business alliances which certify quality, professionality, products and services. There are also alliances of producers, distributors, and points of sale. Furthermore, there are alliances of businesses in different industries and sectors for special promotions.

Alliances among like minded individuals is something natural and innate to human society. It is also good business. As Catholics we should understand that, since the very nature of Our Faith is founded upon an Alliance of God with man, and of the Saints with sinners.

So why cannot Catholics have such an alliance? Such an alliance would help each defend and support one another? Such an alliance would be faith motivated, but economic. It would not be socialist, but capitalist. That is, it does not involve redistribution of goods, but is founded upon the virtues of the work ethic which the Saints teach us and which Christ consecrated by His own profession, as Man, in the carpentry business of Saint Joseph.

I call this Alliance the Cross Azure Alliance.

Any business of any kind, or anyone running a business in his own name could join. From cafes to legal offices, restaurants to gasoline stations, from tailors to carpentry shops, from fishermen to farmers, etc..

Members would display our Cross Azure in their places of business. And the Alliance would publish a directory of all the members round the world, in each nation, in each province or state, and in each city, so that each member business would know who are the friendlies.

Member businesses would support the Catholic Religion and ally together to defend one another’s civil rights. And of course, each member business would give an advantageous discount to other members of the Alliance and special considerations on service.

This Alliance would be a way to baptize capitalism and tame the wild forces of the market, so that together we work to build up the body of Christ from the ground up while helping Catholic families and workers defend and promote the economic activity that they need to support themselves.

The alliance would start with individuals and small businesses and work to establish service companies in credit and finance and insurance and security which would serve the members. The Alliance would not be a holding company but a membership organization. Together members would belong to a mutual assistance association which would be geared to supporting Catholic businesses.

The Alliance would foster as its work of charity the promotion of the Ordo Miltiaris Catholicus, for the humanitarian aid of Catholics who are persecuted for the faith. And as such, in all these ways, would be a force against the enemies of the Church and a powerful base for the restoration of the Catholic Faith in each part of the world were it spreads.

You can read more about this proposal at the Official Page for it, and request a prospectus about it for $10.00 USD, which covers shipping and handling of the prospectus book. When you press the button on that page, you will, after making the payment, receive a non disclosure agreement, which when signed and mailed in, my secretary volunteer will mail you a copy.



If you want live Catechesis, subscribe to FromRome.Info Video!

by Br Alexis Bugnolo

I need only another 300 subscribers, and YouTube will let me do live broadcasts. And that means I can do a lot more for each of you, since YouTube allows live chat and I can literally answer your questions in real time.

I would like to do a Catechetical program to help parents, especially teach their children the Faith. Now that the Clergy have apostatized from their duty in so many countries, there is not more instruction in the parishes, and that means you need to learn to be the teachers of your own children.

There are so many errors being spread by laymen on the internet, that the truth needs to be defended.

And as always, I can answer your question about canon law.

As I have done more than 100 hours of TV programs, I have some experience in this, but I cannot do it, without your help to get me another 300 subscribers.subscribe

FromRome.Info Video Channel on Youtube. — Thank you!


Be an information-warrior!

subscribePlease subscribe to my YouTube Channel
by pressing this button, so that, with 1000 subscribers,
I can do live reports from anywhere and any time.

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DOWNLOAD: Petition to US Bishops to demand restoration of Sacraments

FromRome.Info publishes this timely and urgent Letter of Petition to the Catholic Bishops of the USA, demanding the restoration of the Sacraments to the Faithful. At the bottom of this page, you will find this letter in PDF format, which you can download and print out and make copies of to distribute in your area. Catholics in other parts of the world are asked to take similar immediate actions.

by Giuseppe Pellegrino

Your Eminences and Excellencies, Our Bishops,

We are the Catholic faithful. We love you, and we are praying for you during this difficult and momentous time for our nation and the world.

We appreciate your desire to follow all health and safety precautions and cooperate with legitimate government directives during this national emergency.

However, we are dismayed at the announcement in recent days that our ordinary access to the celebration of Mass and the Sacraments has been cut off. This response leaves us feeling abandoned and confused. The Tradition of the Church clearly teaches that the Sacraments and sacramentals of the Church impart not only spiritual protection but also bodily health to the faithful. In this time of pandemic we need the Body and Blood of Christ more than ever as “a lasting remedy for body and soul” (Pastoral Care of the Sick, p. 78). 

The suspension of all public Masses is a denial of the canonical right of the faithful to receive the Sacraments. It is also a violation of our civil First Amendment right to exercise our religion and to peaceably assemble. This has happened before in other historical persecutions of the Church. At the time of Emperor Diocletian, like our own time, “it was forbidden to hold the sacred rites and the most holy assemblies.” At that time a family was arrested in the city of Abitina, and when they were interrogated before the proconsul, Saturninus the priest replied, “We cannot live without the Lord’s Supper.”

Dear bishops, we want to work with you and we want to support you. But we also need you to hear us: “We cannot live without the Lord’s supper.” We appreciate your concern for our bodily health, but we need you to provide for the salvation of our souls now more than ever. We beg you to find creative and courageous ways to grant us our rightful access to the Sacrifice of the Mass and Holy Communion. This is an opportunity for you to restore our trust in you and our confidence in your leadership. Please do not fail in your duty to direct our priests to feed us with the Bread of Life, even at the risk of persecution and condemnation.

In the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

Signed, The Catholic Faithful:

Please Sign and Print your Name, Town and Parish/Chapel


Download the PDF




Action Item: Help Our Lady get Her Supplica live on Youtube!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Every night from Rome, Italy, at the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, I produce a video for the Perpetual Supplica to Our Lady, Salus Populi Romani. This is what the recorded video from last night looked like:

The title Salus Populi Romani, which is Latin for “The Salvation of the Roman people”, is the title of an ancient icon kept in Our Lady’s Basilica since the 1600’s. Here at this Basilica the faithful of Rome have ever sought the help of Our Lady in trials and tribulations.

Now with the entire City of Rome and nation of Italy under quarantine, I ask you to help me get this Supplica — Italian for “a humble and urgent prayer of request” — transmitted live. ALL I NEED  is another 350 subscribers to this YouTube channel:

Please click that link and SUBSCRIBE to help me get these prayers to Our Lady to the whole world LIVE EVERY NIGHT.

Please share this appeal on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and WHATSAPP, or on any other platform. Thank you!  See the sharing buttons here below,


FromRome.Info Video gets Custom Channel

As of today, YouTube has granted FromRome.Info’s Video Channel its own custom URL:

with a nice and easy way to remember it: Rome Info Video, without the spaces, of course.

All the readers of FromRome.Info are encouraged to subscribe to our Video Channel at YouTube, so that FromRome.Info can grow its media services. Currently there are about 380 subscribers.

YouTube requires 1000 subscribers before it allows live video feeds via Cellphone, which is the only economical way of bringing you the news from anywhere in Rome.

Otherwise, the transmission of a single event, like Don Alessandro Minutella’s Mass, tomorrow, at the Hotel Palace Pineta, would cost FromRome.Info $925 USD for a few hours of live transmission, with the assistance of a professional crew.

So please subscribe and encourage all your friends to subscribe, even if they may only be interested in our future live broadcasts from Rome, such as surely will  be needed as the Crisis in the Church grows or is resolved. Live broadcasts would be very beneficial for events of prayer such as the 40 Days of Prayer currently being recorded each night at the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore. Br. Bugnolo wants to provide you with this service, but you need to help him by recruiting subscriptions.

As FromRome.Info grows we hope to turn our video channel into a full time TV service for News and Catholic Issues here at Rome. But we can only do it with you. Help the uncontrolled Media grow, so you can hear the unvarnished truth.

FromRome.Info is run as a religious apostolate by Br. Alexis Bugnolo, a consecrated person of private vows, residing in the Diocese of Rome, Italy, and in communion with Pope Benedict. Br. Bugnolo keeps the Rule of Saint Francis, and thus receives no salary, health care or pension in consequence to his work at FromRome.Info.

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