113yrs ago, today: the Martyrdom of Friar Leo Heinrichs in Denver, USA

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Father Leo is a patron saint for the poor, for outdoorsmen, lumberjacks, the sick, those afflicted with small pox, plague, those discerning a vocation to be a Friar, Religious, Monk, or Priest.

He is a great patron for Franciscans and all who are devoted to Our Lady, to the Most Blessed Sacrament and to the Mass, to the restoration of the Altar Railing and the Latin Mass in particular.

And certainly he would be a patron for parish security and defense.

Plus he is a patron saint for German Americans and for all clergy serving in the USA from a foreign country. He is also a patron saint for Pastors and Assistant Pastors and all clergy who are raising funds to build a new Church. — Father Leo pray for us all!

Fratelli di Crozza: Il vero discorso di Maria Draghi

This is Italian comedy, akin to the Late Night Show in the U.S.A..聽 But it contains more truth than any discourse of Jorge Mario Bergoglio. — The scene is set in the Italian Camera, the comedian plays the role of the new Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, and leads the masonic politicians in a comical liturgy of confession and praise for their truth values.

Usurper in Chief tasks Big Tech to suppress truth about Vaxx

The fact that Trump pushed the Vaxx and Biden is now persecuting contrary voices, should tell you who rules the USA. Despite the bitter rivalry between the Skull and Bones candidate and the Rothschilds candidate, they both agree in exterminating you.

Meanwhile their agents are telling you to be peaceful, that is, to surrennder.

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US Supreme Court rules that Election Fraud is 100% O.K.

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Back on Nov. 24, 2020, I explained what was going on int he United States Election fraud.

In that video, I explained that the legal system in the United States, as it is controlled by Freemasons and not Christians, would never allow a judicial review of election fraud.

Today, the U. S. Supreme Court publicly confirmed that.

Cases before votes are cast, or before votes are tallied, or before votes are certified, are always considered as not having standing.

Cases after such things are considered moot.

I hope all my fellow U. S. Citizens now realize that the United States of America is not a democracy nor a republic. It is a state of slaves living on a plantation owned by the Masonic Lodge, and you are only allowed to vote for whomsoever they have chosen to win.

So now let’s stop with the propaganda about the “Land of the Free” and start living the “Home of the Brave” by armed rebellion. Anything less is manifest consent to live as slaves to demons.


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