Gab admits it has 10,000 Censors who can report you to the police

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The epitome of blaspheme was uttered by Andrea Torba during this interview on Bannon’s War Room. — Bannon is an ex-Vice President of Goldman Sachs and a self professed “Christian Zionist”. He is a firm believing in the Scamdemic and pushes the virus narrative. Evidently Gab founder has no problem with that. During the interview the 3rd speaker, Eric Greitens is a Rhodes Scholar (Masonic Award, which Bill Clinton, Skull and Bones also received).

Torba is not being entirely transparent in what he says, about founding a new social media platform, because Gab is using an existing Mastodon fork. So it is obvious he is trying to suppress competition.

He urges opponents of the Usurpation to not be violent! — What pacifist crap.

Tarba goes to the extreme absurdity by saying America needs 10000 Donald Trumps — a man who was 3x married, pro gay marriage, pro Vaxx and a life long friend of Skull and Bones!

Tarba then utters the blasphemy by saying that Christ unites Left and Right — even though the Left wants to destroy Christianity. So his Christ is evidently a Nietzschean Ubermench, who unites good and evil. And we Catholics call that man the Antichrist.

Eric Greitens talks about people of faith. But this is the Masonic fraudulent way of speaking, because only Catholics have faith, Protestants have trust, Jews have observance, Muslims have submission.

Tarba explains that the purpose of Gab is to prevent toxic individuals from festering at local bars and cafes or in their homes, to expose them to new ideas and win them over! He admits that they have 10,000 moderators who report individuals continually and even to the police for bad behavior — This is shocking Big Brother speak.

From these comments it can be concluded that Gab is run by the Freemasons. And that they want you on Gab so as to monitor your existence, suppress any action you take to oppose their system of control, run the opposition and download your identity.

Or in short, in a program about Digital Serfdom, while you think you are getting advice about how to break free, you are really being urged to renter their web of control.