Konrad Stachnio interviews Br. Bugnolo: This is Armageddon

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The Phariseeism of the Sedevacantist

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Sedevacantism is an ideology developed by a pedophile who was expelled from Seminary but ended up justifying his illicit ordination as a priest and bishop.

It consists in claiming that the popes since Pius XII — a known CIA and Fascist collaborator — are not true popes.

But its chief method is deploy an intellectual trick, called a shell game, to get Catholics to fall for their cult.

This trick consists in shifting the boundaries of the term, “heretic” so as to justify that anyone they accuse is a heretic.

A heretic is someone who denies a truth of faith. Precisely defined, it is a person who after baptism denies a truth which he knows God has revealed. If God has revealed this truth to him a lone, then he is a heretic before God. If God has revealed this truth to the Church then one speaks of a heretic, simply.

But to be a heretic, you need first to be baptized. In a historical sense, you could extend the term to those Jews who denied the revelation in the Old Testament, as the Saducees of old it.

Heresy, however, is any verbal expression which contradicts a revealed truth. It can be written or spoken or even thought of.

A heresy spoken, written or thought of does not a heretic make the speaker, writer or thinker.  To be a heretic there has to be the intention to deny a revealed truth. And thus there cannot be ignorance of the revealed truth nor ignorance that it is revealed.

But sedes — the popular nick name for sedevacantists — us this trick. They claim that the mere expression of heresy makes you a material heretic. And the intention to express it as true makes you a formal heretic. They omit the part about intentionally denying a truth known to be revealed by God.

So they search the writings of any superior they want to dethrone, and they find a passage which they claim is an error. They call this claimed error a heresy, and name the person who said or wrote it a material heretic. And then they claim this person, by the mere fact that he sustained this error, is a formal heretic, outside of the Church, and thus they impose excommunication upon him, without any need for judgement or declaration by the Church — a thing which they do not seek to obtain, since they judge no one superior to themselves.

This is a very convenient intellectual position for those who were kicked out of seminary for pedophilia or sexual abuse and would never be allowed to be come clergy otherwise. For once you dispose of the authority and legitimacy of those who refuse you orders, you can justify getting them in some illicit manner.

To better understand the mind of a sede, using this trick, let us use an example.

There is the material drunkard, and the formal drunk.

The material drunkard keeps liquor in his house and drinks it.

The sede comes to know this and calls the inhabitants of the house material drunkards, and insists that since they kept liquor for years that they were drunkards and formally such.

Then they pronounce them to be shunned by everyone in town and say that all the legal acts they are involved in at the local court or city hall are null and void.

This is how absurd and dishonest Sedes are.

They are the new Pharisees and are quintessential puritans.

Just do not bring up with them that their ideology was cooked up by a pedophile. They get nasty if you do.

The Catholic on the other hand rebukes those in error and calls upon the Church to reprove those in error. He also recognizes that formal heretics do not hold office, but he is careful to avoid naming someone merely involved in error a heretic, especially when the person shows ignorance of many truths necessary to understand his error as an error.

CREDITS: The Featured image is Jesus in the house of the Pharisee by Tintoretto.

Paragone denounces Mario Draghi as a “hoodlum of finance”

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Senator Paragone, foundeer of the ITALEXIT movement ripped the new Italian Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, in the Senate today. And His declamation was so eloquent that the whole nation is talking about it.

Here is an English translation of Paragone’s speech directed toward the Italian Prime Minister, whose title is President of the Council of Ministers:

“Instead of men we have put numbers and instead of instead of compassion towards of human suffering we have put the nagging of the balances accounting”

These were the words of Federico Caffè and they are words that are constant in the preaching of the of the economist from Pescara.

You tried today to pretend to be social, but all your words, put in clear light, reveal the neo-liberal ribbing that has allowed you to make a career, reveal the neo-language of a “hoodlum of Finance”, to use another expression, dear to Dr. Caffè.

You President Draghi are one of them, a hoodlum of Finance.

You spoke of the future as the one that you will build “on autopilot”, as you say, demonstrating a deep allergy to the democracy that bothers everyone.  And how much does it appear and must lead to, these reforms on autopilot, To the triumph of the multinationals of finance that devours all economic spaces to the replacement of human capital with artificial intelligence.

You have filled your mouth with ecological challenges but we have the territory raped by the ecomafias that park their capital in the tax havens of your beloved European Union.

Have you seen anything or have you seen nothing or have you seen anything or behaved like, when as governor of Banca Italia mps, you took the package of Anton Veneta, paying it by the weight of gold under your eyes.

The groups the green of which you speak will be another gift to foreign economies.

Your Phariseism insists on defining the euro as an irreversible currency. Even under East Germany they though the wall would be irreversible, but they didn’t with the desperation of the people.

With the “Whatever It Takes” model you have saved a currency but it has not repaired the human suffering produced by this.

You speak of “creative destruction of enterprises” but the ridge of a financial, health and health and social crisis neo-liberalism will produce the increase of unemployment and closure of small business and despair with the banks.

Rather you are here more for this to complete the work of Italy’s transition from world industrial power to be part of other people’s entertainment because at Goldman Sachs they teach this.

Closing that process of selling off which began with the privatizations and continued with the mysterious trick of its derivatives and with its fiscal compaque, you are here today to deliver the Italians to the fire-eater of the markets.

You can take off your hood, President Draghi, you are now the Governor of Italy, as you see there are the exceptions which cry for ITALEXIT.

Minister go home, with respectful words that with joy I will give to you to “President Draghi the hoodlum of finance”, a cry of Federico Caffè.

Senator Gialuigi Paragone was interviewed after his speech, in Italian, later this morning. For those interested, here is that interview.

The Scamdemic is loosing its grip in Italy

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In Italy, more and more Italians are opting to not wear a mask, not obey the curfews and not to require the mask or social distancing in stores and eateries.

The noticeable change of mind came just before Christmas when the Government of Giuseppe Conte (Skull and Bones associate) forbade Italians to go home for Christmas vacation and visit family and friends. That enraged the nation.

Thus, the fall of Conte’s government three weeks ago gave many hope that the madness of the Scamdemic would end. Indeed, Renzi announced that he was leaving the government because its sanitary decrees were unconstitutional restrictions on personal and constitutionally guaranteed liberties.

But in recent days, when it became clear that the new Government of Mario Draghi (Goldman Sachs) would return to lockdowns, Italians gave sign that they are fed up.

In December, the change was slightly noticeable. There was an increase of curfew breakers in small numbers but at rates of 100-300% higher than before.

In recent weeks, however, the numbers of curfew breakers have increased, and the frequency of their outings. The numerical increase is less, about 100-150%, but the freqency is nearly continual.

During the hard lockdowns of last spring only the drunks and drug addicts and aliens broke curfew. After Christmas, the dog owners came out after curfew.  Whereas, now you see tourists, students, and simply those who want some fresh air. Even young people going from apartment to apartment.

However, in recent days another sign of resistance is now widespread. At curfew no one is wearing the mask but a small percentage, say 10%. Even police outside of the capital, now, are not wearing the mask in their cars, and on the sidewalks.

Those pedestrians without such courage, are putting a cigarette in their mouth, to justify not wearing a mask.

The police stopped fining pedestrians in August. Now they only rarely find some driving without reason after curfew.

Two undercover police officers barked at me last week, asking me to put on the mask. I said, “Who are you to tell me to wear a medical mask?”. The more canine officer showed me his badge, and said, “I am, and I am asking you to put on your mask”. I replied, “I was born with my mouth open and I like it that way, because I can breathe.” He responded with some nonsense about the laws and sanitary decrees, I denied they were legitimate without the consent of Parliament. He threatened me with a fine, and I said, “I have filed criminal complaints against 14 police offers so far, and it will be my pleasure if you both are 15 and 16.” Then he told me to wait and he would come for me, while slamming the door of the store he was citing for no observance of floor arrangement for sanitary controls.

I went elsewhere, and 30 minutes later, when he and his colleague saw me in the street, they chose to avoid me. — Victory!

So, for all these reasons, I infer, as an Anthropologist, that the Scamdemic is loosing widespread credibility, and that the rate of control loss is increasing rapidly. I do not expect public compliance to last beyond this year. And that brings hope.

Draghi Government puts Italy in Lockdown again

Summary by Br.  Alexis Bugnolo

As of Sunday, the Regions of Emilia Romana, Le Marche, and Piemonte will go from yellow to orange zones, and Abruzzo goes from orange to red. — The game to play the citizens continues, taking away liberty and destroying businesses without any proof of pandemic and without and reason of medicine.

Mario Draghi has shown that he is not a benign technocrat, but a dragon in the service of the International Culling of humanity called euphemistically, the Great Reset.

Gateway Pundit spins the Deep State Narrative on Italy

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Gateway Pundit, the publisher of the above article — click image to read article by Davide Quadri — is an influential news outlet published from St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Its leading director is a man who is married to another man, but who professes to be a conservative.

That Gateway Pundit is claiming now that the Lega’s return to participation in the Draghi government is a sign of friendship for Americans is far from the truth.

While it is true that Draghi is a former European CEO for Goldman Sachs, the former employer of Stephen Bannon, it is quite false to say that anyone in the Draghi government is a conservative.

In fact, Matteo Salvini and his Lega Party are even more extreme supporters of the Pandemic than the Marxists and 5 Star Party.

Matteo Salvini’s current girlfriend is the daughter of a famous and powerful Freemason.

I think that is what Gateway Pundit means to say.

However, I put everyone on notice, that the American people are not masonic and despite the lodge and the scamdemic.

Msgr. Gracida calls Gloria.TV accusation of Sedevacantism a “hit piece”

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Yesterday, the En.NEWS feed of Gloria.TV published an article entitled “Retired Bishop Openly Supports Sedevacantism”, causing an international sensation among Catholics.

The article opened with a statement of fact kind of assertion:

Retired Corpus Christi Bishop René Gracida, 97, Texas, believes that Francis is “not a bishop, not a Catholic and not a Pope” (Abyssum.org, January 13).

Gracida now openly embraces sedevacantism, the theory that Pius XII (+1958) was the last pope implying that after him the Church ended. For Gracida, John XXIII started a “false church,” and he and all his successors were impostors.

The problem with the article is that its claim could not be more false.

Bishop Gracida is an ardent and life long opponent of Sedevacantism.

I asked Bishop Gracida personally to comment on the article by Gloria.TV. Here are his exact words:

I consider it a hit piece. Anything you can publish which will assert the fact that you and I are in agreement with regard to the invalidity of Pope Benedict ‘resignation” and that I am certainly not a sedevancantist.

Understand “I give permission to”, before “Anything”.

Evidently the author of the article at Gloria.TV cannot even read, because the article at Bishop Gracida’s blog, entitled, “Jorge Bergoglio: 3 things he is not” — which En.News did not even link to, was the reprint of a letter recounting the argument of Sedevacantists, by 3rd  parties and was not written by Bishop Gracida, but bore the name and email address of Jason Fabaz — an Insurance Agent at St. Mary’s Kansas, and former Marketing Director of the Romanitas Magazine published by the SSPX —  as was evident from the fact that his email was printed clearly printed twice at the top of the letter (as is commonly had in email formatting), as the source and recipient of the letter. (You can read the letter at archive.org).

Bishop Gracida, to those who know of his blog, reprints articles by others, he rarely writes his own. In the style of the great Scholastics, Saint Thomas Aquinas and St. Bonaventure of Bagnoregio, he does not omit to put in discussion matters with which he does not agree. All who know of his blog, know this.

Because of his poor eyesight, he also often posts on his blog articles he wants to keep or archive, since in his browser he can expand the type face to make the letters visible. Readers of his blog know of this, if they are attentive and constant.

The letter in question is not even a complete argument, but the summation of points of Church teaching which might be used to sustain the entitled thesis. The argumentation is not even in the style of Bishop Gracida, but is clearly taken from other sources of those schooled in Sedevacantism.

If as En.News at Gloria.TV supposes, any republication of error is conscious assent or support of error, then we would have to class St. Thomas Aquinas as a Muslim on account of his refutation of the religion of Muhammad, if he had ever happened to take notes from the Koran and share them in correspondence.

But the real reason Gloria.TV attacks Bishop Gracida is that he is the only Bishop in the Church who has unflinchingly sustained for 8 years that the renunciation of Pope Benedict XVI was doubtful, whereas Gloria.TV sustains the opposition position, seeing that the Ordinary of the priest who founded Gloria.TV himself holds that Bergoglio is the Pope.

Many users at Gloria.TV hold the unsustainable position rebutted by all Catholics and sedevacantists, that a pertinacious heretic can hold an office in the Church. Indeed, the Code of Canon Law of 1983, promulgated by Pope John Paul II, in Canon 1364 in fact teaches that heretics are excommunicated ipso facto . But Catholics differ from Sedevacantists, in two things: our founder was not a pedophile, and we do not hold that private individuals can arrogate to themselves the right of emitting juridical judgements in the Church. Indeed, in the Catholic Church, heretics are publicly declared outside of the Church after reproof, and only when ordinary or extraordinary authority intervenes, that is by their ordinary bishop, or by the Pope, or by local or general councils. — However, this does not mean that in grave matters, that private individuals in public can not denounce others as heretics, for heresy. Such charges should be well founded to avoid the sins of calumny and defamation and the civil and canonical crime of damaging the reputation of another. — But obviously, such private denunciations do not make someone outside of the Church in a juridical sense. Only Bishops, Pope and councils can do that.

Holding that Benedict XVI is the one true valid pope, is not sedevacantism nor does it lead to sedevantist positions. Sedevacantists hold that there is no valid pope.

Rather those who hold that the renunciation of Benedict is valid and that Bergoglio was validly or not validly elected are the ones who are arriving at sedevacantist positions, because they hold that Bergoglio on account of his public manifest heresies has lost his office.

FromRome.Info has reached out to Mr. Fabaz for comment, and he has confirmed that the contents of the letter were penned by himself.

CREDITS: A photo of Bishop Gracida with Mel Gibson, who met with Bishop Gracida after attending a conference with him. Like a man of God should in the footsteps of Christ Our Lord, Bishop Gracida meets with sinners of all kinds, who seek his counsel. Only Pharisees called our Lord a sinner and unclean for doing so. This photo is copyrighted and used with permission by FromRome.Info.