3 thoughts on “World Class Epidemiologist: Response to Covid-19 is NOT based on Science”

  1. That interview was held on April 17th 2020 and the world class Swedish epidemiologist suggested another such interview to review the measures taken by different countries in a years time on April 17th 2021. He reckoned that there would be very little difference in the case fatality rate between countries (allowing for demographic differences etc.) that imposed draconian lockdown measures compared to countries that had less restrictions. He mentioned the lack of ‘evidence based’ science for the draconian measures. He said the virus was akin to a bad seasonal flu. He said ‘washing hands’ was the time tested measure of the last 150 years.

    Washing hands with simple soap and water!

    Perhaps officialdom and the ‘experts’ behind the near zero evidence based draconian measures should resort to using the soap to wash out their mouths!



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