Those who reject Benedict have no Bishop with a canonical argument

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

For 8 years Catholics who have demonstrated and sustained that Pope Benedict XVI is still the true pope have been ridiculed with the assertion that we have no Bishops to support us. I do not know how long Ann Barnhardt and those she led back to the truth on this question have been so ridiculed, but probably much longer.

Now that Archbishop Paul Lenga, a hero of the Soviet Era underground Church, and Bishop Rene Henry Gracida, a hero for moving the Magisterium to define complex questions on the care of the terminally ill, have publicly stated Bergoglio is not the pope and has never been the pope, because the resignation of Pope Benedict is doubtful, and therefore invalid, the enemies of the truth are irked.

So they trotted out Bishop Athanasius, who in the most charitable assessment simply does not understand the controversy, to support them. But he failed badly. So badly that the criticism of his argument has been left in the air, with no response.

So now the tables are turned: those who say Benedict is no longer the pope HAVE NO BISHOP OR CARDINAL WHO CAN MUSTER A CANONICAL ARGUMENT to support their claim. They are actually trying to sustain their position on silence and publicly proven errors, lies, mistatements, falsehoods.

They try to defend Bergoglio at all costs and  they become Bergoglio.  Their supporters in praising them have become like Bergoglians too. Praising a Bishop for falsehoods, denials of Catholic teaching, canon law, facts and for citing fake news reports. They insist his is personally holy and should be the Pope some day, for the merit of what he attempted to do.

But Bishop Schneider is now objectively even more dishonest that Bergoglio. Because Bergoglio has never attempted to canonically justify his own claim to the Papacy. Ardent Bergoglians and all of those in the Vatican have remained likewise silent. They are smart enough minds to know that you do not enter a battle field if you cannot win.

The Truth has won 3 battles

The Renunciation has been shown to have no canonical effect but to remove consent by Pope Benedict to everything they have been doing in the Vatican since Feb. 28, 2013. That is the first battle. The canonical defense of this truth, which has been expressed clearly by Ann Barnhardt in 2016 and by others since then has has no canonical counter-reponse. Those who disagree, remain silent, or hurl unfounded assertions or non pertinent facts, when they are not hurling insults. This is the second Battle.

There is now a collegial act in the same week by two members of the College of Bishops declaring Bergoglio is not the pope and that Benedict is still the pope. This is the the third and Huge victory.

The rest of the war will be a mop up exercise

The number of Bishops and clergy and religious and laity returning to Pope Benedict’s allegiance will grow. If Benedict is in error this will help him see it. If he is not in error but waiting for support this will fulfill his desire.

Bl. Ann Catherine Emmerich foresaw it all 200 years ago. The evil dark pope will flee Rome. The Church of Jesus Christ, whom she saw in vision as a tall Lady, will humble herself by accepting the truth. We shall have victory!

Therefore, let us amass supplies, volunteers and support to bring it about sooner. Please spread the news of the International Inquest. This inquest will provide the information to the Bishops so that they can have sound reasons to move against Bergoglio and depose him as an antipope and heretic. They will then have the moral courage to call Synods and Councils, either locally or internationally to canonical declare their judgements against him.

And this kind of opposition will make Bergoglio’s position unstable. He will flee because he is a coward. Or if he dies first, his invalid illegal and illicit successor as Antipope will flee.

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Member of Order founded by Monster Pedo is hunting for Br. Bugnolo

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

A Legionary of Christ is hunting for Br. Bugnolo. I do not know why, but he is not the first. An overweight Capuchin from Lebanon has been hunting for me for at least a year.

The Capuchin is incensed that I, as son of St. Francis, am fighting against the New World Order and the Deep Church, led by the Arch-heretic (AB Vigano’s term) and apostate, Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

The Legionaries of Christ were founded by Marcial Maciel, certainly the greatest and most depraved sexual monster to ever be ordained a priest and be allowed to rise to heights of ecclesiastical power in any country or even at Rome.  So much so, that when he died and a funeral was celebrated for him here at Rome, at St. Paul outside the Walls, everyone in the Vatican Curia attended, except Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.  And there is a reason for this, as I pointed out here.  This is where the battle lines are really drawn.

Many writers, not myself, have said since Maciel was exposed that those who remain in his Order are completely compromised or morally dissolute individuals. From what I know, I am certain that the Legionaires of Christ are not of God, but rather of the Devil, and that no man of integrity would remain with them. Many men of God have left them, and I encourage the rest to do so.

It was when Pope Benedict XVI moved against them, that the plot to remove him from power was put in motion. That was 2012.

No wonder then that they hate me for faithfully serving Pope Benedict XVI.

So I am honored that I am being hunted by a legionnaire of the Antichrist. The one who is particularly on my scent is incensed that I am exposing the Scamdemic and the Vaxx as total frauds. He is followed on Twitter by a coterie of vicious atheists and sodomites, who when he trolls anyone, they join in the attack.

He recently trolled the Twitter account of Ordo Militaris Catholicus, and for this reason, and that account had to block nearly 300 Marxists, Sodomites and Atheists, and not few rabid Bergoglians, who piled on at Father’s word.

What kind of priest has such a following? A priest in the service of Hell, of course.

But recently this legionnaire made a blunder and sent a Direct Message to the wrong Twitter account, and unbeknownst to him, before he blocked that account, his message was recorded by Twitter and sent via email, leaving a permanent record.

This email reveals the tactics of the group which is hunting me, and how vicious and malign they are. They are digging for incriminating evidence where none is found. The questions also make it appear that they are engaged in a plot to calumniate me to my associates and to the general public, believing like all servants of Satan, that the truth can be undermined by attacking those who deliver it.

So I will foil their plot by answering their questions in the light of day.

First, the DM that was never meant to be seen by the general public.

Can I ask you a few questions? (If you cannot answer, what is the best way to get a had of Alexis Flavian Bugnolo?) 1. Is Alexis Flavian Bugnolo the president of Ordo Milltaris (I found different versions on different pages)? 2. Why did you choose XXX as your registrant & legal address? 3. Why was Ordo Millitaris set up as a for-profit company rather than a non-profit?  4. Can I please see the “written permission of the Congregation for Religious in 2006” Alexis Flavian Bugnolo has according to his bio of FromRome? Does this work forward in time to 2021? In 2010, he had a three-year permission from the diocese of Nota (Sic) but I cannot find any permissions that would apply beyond 2013. Could you please help me? 5. You say, “In response, as of this date, approximately $7000 USD of these funds have been redirected to other charitable works sponsored by Ordo Militaris Inc.” Could you please inform me what charities these were? 6. Do you have contact info for Dr. Rosa Marulo?

Here are my public answers:

A. 1.  I am not the president of Ordo Militaris, because there is no such entity, as far as I know. But I am the President of Ordo Militaris Inc., a Montana Stock Corporation.

A. 2. We chose XXX as our registered Agent because in Montana it is a requirement to have a Registered Agent, and they offer professional services. Please note that it is a federal crime of racketeering to attempt to dissuade a Registered Agent from servicing a corporation as a way to prevent it from operating.

A. 3. Ordo Militaris Inc. was set up as a for profit corporation, because U. S. tax laws to not allow religious non profits to engage in offering services other than strictly religious, and since the Corporation is organized to offer security and defense services, it was a necessity in U. S. law to so organize. But this manner of incorporation allows our NGO to engage in commerce and to sell stock so as to consider any possible way of responding to the needs of Christians who are persecuted. We presently and so far have paid no salaries. I work as a volunteer. We were founded in August of 2016, and are the only corporation I know if which runs as a non profit, but is organized as a for profit. In this we imitate the Orders of Knights of Old, such as the Knights of St. John or the Order of the Knights Templars.

A. 4. No you cannot, as I would not trust you with a dried fig. — If you know anything about Canon law, then you would know that the phrase “work forward in time” is meaningless to such an extent that your question has no answer. — As you do not ask help to do good but rather to do evil, you merit no help.  — But to give you a stomach ache, Pope Benedict XVI knows I live as a hermit in the Diocese of Rome, and has known since 2012.  I am currently one of the few Faithful who remain in communion with him, not like yourself who adore a heretic and schismatic, as your high pontiff, which makes all the masses you offer sacrilegious and meriting only of damnation, because you close your eyes to canon 332.  As regards the Diocese of Noto — not Nota — I was accepted into the Diocese as a hermit after a canonical investigation of my entire life by the then Bishop of Noto. I was the first hermit to be so welcomed into the diocese in nearly 200 years. Even another hermit priest, who is popularly held to be a miracle worker, had not been so accepted at the time.

A. 5.  Those who participated in our Relief Effort for Beirut asked that their funds be used according to specific instructions, the knowledge of which pertains to their private wishes, and which according to U. S. law you have no right to know. Sorry.

A. 6. Yes, I do have the contact info for my colleague at The Scholasticum, but I would no more give you the address of an Academic who is a woman than I would give you the address of a young boy.

Finally, I think you can see where this “priest” is coming from and where he is headed. Let us pray for him. I do not mention his name, so that I can speak the truth about the moral depravity of his actions without damaging his personal reputation. This priest needs lots of prayers, because he has long ago gone down the wrong path, and already has an infamous reputation.

I for my part count this affair as a crown of victory, because as Our Lord said, “Beware if all men speak well of you, because it is thus that they treated the false prophets”.

For more information about the founder of the Legionnaires of Christ, see here.

North & South Dakota begin process of Nullification of DC power

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In response to FromRome.Info’s call that the US States affirm their right to nullification (see here), two U.S. State legislatures have introduced bills to establish a mechanism for habitual and continual surveillance of Federal Laws and Acts, both from the executive and legislative branches, and make them subject to the State’s right of nullification.

Nullification is a constitutional principle derived from the 10th Amendment whereby each sovereign state can declare inoperative, null or void any act of the Federal Government which transgresses inherent terms, articles, or concepts of the U.S. Constitution or its Amendments.

Both North Dakota and South Dakota voted overwhelmingly for President Donald Trump and joined the lawsuit with Texas, in the Supreme Court, against Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia and Arizona.

The actions of North Dakota and South Dakota are expected to ripple across America providing a legal shield against the Marxist Usurpation by the Communist Party of China, through Biden, both of whom are beholden to the Rothschild’s branch of international Freemasonry.

If passed into law in the States, I expect a strong reaction from the Supreme Court in an attempt to strike them down — a thing which constitutionally the Court has no authority to do, and which if they attempt will precipitate an even more extreme constitutional crisis in the United States of America.

Click the images to read the news about both states’ actions.

Is Benedict still the Pope? — A Forensic Investigation, Part V

On Feb. 11, 2021, we will mark the 8th Anniversary of Benedict’s being forced from power. To understand what Pope Benedict did and did not do, FromRome.Info will publish each day one of the 7 parts of this Documentary, which definitively explains the entire controversy and all the points of canon law involved. — It was first published at Easter of Last year, and no theologian or canonist at Rome has yet refuted it.

Pope St. Pius X foresaw Pope Benedict XVI as the true Pope until his death

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In 1909, during his audience with the Franciscans, Pope St. Pius X fell into an ecstasy.

When he came out of it, he was asked, “What I have seen is terrible! Is it I or one of my successors. I do not know. I saw a pope flee from the Vatican, walking upon the cadavers of his priests.”

Of a second vision, sometime before his death on August 20, 1914, the Saintly Pope said again, now with more precision: “I saw one of my successors, with my same name, who fled, walking upon the cadavers of his brothers. He will take refuge in a hidden place. But after a short rest, he will die a cruel death.”

The source of this testimony is repeated by several Italian authors, such as Antonio Socci, as something which was considered credible by even those who work in the Vatican, but I can find no certain person or source for it.

As for what these words of the Saintly pope mean. First, let me explain that the term, “brothers” in the mouth of the Pope in those times refers to his brother Cardinals. Second, the Italian, which I have translated as “with my same name”, means one who has the same name. This could be Pius or his baptismal name, Joseph.

Well since Pope Pius X there have been 2 popes named Pius: Pius XI and Pius XII, but neither of them had to flee the Vatican, nor did either die a cruel death — a phrase which I translated literally from the Italian, and which means a death in which there is a shedding of blood.

But Pope Benedict XVI’s baptismal name is Joseph.

So if this vision pertains to him, then it not only foretells a horrible end for him, but signifies that in the mystical visions of Pope Saint Pius X, God had revealed that Pope Benedict XVI will be the true successor of Saint Peter unto the very day of his death. And that means Bergoglio was never the pope.