11 thoughts on “The Scamdemic proves that now only the Immaculate Heart can save us!”

  1. A priest who is on fire for truth, but suffers from THE false base premise. Father Relyea no doubt is of the opinion that a mighty consensus of Bergoglio and the many bishops in “communion” with him, are necessary for a successful consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Wrong! All that is required is much more achievable – Pope Benedict and those few bishops in communion with him (half a dozen maybe?). So, in His great mercy, Our Lord Jesus Christ has seen fit to make this VERY achievable! Perhaps the time is near? Deo gratias.

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    1. For the record, Fr. Isaac Mary has said that those who say that Benedict XVI is still the pope “might very well be right”. — However, connecting the dots takes some time. I took me to 2018 to connect them, and I would never have done so without listening to the argument of Ann Barnhardt several times before I checked the sources.

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  2. Dear brother Alexis,

    If you might want to publish this painting, please, be my guest! I made this oilpainting to honour Mother Mary, who presses us all to her loving heart. I thought this fits perfectly in your article about Mary’s Immaculate Heart. The painting, by the way, has also been used in a video about St Margaret Mary Alacoque by Mary’s Dowry Productions in Sussex, UK.

    God bless, Nico M. Peeters http://www.nicompeeters.nl

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    1. Nico, you put the Super into Super-realism! I particularly liked the more subtle tones of your early aviation diorama.


  3. Fr. Isaac and Padre Pio would have been friends. Give us 1 faithful priest who speaks plainly like this, than 1000 of what we’ve got, silver-tongued helpers of Satan. Yes, Satan, because our church has turned away from Christ and toward the devil. We need bread and we get stones from them. But here is a priest.

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