Video YT erased, reaches 372K views on third-party channel

Br. Bugnolo: It’s my now famous, “Truth” video. — And no, I am not a priest. Someone saved the video and uploaded it, without my knowledge, but with my blessing. — Here we see the saying of Our Lord fulfilled: a prophet is never accepted in his own land. Though I am not a prophet, those who know of me never took this video that seriously. But those who do not know me, heard the message and spread the truth, as Christians ought to. — And that makes it worth the strike on my YT channels and my blacklisting on their platform.

Original – Youtube

In addition, I have just been informed that the video has multiplied itself on Rumble!

Version 1 -Rumble

Version 2 – Rumble

Version 3 – Rumble

Version 4 – Brighteon

At Bitchute there are 38 versions of this video, which you can find through this search.

Including that by Jim Fetzer, who seems to have gotten the trend started there on Jan. 3, 2021:

There is one at Vimeo:

And one at

But the Polish gentleman who uploaded this video to Bitchute, had it erased after it got 400K views.


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