16 thoughts on “Marxist Baby Killers storm Catholic Church to disrupt Mass”

    1. We are still here. But I will say this, if this had happened 30 years ago those reprobates would have been overwhelmed, body-slammed and dragged out of the Church. There is a serious problem with the “faithful” these days. My only conclusion is that those people in the Sanctuary don’t actually believe that anything special happens during the Consecration, or that Our Lord is actually present in the tabernacle.

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      1. They were trying to avoid assault charges. Because in the USA if you physically take hold of someone it can be considered assault. Only a licensed security guard can do that if no prior physical assault takes place. They all acted very professional withing the limits of what they were able to do. The problem here is that the guards should have been at the front doors.

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  1. I disagree, Brother. You can’t rely on a security guard who may or may not be a believer. Better to be charged with assault than have Our Lord’s House desecrated.

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  2. This is only the beginning. This was a test to see how far they could go. The Pro-Abortion demons won’t rest until they see Masses all over the world disrupted and desecrated. We HAVE to stand up to them, now.

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