Pfizer Vaccine is only 29% effective

Despite the leading title on the article, the contents affirm the Lead on this article put by FromRome.Info. Click the image to read Peter Doshi’s analysis.

It remains, however, to ask what dose this effectiveness mean? Since an injection of mRNA does not vaccinate you against anything, it only causes an antigen reaction to the protein produced by such mRNA.

3 thoughts on “Pfizer Vaccine is only 29% effective”

    1. ha ha, Catholicus!
      But we know it’s really no laughing matter. Geneticist Herion-Caude (fromRome.Info Jan.16) in her interview deplores “la folie” [the madness] of what’s going on, the escalating forms of political and medical fraud perpetuated on a homebound public, and especially toxic time-release implants ballyhooed as vaccines.

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