The mRNA “Vaccines” for Covid-19 are 100% Medical Fraud

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

You get sick, and have the symptoms of an infectious disease. The doctors diagnose you has having an infection caused by virus X. They treat you.

If you are more fortunate, before entering a part of the world with virus X you take the vaccine for virus X. These traditional vaccines contain a weakened form of the virus, which, when injected into a human body, cause the same anti-body reaction as the real virus, but in a reduced intensity, so you can survive it. When you encounter virus X, you body’s immune system kills it upon entrance.

But in the case of Covid-19, things work backwards.

They claim Covid-19 exists. And they claim that this disease is caused by SarsCOV19, a virus. But instead of giving you a weakened form to vaccinate you, they developed allegedly a new type of “vaccine”. A mRNA “vaccine”.

In a mRNA vaccine, part of the tissue of your own body is injected in such a way that the mRNA enters some of the cells of your body and causes them to produce the non-Human protein that causes an anti-body reaction. The lympocytes are created by your immune system and they track down the cells which were injected and kill them.

Thus you are not really being vaccinated for anything. The mRNA strands with which you are injected do not have to be from SarsCOV-19, and SarsCOV-19 does not have to even exist to make this kind of vaccine.

Hopefully you now realize that the product you are being demanded to take is 100% medical fraud.

It is a lie, justified with a lie, justified with a lie, without any scientific proof of causality or laboratory experiments to prove that the vaccine will work to prevent the disease that they claim exists and to be caused by the virus they claim to exist.

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