3 thoughts on “Where is the evidence? – Massive!”

  1. This narrative is Trump thesis (virtue) to Biden antithesis (corruption). The synthesis is a new fascist statism to go toe to toe with the commie bastards. A huge global binary conflict which will cement a five eyes medico-fascist dictatorship at home and ample opportunities for profit taking from hot conflicts. Who will be the beneficiaries? The usual occult suspects (Kabbalists, Freemasonry, Illuminated gnostics) the ultimate money powers that remain out of sight and beyond the reach of all except the eternal judgement of Almighty God!


    1. Well, we assumed our readers know that the CCP is a project of the Masonic Banks in NYC, since we have published here already numerous videos by Ordo Militaris Radio TV, ordo-militaris.net about this subject.


      1. True enough, but cannot be stated too often, for the benefit of waverers & new readers. Underlines that your own understanding is increasingly widely recognized.


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