Pfizer Vaccine causes immediate pathologies

In this video, Spiro makes one factual error, in that he says that the victims are expected to recover. From what has been reported, any initial adverse reaction or pathology aside, there will be long term disastrous results of injecting incompatible mRNA into the human body, which God did not create or will to be in man, both morally and physically and spiritually.

Here is another video of the nurse passing out immediately after taking the Vaccine:

6 thoughts on “Pfizer Vaccine causes immediate pathologies”

    1. Dear Mary Anne,
      Those who are not taking a vaccine, are living in the infinite space of God’s heart. We are really free, when we keep our DNA intact.


    2. They want most of us dead. The rest sterilized. Remember, Biden was talking about a 700% increase in the influx of refugees. Combine that with the levels of abortion among resident Americans, then you are talking about a total replacement policy. Kalergi Plan.


  1. I noticed, yesterday, an obituary for Tiffany Dover,RIP. I still think “Operation Warp Speed” will be POTUS Forth Reich takeover of the US.


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