WHO is a criminal organization!

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

At the beginning of this daily report from Attorney Edoardo Polacco, he reports a stunning and shameful fact, that here in Italy the World Health Organization has forbidden its employees not to appear in court nor give any testimony to the authorities when requested by Attorney Generals or Tribunals.

Worse yet, the ruling Government has granted them tacitly the immunity to do this! As if they were above the law or a sovereign entity immune from prosecution!

Even worse than this, and Italian journalist, doing his job, who reported this, was personally attacked in public by other journalists for daring to report this outrage of corruption.

Finally, Attorney Polacco says that a group close to the globalists are organizing a campaign of defamation against him, to stop him from suing the Government for constitutional violations.

Attorney Polacco assisted more than 2000 citizens to bring a criminal complaint against Giuseppe Conte, the Italian Prime Minister, for violating the constitutional rights of the entire citizenry during the lock down in the spring and now is preparing a filing to seek financial reparations for all those involved.

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