Becciu sent 700K Euros to Australian Account. To frame Pell?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The only Cardinal to publicly doubt that Benedict XVI should resign was Cardinal Pell. Soon after, he was ousted from the Vatican as he began to audit the accounts of the Roman Curia, including the Secretary of State.

In recent days it has been reported that Cardinal Becciu, the second in charge in the Secretary of State, is intimately involved in a real estate deal which cost the Vatican up to 500 million euros, and went so far as to involve the theft of 20 million euros from the personal account of Jorge Mario Bergoglio!

Ah, there is no trust or respect among thieves!

Today, the Corriere della Sera reports that among the dubious money transfers discovered is 700 thousand euros which Becciu wired to an account in Australia. Speculation is that it might be among those euros, money sent to the Mafia in Australia to trump up charges against Cardinal Pell.

The accusation is explosive.

Read the entire article at the Corriere, here.

2 thoughts on “Becciu sent 700K Euros to Australian Account. To frame Pell?”

  1. I have reading about malignant narcissists. Exacting vengeance is one of the traits. Is the Vatican chuck full of non-virtuous people? If so, then Lord please come at your earliest convenience. Please.


  2. Yes, and they say that Francis could have invoked diplomatic immunity for Pell. Framing Pell abroad and bribing witnessed to condemn him, Francis and Becciu got rid of the one who knew way too much about Vatican evils.
    “Pope Benedict XVI Ratzinger is the one and only living Pope, and has been all along. Only this truth will set us free. If Bergoglio dies or is otherwise removed while not acknowledging that he is not now and never, ever has been the pope, and that Pope Benedict XVI is still occupying the Petrine See, ANY SUBSEQUENT CONCLAVE WILL ALSO BE INVALID.No valid conclave is possible so long as the See is occupied.” (Barnhardt, Oct.2020).


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