The COVID-19 HOAX explained in one sentence

Whatever the Left wanted to accomplish according to their ideological goals…

That now is the solution to fight COVID-19.

It is that simple.

It is that dishonest.

It is that inhumane.

And if you do not resist with all the force of your being, you will become that which they have always sought to make you into.

A slave of international Marxism.



CREDITS: The Featured image is by National Vanguard, and represents the commonly held idea that international Marxism is merely an instrument of the Masonic Lodge to break down Christianity and prepare the world for the Antichrist, who will claim to be the true Jewish Messiah, but in fact be the man of lawlessness and immorality foretold by Saint Paul the Apostle.



One thought on “The COVID-19 HOAX explained in one sentence”

  1. Yes, that is what I see; that is what I know; that is what I explain to people who seem to think that NO ONE could be that dishonest or evil. By grace I know, I see, and so I act in firm charity.


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