2 thoughts on “What Black Women really think”

  1. Haha, I can’t tell you how much pride this gives me, American spirit and zeal for God all in one! Black Americans are apparently getting fed up with being told what they must think, say, do, and that their vote is a foregone conclusion. This is a big rejection of BLM and all the commie nonsense that goes with it. Black Americans historically are strong Christians, I mean, strong Christians, and if they decide you are attacking Jesus Christ, play time over. God bless this lady and all the other black Americans, white Americans, brown Americans, whatever ya got, and help us to fight this Marxist scourge together. America is NOT a racist nation, “systemic racism” is non-existent, we are a nation of great opportunity, where people can have nothing and make it big. Just ask the wonderful gentleman, Maximo Alvarez, whose 10 minute talk at the White House is so worth looking up. He came out of communist Cuba, and understands what is at stake and who is actually on the side of all true Americans of any color, President Donald J. Trump.

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