5 thoughts on “The Real Intentions behind “Black Lives Matter””

    1. Gabriel Nuncius is a member of a cult in Australia founded by a man who is not a Catholic, who claims to be Jesus returned, and who claims to be in communication mystically with Benedict. What more do I need to say. But he threatened to write all those who comment at FromRome.Info to defame me. I guess he is true to his threats.


      1. Thanks Brother Alexis. I thought as much. I just wanted you to see what was going around. He posted it on my inactive web blog. How he managed that I don’t know.


      2. The BLM interview above was outstanding. You did a great job of showing how BLM is a Communist front organization and only uses Blacks for their cause. They have no intention of actually helping them. It is all useful to the Democrat Party plan to keep black in virtual slavery, uneducated and dependent on welfare. The Democrat Party is Black’s worst enemy. Too bad they don’t perceive it that way.

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