4 thoughts on “Young Priest denounces Godless Left and Faithless Bishops for shutting Churches”

  1. Thank God for this fearless priest. Isn’t it just great to hear the Truth spoken from the altar? When did we last hear it – I can’t remember. We must pray that this priest’s future is protected by Our Blessed Lady whose statue was visible to us as he spoke & that she will also crush the fear that has given us an illegal resignation & election & thus an Antipope for the past seven years. Christ Our King we await your coming!


  2. Amazing….the most edifying homily for these times!!! Listening to him strengthens faith, affirms Truth in the midst of lies and bolsters inner resolve to follow the True Shepherd on the narrow way of the Cross.How can I hear more from this priest?

    Will pray for him and you Bro. Alexis. May God bless you and protect us all!,


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