YOUTUBE erases 5 Videos of ByoBlu24 for bucking the Narrative on COVID-19

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Byoblu24 is a independent Video News Service from Milan, Italy. In this video, the Editor, Claudio Messora, denounces that 3 of his videos — as of this morning it is 5 — disappeared from YouTube.

The first was removed hours after the Government of Conte established a Commission Against Fake News, even though it had more than 2 million views. The First Video removed, it appears, because it mentioned that Vitamin C and D help the immune system. The Video was then denounced to the local Attorney General (Procura) with false claims made against its contents.

Now 4 videos interviewing Stefano Montanari, a Nanopathologist, were also erased from YouTube because they simply listed the medical errors which caused deaths of thousands in Italy and named the Government as an accomplice in the malpractice. YouTube erased them evidently at the request of the Government which passed a law granting legal immunity to themselves and the doctors involved in the deaths. By this YouTube has shown itself a member of an international conspiracy in mass murder and in the denial of the freedom of speech for millions of Italian citizens.

Claudio Messora wants to know who denounced his videos and whether the Commission Against Fake news called YouTube and requested that his videos  be erased.

After reviewing the YouTube norms for community safety, Messora says that nothing there is found which could justify the elimination of his videos.

Finally, Messora urges the public to seek the truth and demand that the independent press has its rights respected so that they can know the truth and evade attempts by dictatorships  to control the thought of the masses. He closes by asking all with YouTube Channels to buck the controlled  narrative and tell the truth which is not spoken on the Main Stream News Channels.

He makes an important legal point for bloggers in Italy. While the Commission against Fake News can get YouTube to cancel a video with a phone call, information cannot be censored from Blogs and electronic newspapers without a recourse to a legal process and the sentence of a judge. Or so he says, it has been up to now, but what will come to pass in the dictatorship of Conte is not known.

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