Islamic Congresswoman in USA wants fellow citizen flogged to death

The controversy in the USA regarding Ilhan Omar is that she obtained a visa to emigrate to the United States and become a U.S. Citizen by marriage to her own blood brother, which is the crime of incest and fraud in a governmental application the USA. He opposition to those who expose her for this has now risen to the point of showing here he real loyalties lie, to upholding the right of free speech protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, but the imposition of Islamic capital punishment on a U.S. Citizen.

You can read more about this story from The Post & Email, in today’s edition.

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3 thoughts on “Islamic Congresswoman in USA wants fellow citizen flogged to death”

    1. I would think it is more accurate to say that unlike Christianity which has freed us from the power of the devil and reconciled us to God, they live yet under the power of the former and do not know of the latter.


  1. VII’s False Ecumenism put paid to their ever knowing the Triune God as it has with other infidels. The person who gave her the visa to enter America in the first place is to blame if it is proven that she did, in fact, marry her brother just to enter America & it was later dissolved. She seems to be in her third marriage within a short space of time. Either way, a crime may have been committed & that should be investigated. Being a Democrat Representative doesn’t excuse her from breaking the law, rather the opposite.


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