Dr. Rashid Buttar: The COVID-19 farce exposed, Vaccines, 5G & Bill Gates


Dr. Buttar speaks with Brian Rose of LontonReal.TV.

Dr. Buttar is a Muslim and libertarian who exposes from beginning to end the Corona Stunt, the Corona Control, the Corona Hype, showing all the lies which underpin the narrative control of the Main Stream Media. Says ID2020 is the Mark of the Beast.

This is a must view for the information it contains. It exposes the COVID-19 plot to enslave and genocide humanity.

Gather your whole family and watch this.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR VIEWING THE INTERVIEW: To view it, click the image above and then when the page loads completely, sign up with an email, and then wait an the video image will replace the Interview #1 placer, which you see at the beginning when the page loads.

You can access the 5 part documentary which Dr. Buttar produced, and which was taken off YouTube, via his website



9 thoughts on “Dr. Rashid Buttar: The COVID-19 farce exposed, Vaccines, 5G & Bill Gates”

    1. Try dumping the cache of your browser and returning to the page at LondonReal.TV. Then wait for the page to load and then click the Image which says Interview #1, and then a subscription dialogue box should pop up (you need to allow pop ups and cookies) and then after subscribing with an email address which is valid, the placer image will change to show Dr Buttar and then by clicking on that the video will begin.


  1. And yes, I had the same problem as you Elizanna, and after contacting LondonReal.TV and doing some of my own thinking, I discovered how to view it using the method I explained in my reply to you just now.


  2. J.M.J. Dear Editor, Why would you have a Muslim and libertarian, both of which are opposed to the Catholic Faith, on a website that is supposed to be Catholic? I’m very disturbed now as to whether I can trust information from this website.  I will be awaiting your response. In Christ, Tammy


    1. Because even a Muslim and Libertarian can know something about medicine and politics. It is the error of Fideism condemned at Vatican I which holds that authority to speak in any topic is confined to Faith. Some matters can be known by reason and investigation. I would suggest your read Vatican I again.

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