15 thoughts on “Dr. Rashid Buttar, LIVE tonight at 5 PM on LONDON REAL”

  1. Excellent. Looking forward to viewing it. I assume you will be putting it on your site.
    Here is George Gilder on same subject:

    This Pandemic Is Over. Let’s Stop the Economic Suicide, and Get Back to Work
    By George Gilder 4/25/20


  2. It would be good to know who Dr. Buttar is. It is rather taken for granted that all readers know the people in the videos that are uploaded here from other sources. Background information would be welcomed.


      1. Yes, for example in their article on Godfrey of Boullion, who led the First Crusade, they claim he is a antisemite, because a anti Catholic Jew some 150 yeasrs later in an unauthenticated manuscript says he heard from unknown sources that some Duke Godfrey whom he does not name otherwise said something antisemitic. But if you point out to the Wiki editors that that is not substantive source, they block you. That Duke Godfrey is an antisemite is a dogma at Wikipedia, not historical reality.

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      2. At wikipedia they slain Saint Anselm of Canterbury is a sod, because he wrote a letter to a fellow monk on the topic of fraternal charity, interpreting his mention of love as sexual. If you disagree with that, they will block and ban you from their platform. These problems have gone on for years with nothing to correct them. The only constant is anti Catholic bigotry.


      3. Wikipedia is the information source which denied to include anything about the controversy of Benedict’s renunciation on the ground that — get this — it was not reported on a website, only on social media or blogs!


  3. Here is an important caution about Dr. Buttar from Dr. Sheva who for a wider audience (according to his own words to Dr. Sheva) has joined with Bobby Kennedy a public supporter of Hillary Clinton and her forced vaccination big pharma lobby. Kennedy is a total establishment fake “anti-vaccine” shill who serves to derail the legitimate true health movement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvwqZevr1dI
    So if you watch Buttar look for what he might not say in respect to our God given immune system designed to keep us disease free if we nourish it properly.


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