FromRome.Info: An appeal for those who can

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I want to thank all who have and are supporting FromRome.Info, especially in this time of crisis, which has heavily impacted us all.

For that reason I have not made any particular request and am very thankful for all those who have continued to support FromRome.Info’s work nevertheless.

But for those who have not and who can, I would ask you to remember FromRome.Info, when you can.

As a Franciscan Brother, I live by begging, I do not have an income, retirement fund, savings account, insurance, or any other coverage.

I came to Rome to do what I could to lobby for Pope Benedict XVI and to investigate his “renunciation”. I did not have anyone to support me in that, and in the space of 3 months, I indebited myself about $12,500. My creditor expressed to me further dissatisfaction and so I begged the Lord for His help.

And in response he gave me the generous readers of FromRome.Info, who have helped me in all the expenses of doing this apostolate since late January. My debts are no less, but I had food and a place to stay and the means to acquire the equipment for it and pay its expenses.

But now, I am in straights again, as I see only $50 or so remaining at the end of the month. So, for the love of God, I publish this little reminder.

Note: None of the support received goes to me as a salary, it only goes to pay merchants and a landlord.

+ + +

Donate to support FromRome.Info

Make a donation to Save Old St. Mary’s Inc., a non profit which is supporting Br. Alexis Bugnolo’s Apostolates like FromRome.Info -- If you would like to donate more than $10.00 USD, simply increase the Quantity below from 1 to a higher number.


12 thoughts on “FromRome.Info: An appeal for those who can”

  1. God bless you, Brother Bugnolo, for all the spiritual work you are doing for the Church. May Saint Francis of Assisi, assist you, at all times, along with your guardian Angel, and protect you from all harms and dangers, Amen.


  2. Brother, how do we donate directly to you? Do we click Support FromRome.Info? On the left side of the webpage it states that “Br. Bugnolo is supported only by those who purchase one of his books from the Franciscan Archive. If you appreciate this blog, help him out, by clicking the image below and purchasing one of his books!” Is there another way as well besides just purchasing books? God Bless!


    1. Linda,

      I am supported 2 ways. I have benefactors who print my books for things like travel and my habit and medical expenses when and if. But those who make an offering through FromRome.Info pay for what is necessary for this apostolate, such a cellphone, equipment, and a residence at Rome, which all falls under business expenses, but is limited to this apostolate or any mission I do for Ordo Militaris Inc.. There reason for this division, is that the book is published by a religious non profit which is organized to support Franciscans and do other works of charity. But the help I sollicit here at FromRome.Info is sent to Ordo Militaris, Inc. to pay a debt I have with a benefactor who helped me come to Rome. And everyone involved hopes I can pay that debt off, ASAP.


  3. Thank you Brother for your accounting of your funding. So I will donate to you through the Support FromRome.Info donate button then? Sorry for my thickheadedness LOL 🙂


      1. Good to know. I used MC and it linked with Paypal. Hope you are able to meet your expenses. I shared your website with my family and encouraged them to support you as well. When things get better for you, please have a panino al proscuitto from any alimentari for me 🙂
        We used to live in Southern Italy (San Vito Dei Normanni AB) back in the early 1990s and one of our fondest memories was going to the Saturday market with my family and buying 4 paninos afterwards. Yum!


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