The Occult Plan to control humanity from within their own bodies

This documentary shows how all world leaders, including Trump, are fulfilling the agenda’s objectives.

David Icke, the alternative media expert interviewed in this program, though not a Christian, makes excellent observations on the diabolic cult which is working for world control. Hear him out on the crisis, understanding that this video is not posted to endorse his personal religious views.

2 thoughts on “The Occult Plan to control humanity from within their own bodies”

  1. I have followed Icke for years. He is right about 68% of the things he says. Unfortunately, his virulent anti-christian attitude colors everything he says. However, when it comes to identifying the NWO elite, their use of Satanic Ritual Abuse of children to gain power, and their designs for total control over humanity, he is spot on. He paints a very ominous picture – it would behoove us to prepare spiritually for the coming days. Pray for the strength to refuse the Mark of the Beast, we alone can’t resist it, but only through the intercession of the Holy Spirit and Angelic assistance.


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