Happy 93rd Birthday, Pope Benedict XVI !!!

This video was produced in 2011, by the Fondazione Ratzinger, the foundation established by Pope Benedict XVI to print his books and distribute the profits to works of charity and in academic awards, but which has subsequently been taken over by Bergoglians, as you can discern in this video, which tries, in its images, to emphasize continuity of Pope Benedict with the antipope.

One thought on “Happy 93rd Birthday, Pope Benedict XVI !!!”

  1. the aura of holiness is really with Pope Benedict XVI.

    However, what could be the true reason why like his predecessor, His Holiness failed or avoided the full consecration of Russia as prescribed by heaven to the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady?

    Anyway, let us pray the to Our Lord +Jesus, the Divine Mercy that on His feast-day tomorrow, Aprille 19, He will command all the angels in heaven with Saint Michael the Archangel to lead and wage the most important and crucial battle on the 21st century against the evil powers and human forces who made us all prisoners and to release from captivity.

    Oh, Most precious body, blood, soul and divinity of Our Lord +Jesus Christ urgently hear us and save us.

    Holy Mother +Mary, please crush the head of the serpent the dragon again, who wants to destroy the Church, we Gods chosen people and the humanity. Amen.


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