5 thoughts on “Microsoft unveils Virtual Reality tech as a way to attend Satanic Rituals”

  1. So abominable and repugnant. For Bill Gates to be obsessed with world domination, human blood, DNA, vaccines, and be involved with this possessed “Marina”… Ave Maria Purissima.

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  2. Is is possible that these young men have brought to light the form and matter of the NEW “new mass”? Will this be the “final straw”? Will this ‘new form and matter’ happening “virtually” before our very eyes be enough for people to say “ENOUGH!”?


    1. Having watched the whole presentation of weAreChange’s video these are my thoughts: in October 2019 we have pachamama idol worship in the Vatican garden overseen by anti-pope Francis AND we have Event 201 taking place; next we have the COVID-19 hyper-response (with the world-wide suspension of public assistance at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and suspension of the sacraments in many dioceses); this suspension conditions and TRAINS Catholics (of whichever rite) that they can and even SHOULD (because of the ‘common good’) assist at live-streamed “virtual’ masses; finally, as you point out, ON EASTER SUNDAY when Catholics world-wide are artificially separated from Our Lord, now enters the real-time possibility of virtual participation in the rites of spirit cooking, etc..

      It is an angelic intelligence which directs these events and the permitting Will of Divine Providence which presents them for our opportunity to choose. May God the Father, have mercy on us; God the Son; free us from our sins; and God the Holy Ghost, pour out the grace of sanctification in this valley of decision that we will choose Life! It’s a command.

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  3. This is no joke. Everything you see happening today is controlled by the Antichrist. He is making his move, and will emerge on the world stage shortly. We need to pray with greater intensity than ever for final perseverance, and the strength to refuse the Mark of the Beast.

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