Pope Benedict XVI’s Renunciation: The complete documentary series

As a handy too for sharing, FromRome.Info
has embedded into this one post
the entire 7 part Documentary

On Pope Benedict XVI’s Renunciation

The Facts, the Laws & the Consequences

Screenshot_2020-04-14 Pope Benedict XVI's Renunciation -- the Documentary

The click the image above to go to the Playlist, where you can watch in order all 7 of the 20-30 minute episodes.

This documentary demonstrates conclusively and from all the public evidence, that Pope Benedict XVI is still the Pope and that the College of Cardinals is involved in a conspiracy against him.

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3 thoughts on “Pope Benedict XVI’s Renunciation: The complete documentary series”

  1. Hello Brother Bugnolo. Thank you for everything you are doing! I have been engaging this argument of yours. As per Canonist Dr Ed Peters blog post of Sepptember 28th 2017, the argument is “offered in inexcusable ignorance of Canon 10 (which sets a high standard indeed for declaring *any* kind of ecclesiastical acts invalid, etc.). This has now become more confusing to me…

    Have you addressed this specific objection somewhere and I missed it?

    God bless you, Michael Floyd


    1. Dear Michael,

      Canon Peters back in 2017 perhaps understood the objections to be based on speculations or conspiracy theories, not the canonical defects of which I spoke in this documentary. I did not address canon 10, because any idiot can see that it does not apply here. Canon 10 does not apply in cases of renunciations of office or munus, because for these acts canon 188 and canon 332 expressly speak of both irritating conditions and invalidating conditions. There are however lots of canons which do not speak of invalidity or the ritualistic manner in which an act must be dealt with. Canon 10 applies to those. And thus if one where to object to my presentation on the basis of Canon 10, I would respond that their objection is praeter rem, that is, it does not have anything to do with the canons which regulate the renunciation of the papacy by the man who is the pope.

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