Tears today, but tomorrow Rejoicing!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Coronavirus panic has proven once again that without the Catholic Faith, mankind has not stability or fortitude of mind or heart. Without Faith in the Risen One, there is no expectation that this world will not be or become anything but a vortex of despair, panic, terrors, disasters and death.

But for Christians, we know that tears are only for today, but joy is eternal. That is, for we who believe.

Because the Faith teaches us that for those who are being saved by fidelity to God, all suffering is passing, but all true rejoicing is forever.

This is our meditation for Holy Saturday.

The tragedy that Our Lord Jesus Christ would be put to death by a complete conspiracy of both civil and religious leaders is something most of the Catholic world can personally taste this Holy Week.

The High Priests and Pontius Pilates have taken Jesus away from us, and we do not know where to find Him.

Let us stand with Our Lady, who as our best of mothers is terribly saddened at our plight. Let us offer Her tears before the Throne of God, so that with Her, as on Easter Sunday, they can pass away and be turned into rejoicing.

Let us resolve that we next we can go to Mass, to do so with the greatest joy and thanksgiving to God.

Wishing one and all,
a Blessed and Holy
Resurrection of Our Lord!

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