Anti-pope greeted by hordes of adoring followers

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The title of this editorial is deliberately sarcastic. Just look at the Featured Image above* which shows a completely empty Saint Peter’s Square. Something never before seen in the history of the the square, that is, in something like 1600 years.

What you are seeing is called the Church of Darkness. A Church which shuts down all the Sacraments, forbids the Catholic Faithful from attending, invents excuses for the necessity of the public acts of Catholic Religion and holds a prayer service in an empty piazza for the sake of journalists who will report it to the world.

You really cannot get more upside down and inside out of a Church than that!

Hopefully, you still have eyes to see the reality. If that is not the Church of Christ, then since Bergoglio is its visible head, he must not be the Vicar of Christ.

A lot of Catholics have been telling you that for 7 years. Maybe now you can see it.

Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich saw this Church of Darkness 200 years ago. And in a mystical vision, Our Lady promised us that She would deliver the world from it, if we but showed Her that we wanted to be delivered from it. This small sacrifice She asked of us is a simple prayer, which I call the Perpetual Supplica to Our Lady, you can read about it and follow along, through this link. But each night at midnight, Rome time, you can join me for it at the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, virtually, through YouTube, here.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the Bell symbol next to the subscription button to get an email for each video I publish, as soon as they go public.

This is Our Lady’s Prayer solution to the preset problem. Let us be faithful children of Her and respond!


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a screen shot of the news report by Il Fatto Quotidiano, one of the leading Italian national newspapers, for their report entitled, Coronavirus, Papa Francesco prega in una San Pietro deserta e invoca la fine della pandemia: “Fitte tenebre addensate nelle nostre vite”, which in English, would run something like: Coronavirus: Pope Francis prays before a deserted Saint Peter’s Square and calls for the end of the pandemic, saying: “Dense darkness has filled our streets”. It was published just 4 hours ago.

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6 thoughts on “Anti-pope greeted by hordes of adoring followers”

  1. How fascinating that Il Fato Quottidiano highlights Bergoglio’s own words “Dense darkness has filled our streets” -right from the horse’s mouth!


  2. Such is the degree of diabolical disorienting that some of the posters on twitter are calling it the “defining moment of his papacy” [sic]. And it “moved me to tears”. And “make sure you get the plenary indulgence”.

    What is a “plenary indulgence” in the Church of darkness? Do you get your carbon footprint reduced to zero?

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  3. 27th March MMXX A. D.
    St. John Damascene;
    The Apparition of Our Lord to the Blessed Virgin Mary on the day of His Resurrection

    Great Question, Ms. Roverte!

    For Antipope Francis I think a plenary indulgence would be, based on simple logic–his wish for you that you get to act like him, a diabolical narcissist or devil all the time, and twice on Sundays. Guaranteed to meet the boss and spend all eternity together with him and ss an added bonus, Francis too!

    As Belloc said, in a poem that perhaps were he prescient, he should’ve titled “On An Antipope,”

    He served his god so faithfully
    And well,
    That now he sees him everyday,
    In Hell.

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  4. There can be no plenary indulgence from an antipope. Because I pay zero attention to this cardinal aka Francis, but did he mention the great feast of the Annunciation when he prayed the Pater Noster? Did he pray his version? If so, this demon is leading us to pray his prayer and not Our Blessed Lord’s prayer, and willingly leading the sheep astray.


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