Bishops who have shut down their Diocese have committed the crime of Schism, canon 1364

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I just watched Frank Walker’s News Commentary for March 18, 2020, and you should too: so I am embedding it in this article:

Frank makes some superb theological comments about the treachery of the Bishops.

Canonical Consequences of shutting down churches and ending the Sacraments

Canon 1364 punishes with excommunication latae sententiae all Bishops who refuse communion with any part of the Church.

But the non-clerical members of the faithful in his diocese are part of the Church. Therefore, by denying the Sacraments to the faithful — during a non-existent plague and super-hyped influenza the mortality of which is far less than the normal winter flue —  the Bishops have committed the canonical crime of schism.

Therefore, they are excommunicated.  The priests who do the same thing, are also excommunicated.

I agree with the insight of Mr. Walker, which is so profound:  the Bishops who have shut down the church have shut down the Catholic Religion, and Why would they ever go back and undo what they did, since they never had a reason to do it in the first place?

Jules Gomes, writing at the Church Militant, in an article entitled, Starved of the Sacraments, makes an incisive observation about the Bishops’ treachery and Bergoglio’s promotion of it, when he writes:

… But the shutting down of churches and the televising of “virtual Masses” without access to the sacraments for the faithful lurks in a sinister manner as the precursor of a time “when there is no longer a community, with the atomized faithful closed in their homes or bent over their technological tools, with eucharistic adoration on YouTube and even confession via WhatsApp.”

Many will disagree with him. But I do not believe it is Christian to sit around waiting for them to restore the Sacraments. We should ask ourselves if such traitors to Christ and haters of the flock ever deserve to be taken back, if they do not repent.

Because the very name of the Church, as Church — ekklesia, in the Greek — means called together. If the Church can no longer come together to worship, the Church no longer exists. We are baptized into Christ as member of the Church. But if we can no longer get the sacraments, then we are the ones who have be ex-communicated.

I think you can see from how they handled the pedophile crisis, namely by ousting the true Pope who got rid of pedophiles and replacing him with a faker who promotes pedophiles and sodomites, that you should have enough evidence already to see that if the mythical plague is ever declared ended, that those who shut their churches will be promoted, not disciplined by these creeps.

Canon 1364 is the Magisterial Teaching of Pope John Paul II and the authentic perennial Magisterium of the Church: Schismatics are outside of the Church, they do not merit to be the pastors of the flock, nor to be take back without a public act of repentance.

And if you think they are going to repent, I think you have let your mind be kidnapped by the Big Lie.

Therefore, Catholics who are deprived of Catholic Clergy, now have the divine right to have recourse to Apostolic Right.

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9 thoughts on “Bishops who have shut down their Diocese have committed the crime of Schism, canon 1364”

  1. Let it be VERY clear that Bishops can’t blame their excommunication on Covid-19. The laymen like Skojec who admitted to having knowingly contributed to Bishops decision to cancel all masses and sacraments, are just as culpable.

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  2. Well, you could say they lead 90% of the Church into schism when they forced them to attend the NO brought upon us solely to break union with the Mass of Ages, introducing Protestant elements which no-one wanted. This could well be a second schism. However I’m sure Our Lord will hold them responsible & not His people, as there literally is nowhere we can go to attend Holy Mass & Sacraments now. Our Lady’s Triumph must be close to hand!

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  3. I think it’s a punishment from God. I think the bishops are doing the right thing. God wants it all shuts down. IT started with the pachamama idol and it’s punishment for everyone. Now we can’t access the sacraments. At Akita Sister Sasagawa said that all we would have is the rosary and the cross.


  4. A third Schism if you count first when they abandoned the Mass of Ages, second when they embraced the false pope, and now third with their fear and submission to civil authorities.

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