Bishops who shut down their Dioceses need to resign or be ejected from their Sees

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Men are consecrated Bishops to sanctify and govern Christ’s flock. Christ Our God made it quite clear that Bishops are instruments of His Will. He taught this when He called them “ministers.”

An instrument which does not work is useless. It is thrown away.

If your Bishop has shut down your diocese, he is also a useless instrument. And you should treat him as such. No priest, no laymen should obey such an order, for a form of flue which has a mortality rate for the whole population infected, much less than the winter flue. It is insanity.

And those who are insane, are not fit to govern.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is an image of Anton Dorph’s, The Ascension of Christ, on which occasion depicted Our Lord commanded the Apostles: Go make disciples of all nations, baptizing them ….

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2 thoughts on “Bishops who shut down their Dioceses need to resign or be ejected from their Sees”

  1. Archbishop Lenga is the only one as he has said:

    That he considers Benedict XVI the true pope. (

    That ‘many bishops and cardinals’ lack a ‘deep faith’ and have adopted ‘an attitude of betrayal and destruction’ by seeking to ‘correct Christ’s teaching,’,

    That the current confusion in the church indicated ‘the Antichrist is here.'”

    That “Bergoglio [Pope Francis] has not confirmed himself in the faith and is not passing that faith to others, he is leading the world astray,”

    That “He [Bergoglio] proclaims the truth of this world, which is precisely the truth the Devil,” said the archbishop.”

    That he does not include the name of the “usurper and heretic” [Francis] in his masses and prayer intentions.

    That “Christ gave me [Lenga] authority through the church to proclaim the truth, and I’ll do so as long as I live.”

    That he will not yield to degradation by those [like Bishop Mering of Poland] whose own statements and actions are entangled with heresy and sectarianism.”!!

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