Czech Microbiologist, inventor of test to identify Corona, says virus created in laboratory

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Dr. Soňa Pek is one of the top molecular biologists in the world. She was the first to develop a test to identify the presence of Coronavirus in the human body. It is called the simle test. She has also analyzed the virus at the molecular level.

Her finding is that the virus is man made, in a laboratory. That is, that its genetic code has been modified by human intervention.

The test she developed can detect the presence of COVID-19 in just one hour. She has published her findings and offered them free to medical experts around the world.

You can watch the TV program which discusses her findings this link, in the Czech language.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a screen shot of Dr. Peck, on the webpage of TA3i TV.

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8 thoughts on “Czech Microbiologist, inventor of test to identify Corona, says virus created in laboratory”

  1. It was said at the first sign of the outbreak in China that it was leaked from a laboratory in Wuhan but then the news was suppressed, until at a press conference two nights ago President Trump quickly fingered China saying the source was being investigated. This could be the start of WW3 & that is why we badly need Pope Benedict to consecrate Russia in the manner requested by Our Lady so very long ago. He must show responsibility & do this – also, of course, the entire prelature even if it’s only to save their immortal souls.

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  2. Let Soros & Co. now fund the antidote to this virus which they undoubtedly have for their own safety. Not content with promoting virulent Abortion & Euthanasia, these NWO elites cannot wait to fulfil their intention of wiping out two-thirds of the world’s population in the shortest time possible. If the sodomites in the Vatican aren’t overthrown by this virus they will be by the next or the one after. This is only the start of a campaign against mankind just as St. Gallen Group (Mafia) usurpation of the PO was against Catholics.

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  3. Would not be surprised if the expert suddenly ended up fired, dead, or disappeared like those lab workers, nurses and journalists in Wuhan.


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