French Bishop with Corona shakes Bergoglio’s hand

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

On March 9, 2020, Mons. Emmanuel Delmas, Bishop of Angers made his scheduled ad limina visit, so called  because it is to the threshold of the Apostles. During his visit he shook the hand of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, still recovering from the influenza and those of the heads of most of the dicasteries of the Roman Curia. Thus the report this morning from Il Mattino.

The only problem is, that, upon returning home he felt sick and has now tested positive for Coronavirus.  There is strong suspicious that he was infected prior to visiting the Vatican and has infected all with whom he has met.

The French Bishops who were in his presence are also now in quarantine. Here are their names:

Mons. Jean-Paul James, Archbishop di Bordeaux, with his auxiliary Bishops: Bertrand Didier Marie Joseph Lacombe, and Jean-Marie Charles André Le Vert

Mons. Hubert Herbreteau, Bishop of Agen;

Mons. Nicolas Souchu, Bishop of Aire et Dax;

Mons. Marc Aillet, Bishop of Bayonne;

Mons. Philippe Mousset, Bishop of  Périgueux;

Mons. Pascal Wintzer, Archbishop of Poitiers;

Mons. Hervé Gosselin, Bishop of Angoulême;

Mons. Georges Colomb, M.E.P., Bishope of La Rochelle;

Mons. Pierre-Antoine Bozo, Bishop of Limoges;

Mons. Francis Bestion, Bishop of Tulle;

Mons. Pierre d’Ornellas, Archbishop of Rennes, with his auxiliary, Mons. Alexandre Joly,

Mons. Thierry Scherrer, Bishop of Laval;

Mons. Yves Le Saux, Bishop of Le Mans;

Mons. François Jacolin, Bishop of Luçon;

Rev. Fathero François Renaud, diocesan administrator of Nantes;

Mons. Laurent Dognin, Bishop ofQuimper;

Mons. Denis Moutel, Bishop ofSaint-Brieuc;

Mons. Dominique Lebrun, Archbishop ofRouen;

Mons. Jean-Claude Boulanger, Bishop of Bayeux-Lisieux;

Mons. Laurent Le Boulc’h, Bishop of Coutances;

Mons. Christian Nourrichard, Bishop of Évreux;

Mons. Jean-Luc Brunin, Bishop of Le Havre;

Mons. Jacques Habert, Bishop of di Sées;

Mons. Jean-Pierre Batut, Bishop of Blois;

Mons. Jérôme Beau, Archbishop of Bourges;

Mons. Philippe Christory, Bishop of Chartres;

Mons. Jacques Blaquart, Bishop of Orléans.

In 2004, I hitchiked from Italy to the Shrine of the Sacred Heart at Paray-le-Monial, France, where Our Lord appeared to St Margaret Mary Alacoque. During that trip, one Frenchman gave me a ride and began to lament to me the problems of the Church in France. I asked him what he thought was the principle cause. He said: the Bishops! I said, pray to the Lord and He will take care of that problem.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a screenshot of the page from Il Mattino cited in the article.

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8 thoughts on “French Bishop with Corona shakes Bergoglio’s hand”

  1. “He began to lament to me the problems of the Church in France. I asked him what he thought was the principle cause. He said: the Bishops! I said, pray to the Lord and He will take care of that problem”

    Not only the Bishops, the Popes, too, as they implement the catastrophe of Vatican II..

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  2. Men are less hygienic than women, at least in France, according to a survey conducted 4 years ago by French market research company BVA (a subsidiary or affiliate of Gallup International, the polling company) into post toilet hand-washing habits in 63 countries:

    See page 9 for results.


    China 77%
    Japan 70%
    South Korea 61%
    Netherlands 50%
    Thailand 48%
    Kenya 48%
    Italy 43%
    Malaysia 42%
    Hong Kong 42%
    India 40%
    Belgium 40%

    of people surveyed did *NOT* automatically wash their hands with soap after going to the toilet.

    The data for France were further analysed and it was found that men, and people aged 25-34 were significantly less hygienic than women and older people.

    Admittedly, the ratio was nothing like 5:1 or even 4:1.

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  3. Very interesting! Bergoglio may have contracted Covid-19 and doesn’t know it yet? In any case, God is allowing this to prove how unnecessary the Bergoglian anti church truly is, and how one little virus defeats them in an instant.


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