Why Benedict XVI is still the Pope, in 12 languages

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Despite the attempts of Bergoglians to characterize those Catholics who remain in communion with Pope Benedict XVI as an American phenomenon, the movement grows daily across the entire globe. The canonical demonstration of that he is still the pope can now be found in at least 12 languages, which is 2 more languages than even the Vatican.va website!

This is proof that Catholics everywhere recognize the validity of the arguments and that the Holy Spirit, the Lord of all Truth, is inspiring Catholics, regardless of the language they speak, to see the truth and speak up about it. Translations of the video by Brian Murphy into the other 11 languages have taken hours of work and careful study, which shows a zeal for the message equal to its importance.

Remember, there can only be one Pope of the Catholic Church, and if you do not die in communion with him, you shall be damned eternally. To hide this truth from the faithful is an act of cowardice and the worst betrayal any member of the faithful can perpetrate. Let us preach the truth boldly: Pope Benedict XVI is still the pope, Bergoglio never was!

For the video, click on the link of the language you desire, here below:

VIDEO — Why Benedict is Still the Pope:
Afrikaans: العربية: Deutsch: English: Español: Français
Italiano: Magyar: Polskie: Português: Română: Pусский

For more information: ppbxvi.org

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5 thoughts on “Why Benedict XVI is still the Pope, in 12 languages”

  1. I leave comments about this on other websites with links leading to your site. If they don’t publish it, they cannot say they have not been told. Hopefully the comment on Catholicism Pure and Simple is approved from today. The word is spreading despite Bishop Schneider’s speech.

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  2. I would disagree strongly that those who don’t die in Communion with the Pope are lost. There were saints in the past who sided with the wrong pope. God knows our hearts. That said, I hope sunlight is shed on those (particularly within the trad communities) who know that Pope Nope is a fraud and are purposely spreading lies.


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