Frank Walker: Trad Inc is now more united in attack on Bergoglio’s critics

Frank Walker exposes the “level of skunkery” in the Catholic media. FromRome.Info has noticed the same palpable unity of Trad Inc. on favoring Bergoglio ever since most of their leaders rushed to the ancestral birth place of the Nazi Party and could not explain why they spent so much effort doing something so insignificant.

Walker quotes of the day: “The Brilliance of this scheming is diabolical”. “Rorate makes it clear who they want to shut up: Don’t give money to those who do not celebrate Bergoglio’s Exhortation!”


One thought on “Frank Walker: Trad Inc is now more united in attack on Bergoglio’s critics”

  1. Carrie @Crisis Magazine

    I wish to discontinue my contributions to Crisis Magazine effective immediately.

    Last year I contributed $195.00. I have been a long term supporter of Crisis.

    The reason for doing this is that I have been banned for making critical remarks about “Pope” Francis who is perhaps the worst Pope in Catholic history. Such suppression of free speech on Crisis was a bad idea as you will see.

    Check today’s commentary by Frank Walker on Crisis Magazine. It is not good. Your new editor needs to be removed or change his stance.

    Michael Dowd

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