Cardinal Bassetti: If you don’t like Bergoglio, get out of the Church!


By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The news is so shocking that it seems unbelievable. So I will simply translate what Cardinal Basetti, President of the Italian Bishops’ Conference said 2 days ago at Perugia, in his home Diocese on the occasion of the Feast of St. Francis des Sales, patron of journalists. After a number of questions critical of Pope Francis, he lost his patience and burst out saying…  well you read it for yourself:

According to Il Messaggero, on January 25, 2020:

If anyone does not like this Pope, let him say so, because he is free to take another road. It’s O.K. to criticize, but not destructive criticism.

There are too many who speak of the Pope and to one of them I said:  Go become a Lutheran, if the Catholic Church is not right for you, if this Barque is too small.

According to ANSA, in their report on the same day, Cardinal Bassetti added these words at the end:

Excuse me for the outburst, but the objective of everyone should be that of seeking answers for the good of the Church and humanity.

It is clear that there is a schismatic and heretical spirit in the Church, but it is also clear now, where it is coming from and where it is not found.

Even Antonio Socci is outraged at his behavior, and says it amounts to a complete Marxist redefinition of the Church. His tweet below says:  Bassetti is nervous because Bergoglio wants to replace him with Cardinal Tortellino. He himself has not been entirely submissive to the South American Head. For the Bishops, absolute fidelity to the Head has already substituted fidelity to Christ. — Socci calls Cardinal Zuppi of Bologna, “Cardinal Tortellino” because he banned the traditional Tortellini for a Diocesan feast, because, since it contained pork, it might offend Muslims.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is of Cardinal Bassetti, from a screen shot of a photo by Regione Umbria News, the News Agency of the Italian Region of Umbria, released for use according to the Creative Common Liscense 2.0, as indicated here.

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17 thoughts on “Cardinal Bassetti: If you don’t like Bergoglio, get out of the Church!”

  1. I love Jesus Christ, Sacred Tradition, all the Popes who ever lived and will live in service as Vicar to Jesus Christ, the collected Bishops in union with Christ’s Vicar throughout time, the Sacraments that connect me to Jesus Christ through Holy Mother Church, the law of love and holiness that leads me to heaven where my triune God lives.

    I hate Baals and idol worship. I hate sacrilege that brings shame to Holy Mother Church and offends God Almighty. I hate those who use Holy things for profane purposes. I hate those who take Sacred Tradition and make it their own litter box to use as they please. I hate those who take the Holy Papal Office and transform it into something from their own mind and not of the mind of Jesus Christ – Word.

    I belong to Holy Mother Church and Jesus Christ and their is nothing faithless Cardinals can do about that. I submit to the will of a Jesus Christ through His Blessed Mother Mary. I am theirs.

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  2. I am not really surprised by this outburst, as it merely affirms what most of the Ultramontanist sycophants of the Bergoglio regime have been saying in essence for some time now. “If you don’t treat every word and act of ‘Pope Francis’ as tantamount to Divine revelation, you are (a) schismatic, (b) apostate, (c) not a true Catholic, or (d) two or all of the above. I also note the irony of this man telling critics of Bergoglio to become Lutheran, since that is exactly what Bergoglio is, in the unlikely event he is even a believing Christian.

    May I reblog this on my own site? Thanks.

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  3. It is unbelievable how utterly shameless these men are! No regard for souls at all. And how can leaving even be a possibility for anyone who truly believes? Clearly he does not believe or he would never say that. But all is the same to them; pick and choose as you like! He needs to be reminded that the Church belongs to Christ.

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  4. Is he trying to imply that Lutherans are outside the Church? How un-Unitatis Redintegratio of him! He has set back “dialogue” by decades. Nope, centuries (five to be exact).

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    1. JTL,

      You are correct. They have pushed Ecumenism since the Council to force catholics to practice other religions, but here we see they never believed in it at all. Hypocritical liars and apostates just as St Irenaeus said they would be!


  5. Reblogged this on Ordo Militaris Radio and commented:
    Shocking Outburst from Cardinal Bassetti, it is shocking to tell those of us who criticize and ask tough questions, and then he tells us to leave the Church for a Protestant Religion, when I believe it is this Cardinal who wrote the “Prayer ” to the false idol Pachamama , so who has left the Church sir? It’s not us who defend the Faith, but you and all who promote false religions and idol worship.

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  6. Wow, this is really beyond belief. First off, I don’t worship the Pope, he is out of line with Catholic Teachings. I don’t embrace Marxists Globalists, what I do embrace is Jesus, get over it leftists Cardinal!

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  7. Fortunately for him, and for us, that’s not QUITE the way it works. But we have known that this day is coming from the beginning. Consider this prophetic quote from Peter Kwasniewski’s current volume, “And Rightly So: Letters and Articles of Neil McCaffrey”: Letter of 2 March 1962, to William F. Buckley Jr.:

    “The Liberals seem determined to isolate, discredit, and drive conservatives outside the mainstream of American Catholic life…Clericalism + Liberalism = something very close to totalitarianism.”

    I actually reverse those two sentences, but they drive the point home all the better in this order. We are witnessing the final push of what Neil McCaffrey observed in 1962. And they may succeed in so doing…and in succeeding, fail utterly.


  8. Cardinal Bassetti doesn’t want ‘destructive criticism’ but then, we the faithful laity, don’t want a ‘destructive’ anti- pope. It seems the Curia are very thin-skinned effeminates who can’t take ‘constructive criticism’ on the way they are annihilating the OHC&A Church of Christ. They are the enemies of God, every day trying to pervert His Word into something else entirely.

    Being close allies with China displays their Marxist political mentality; their betrayal of seven million of God’s people to a Communist Regime is satanically evil; corrupting the minds of young children by their demonic support of allowing LGBT & Trans instruction from a very early age (without parents permission) shows how depraved they have become by living as sodomites. Wilful destruction of the Liturgy of Ages & manipulating the Ten Commandments to suit their own ideology removes them (not us) from the True Church as instituted by Christ on St. Peter & First Apostles. Maybe Cardinal Bassetti should consider his words before he next throws a temper tantrum!

    If these evident perversions within the highest ranks of the CC don’t warrant constructive criticism, then one can only accept that Cardinal Bassetti & his cohorts supporting the evil PF are not disciples of Christ but of the Devil himself.

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