Urgent Notice to Veri Catholic members world wide

Dear Faithful Roman Catholics, we of the Eternal City add our voice…join us!

Veri Catholici

Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
June 3, 2016 A. D.


As we approach the date of our Conference, we ask you to continually remind Catholics you know that the errors of Amoris Laetitia are not merely an idle one time problem, but that the document is intended to subvert the Catholic faith in the whole Church.

Now comes the news from Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia that Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri one of Bergoglio’s close allies wants every Bishops’ conference in the world to report to him as to whether or not and how they are implementing the heretical Amoris Laetitia.

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This, our fight, is therefore the fight of the whole Church of all times and all ages against a heretical conspiracy of Bergoglio and those who urged and pushed his election.

We cannot therefore be silent. We must therefore avoid the subtle tactic…

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2 thoughts on “Urgent Notice to Veri Catholic members world wide”

  1. I am not sure but I might be able to attend the Rome Conference June 25 as a member of the audience. Could you please give me some information about the time and venue.
    I do not feel I am prepared to present any paper,as I have never done this. I completed 64 master’s credits in theology 20 years ago but do not have the degree.
    I do not know what exactly can be accomplished by the conference, but surely something needs to be done because the Pope continues to confuse the faithful and appoint to important positions those Bishops whom he finds who like-mined.
    What will the next conclave be like if he continues?


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